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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sally stands on the runway and sees the disappointed looks from Thomas, Coco, and others. She jumps off the stage and runs after Thomas. He turns and tells her that he cannot believe what he saw with his own eyes. She betrayed him by stealing all the designs that were on her runway. She stole from his father, his grandfather and from him. Shirley immediately jumps on the stage and thanks everyone for coming and she will look forward to their reviews and taking their orders. Saul starts doing that immediately as Jarrett walks up and wants some answers. Coco tells Shirley she did not have anything to do with this. How did she rip off the Forrester’s? Shirley finally tells her that actually she did it and tells her about the hidden cameras in her necklace and brooch, so they saw everything she saw. Jarrett wants to know if those were Forrester originals as he believes they are. Thomas tells Sally that he swore up and down to his family that she was a good person. And now she broke up with him when she got all she needed. He told her he loved her so if any of that meant anything then tell him the truth. She said she never meant to hurt him.

Jarrett demands to know if those were FC originals which they looked like and how they did it. He had his headlines all set but not if they stole again from the Forrester’s. RJ looks up the showing on his laptop with Brooke behind him and he notices immediately that these are their designs. Brooke says no wonder Coco did not want him to be at Spectra’s for the show. It had to be an inside job and that falls on her head. She has to tell Ridge right away as this will affect their own showing. Shirley tells Coco that no matter how long she stays over there she is and forever will be a Spectra. All Coco wants to know is if Sally knows. Coco runs off when Shirley says yes. Thomas says he knows Sally did not come to L.A. to rip off his family, She came to make her own name known but along the way she became desperate. She had the whole world on her shoulder. She should have come to him and he would have helped her. He does not know how she could do this by stealing someone else’s dreams. He loved her. And he would have helped her. She made a terrible mistake and he will never look at her the same ever again. She admits this was her Aunt Sally’s wish and her grams raised her and Coco this way. But the way he is looking at her right now, nothing is worth that. She should have had more faith and she begs him for one more chance. He ponders the situation but says he is sorry, he can’t.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Brady and Nicole continue talking about moving somewhere new with new identities. Hilary comes over and worries to Nicole that Scooter has been working out and caring about his looks since she moved in. Gabi talks to Dario at the club about spending time with Eli helping her get over Chad and encourages he date someone new to get over Abigail. Chad questions Abigail breaking up their vow renewal and telling him to be with Gabi. Abigail insists that Chad is in love with Gabi while she's been in denial and needs to set him free. Eric calls Chloe to his office to try and convince her to compromise with Nicole but is unsuccessful. Kate, Andre, and Jennifer talk about Abigail asking them to leave. Kate upsets Jennifer by saying that Chad is in love with Gabi. Nicole gets a package in the mail from Scooter with lingerie and a note about being with her tonight.

Chad and Abigail continue arguing as Chad insists he loves Abigail and wants to be with her but Abigail repeatedly brings up his connection with Gabi. Abigail doesn't think Chad would've saved her first if he didn't know that Gabi would catch the vial when he threw it to her. Abigail ends up removing her wedding ring and kissing Chad goodbye, leaving Chad in tears. Nicole packs a bag and tells Brady that she's going to the gym but drops a piece of clothing behind which Brady later finds after he and Hilary both get texts from Nicole and Scooter that they had car problems. Kate and Andre argue over Chad being with Abigail or Gabi. Andre brings up Kate's prostitute past and kisses her leading to Kate slapping him which they end up joking about after.

Kate goes to tell Gabi about Abigail calling off the vow renewal and encourages her to be with Chad. Jennifer goes to see Eric who assures her that everything will be okay with Abigail as they hug. Chad informs Andre that Abigail walked out on him which upsets him as he encourages Chad not to give up. Chad leaves the house and runs in to Gabi while Abigail breaks down crying in Dario's arms. Brady goes to the motel in search of Nicole and Scooter.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam finds Alexis and Jason soon comes over saying that he couldn’t find Julian anywhere. Sam wants Alexis to come home with them. Jason agrees. Alexis will be ok. She leaves. At the Quartermaine house, Ned and Olivia are having their engagement party. Tracy wants to unveil the portrait. Monica wants it out of the house though. Olivia shows up and Tracy explains that you cannot bring food into the Quartermaine mansion because the cook might be offended. Larry offers to go tell the cook and soon after the smoke alarms go off. They all go in search to make sure that nothing is going on. Jason and Sam show up and Dillon shows them the other photos he had taken. Kiki realizes that Julian is alive as well. Meanwhile, Alexis shows up at the docks and starts to think of Julian. Julian ends up showing up and reveals himself. Back at the mansion, Tracy wishes her best for Olivia and Ned. She is about to unveil the portrait when it is revealed to have been replaced with a picture of a clown. Larry has left at this point. Back on the docks Sam and Jason find Alexis’s scarf.

Sonny shows up at Carly and Jax’s house. He tells Jax off for what he did but Carly thinks what he did is still excusable compared to what Sonny did by not saying anything. Dante ends up showing up because Michael had called. Sonny thinks that Dante should arrest Jax. Jax admits that he isn’t going to fight and agrees. Sonny leaves. Joss shows up and wants to know what is going on. Jax promises that it will be alright. Dante takes him to the station where he knows that what he did was wrong. At Sonny’s house, he goes off on Michael for calling Dante. Michael was just trying to protect everyone. Sonny admits that Jax is being taken in for questioning but he doubts it will go anywhere. Michael hopes that is the case and reminds Sonny of all the crimes that Carly covered up for him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor appoints Abby Acting CEO of Newman Enterprises while he is out of town. Abby promises Victor that she won't let him down and will take care of the company while he is gone. Nikki and Victor have a big argument about Abby's new job and Reed's new car, because Nikki thinks that he did both those things to try and buy Abby and Reed's loyalty to him. Victor tells Nikki that he won't allow her or anyone to keep him away from Abby and his grandchildren. Ashley has plans to have dinner with Ravi, but she has to cancel them because a potential client Ben Hochman wants to have dinner with her. Ravi warns Ashley that Mr. Hochman is recently divorced, and he may want more then a business dinner. Ashley gets upset with Mr. Hochman when he pays more attention to his texts than to her and leaves before their food arrives. Ashley apologizes to Ravi for canceling plans with him and has drinks with him and his friends. Ashley tells Ravi that she is hungry but decides to have dinner in her room and then go to bed, since they have an early day tomorrow. Ashley tells Ravi goodnight and thanks him for the great job he did on the presentation. Cane isn't happy that Juliet is sending Jordan and Lily on a trip to Philadelphia to promote the new deal with the hockey league. Cane tells Juliet he feels uncomfortable around her, because of what happened in Tokyo, but she assures him she won't do anything to hurt his marriage and he should just forget about what happened between them. Victoria breaks Reed's heart by taking away the car Victor gave him. When Billy tells her not to punish Reed because she is mad at Victor, she asks him to leave because she is worried she will tell him the reason she is upset with Victor.

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