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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy calls the troops together and says they never should have let a Spectra in their building. Thomas says she is right about Sally too. RJ tells Coco that now he knows why he was not welcome at the showing but he does not know how she could do this. Shirley tells Sally that she needs help; the orders are pouring in and she cannot keep up. The showing was a success and Sally needs to focus on that. Forget Thomas, men come and go. When Sally says she does not care about the success Shirley tells her the cash will be flowing in and she will not have to worry about her future. Steffy rants on Thomas again and says it was his fault for bringing Sally aboard. Thomas admits that was a mistake but it was not Sally’s intent to come to L.A. and steal from them. She got desperate. Shirley and Sally have it out. Sally says she is not going to give Thomas up, her first love and he loves her too. They stole the designs pure and simple so they have to pay now. She can just quit and not fill the orders. Shirley tells her she is out of her ever loving gourd.

Ridge rants that he doesn’t know what they will do on such short notice but they can try to press charges but that won’t get them a new show in time. Brooke says Spectra has done this before and it is pretty much impossible to make a charge stick. Technically they did not steal; Spectra just got a picture of the gown and tweaked the fabric and color and made it their own. RJ believes Coco when she tells him that she was duped too as the necklace and brooch she wore showed them everything at FC. Saul explains to Sally that officially they are a hit and wasn’t that the whole point whether she was fully on board or not in the first place. She says she wanted to make it on her own according to her own visions. Shirley says everyone else is happy now that they can feed their families so she needs to be onboard too. Steffy says she is not mad at Thomas but it is very frustrating. Thomas says he was a fool and made it so easy for Sally. As they discuss it, Ridge comes up with it must have been Coco, their inside plant, to get her hands on the designs. He and Steffy charge off to find her. He finds her and RJ kissing and calls her a thief and retorts that they are going to press charges. RJ says he does not know the entire story and asks him to wait and hear it. Sally berates her grandmother and says they were supposed to be better than this and now they are doing dirty work and she has betrayed the man she loves. Shirley says she is sorry her girls are going to hurt for a while but they are bottom feeders and they might as well get used to that. Sally says she needs to find Coco. Ridge still claims they let Coco in and she stole from them. She is a thief and they cannot trust her. RJ says Coco is as much a victim as they are. Rick says he will be happy to have security escort her out of here. Coco tells RJ she is so sorry. She leaves the building on her own with RJ right behind and tells her to wait. It does not have to be this way. He says once they know the truth she will be okay. She says he cannot keep defending her as it will drive a wedge between them. She says bye. She cries on the way down the elevator.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Brady bursts in to the motel room thinking he's found Nicole and Scooter in bed but it's Scooter in bed with Hilary. Brady ends up going home with Nicole, where she explains everything to him and that she sent Hilary with the costume in her place and it ended up getting her and Scooter's marriage back on track. Ciara brings Wyatt to the loft so he can meet Claire and Theo. Theo doesn't stick around while Claire is enthusiastic about Ciara meeting a good guy. Chad explains what happened to Gabi while Abigail explains it to Dario. Dario asks Abigail if she's sure and she insists that she had to do this because she didn't have Chad's undivided attention or else it would have gone on forever. Gabi tells Chad not to give up on Abigail as she is the one he needs to be with.

Claire asks Theo if something is wrong after Wyatt leaves but he says he's just nervous about an exam. After Theo leaves, Jade comes in and tells Claire that Theo is jealous of Wyatt being with Ciara which annoys her. Claire complains about losing subscribers and not being famous yet so Jade suggests she make a sex tape. Claire ignores her and insists she will be famous. Scooter goes to see Nicole and Brady, apologizing for getting carried away. Scooter reveals he and Hilary are back on track and leaving town for a second honeymoon. Gabi runs in to JJ and informs him that she told Chad not to give up on Abigail which impresses JJ. Gabi refuses to come between Chad and Abigail while JJ offers to talk if she needs. Wyatt uses his list of Ciara's favorite hobbies that someone sent him to suggest they go ice skating. Nicole thanks Brady for everything he's done and finally says that she loves him. Gabi tells Dario that Chad isn't ready to move on so he needs to make things work with Abigail. Chad begs Abigail to come home but she walks out of the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Tracy goes to reveal the painting to the Quartermaine’s and Laura and when she does so it is revealed to be of a clown. Tracy realizes right away that it had to have been Larry who did it. Ned tells everyone to search the grounds. Outside Larry is calling an Uber when the girl from Turkey shows up. She tries to plead with him over the painting but Ned and Dillon show up with Laura. Ned takes the portrait and Dillon decides they need to take back the Larry to be dealt with by Tracy. Laura stays behind and talks with the girls whose name is Samira. Inside, Tracy tells off Larry and threatens to call the police if he isn’t quiet. She shows off the portrait and everyone is in awe. Monica even says that they can hang it in the front hallway for everyone to see. Tracy kicks Larry out and Ned and Olivia go with him to make sure he leaves. Laura and Samira walk in and explain that Samira needs the painting to save her child from human trafficking. Tracy isn’t going to just give the painting away though because it will come back to her if it is on the black market and any money that exchanges hands would mean they are supporting human trafficking. Monica offers Samira a room for the night. Laura goes to call Robert for help. Samira tells Tracy that her mother knew Edward and left her a ring and a notebook that has a picture of Lila in it. When Samira leaves, Tracy wants to know how Edward could have done this to her. She has blue eyes.

Jake finds Franco at the hospital and Franco confronts him about leaving the timeline at his studio. Jake claims he didn’t leave it and he didn’t draw anything else. He doesn’t want Elizabeth or Jason to find out about this. Jake goes to his therapy session and Franco tells Elizabeth. Jake comes back and cannot believe that Franco told on him. Franco was just trying to help though he claims. Elsewhere, Sam and Jason find Hooper at the docks and demand to know what happened with Julian. He says that he never showed up for his boat. Sam demands that if he knows anything else they tell him or Sonny Corinthos will not be happy. Sam remembers she has an app on her phone that will tell them where Alexis is. Sam is going to call the police. In a Motel room, Julian and Alexis passionately make love. Afterwards, Julian wants Alexis to run off and start a new life with him. Alexis cannot do that though. Julian understands but wants the rest of the night with her because they will never see each other again. Alexis agrees, until she realizes Sam won’t stop leaving her messages. Later, the police show up along with Sam and Jason. Julian claims that Alexis was his hostage and not an accomplice. He willingly goes to jail with no struggle.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy visits Reed and finds out that Victoria had the car sent back to Victor. Billy sides with Victoria in this matter. Nikki finds a note from Victor telling her that he is leaving town for a while. Nikki has a visit from Tessa. Nick joins Sharon and interrupts her studying. Sharon asks what can she get for him and he asks what can he get for her. Ashley and Traci meet at a restaurant in New York for breakfast and soon the talk drifts to Ravi. Ravi soon joins them. Scott visits Phyllis to discuss what happened between them last night. Phyllis tells him that they are only friends. Victoria goes to Newman Enterprises to see Victor to return the car but finds Abby instead. Abby lets her know that Victor is out of town and she has been left in charge as acting CEO. Nikki tells Tessa about a project she is working on and asks for her help. Tessa is impressed. Nick lets Sharon know that he took Faith out of the ranch and she is back with him and the arrangement can go back as before between them and asks if she is all right with this arrangement. Nick tells Sharon what a good place they are in right now. Reed wonders if he could get the car back and just leave it at Victor's, but Billy advises him against it. Reed is beside himself with anger toward Victoria. Victoria issues a warning to Abby that Victor isn't always the same. Victoria lays the keys to the car on the desk and tells Abby to give them back to Victor.

Ashley, Traci, and Ravi have breakfast and she promises him a copy of her new book. Billy promises Reed that he will talk to Victoria for him. Nikki and Tessa bond over the past business experiences. Nick arrives and is introduced to Tessa. Nick tells her that he wants to talk to her about him and Sharon. Billy and Victoria discuss Reed and the car, but Victoria becomes angry and threatens to have Billy thrown out. Billy demands to know what is going on with her, but Victoria refuses to tell him anything. Nikki and Nick discuss the fact that Victor is out of town. Zoey visits Reed at home and finds out that the car is gone. Zoey suggests that they ditch school and stay right there for the day. Billy gets his coat and leaves. Traci encourages Ashley to go for it with Ravi. Nick visits Victoria and lets her know what all is going on in their lives. Victoria feels guilty about how she had treated Billy and vows to make it up to him. Billy visits Phyllis which results in them kissing.

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