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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All is abuzz backstage at the Spectra Fashion Show. Sally tells Shirley that in five minutes Coco will see the stolen designs. Shirley says yes but too late. CJ tells Sally that she sure got them in the door so he will give her that. She says they are going to make his mother proud. He hopes so as they are out of options so good luck. Bill gloats to Wyatt that in the past the Spectra’s did not have him to bring them down. Today will be different. He’s got zoning permits and everything he needs to get the wrecking crew going by the end of the day. Bill says the Spectra’s are just a ragtag bunch of dreamers who have sunk their last dime into this doomed project. Thomas tells RJ that he hopes it goes well over at Spectra today as Sally has worked hard. Sally gives the troops a rally pep talk. Then she welcomes the audience and announces to them to set their eyes on the new Spectra fashions. RJ convinces Thomas that he should be there at Spectra for this showing. Thomas eagerly agrees; Sally is just stressed out and did not want him to see her like this.

Coco likes all the gowns and has not suspected anything yet, but she does tell Darlita that they look like something Eric or Thomas would design. Shirley tells Sally that they may pull this off yet. Bill calls Jarrett and wants to know if Sally is tanking yet. Jarrett says quite the contrary; the gowns are spectacular. CJ tells Jarrett that this is nothing like he expected it to be. Looks like he will have to tell his boss the wrecking will have to wait for another day. Jarrett makes a note to himself. He says they are equally as good as FC. In fact they reek of Forrester Creations. Shirley clasps her hands and tells Saul they have knocked it out of the park and all the way to the bank. Finally it dawns on Coco that these gowns are too similar. She does not know how they did it but these designs are stolen. Shirley gets on the microphone and announces the genius behind all of this – Sally Spectra. To clapping fans, she goes out and takes a bow. Thomas is in the audience and winks at her. But then he too sees all of the gowns when the models come back on stage. The hurt is in Sally’s eyes.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Abigail talks to André about her feelings that Chad really loves Gabi the most but André encourages her that she is the one. Kate continues encouraging Gabi to tell Chad how she feels but she refuses though Kate insists they belong together. Nicole wants to leave the cabin in Canada but Brady reminds her they must wait two weeks for new IDs. Gabi tells Eli about her feelings for Chad and explains the situation. Eli comforts her until Julie interrupts to give Eli some old records of his father David's while Eli lets Julie know that nobody tells him what to do.

When Brady leaves the cabin, Scooter shows up and demands Nicole make his dream of having sex with a porn star come true or else he will tell Hilary that she is a fugitive on the run. Nicole refuses but later calls him to arrange a meeting at a motel. Jennifer, JJ, André, and Kate gather at the DiMera Mansion for Chad and Abigail's vow renewal. Chad says his vows while Abigail stops in the middle of hers and says she can't let Chad save her anymore. Chad is emotional and doesn't understand. Abigail has the others leave for a moment alone with Chad where she tells him that she has finally realized in her heart that she can't be his wife anymore because he belongs with Gabi.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Charlotte continue to have a good time when Valentin shows up. Valentin tells Lulu that his boat made him early. Charlotte decides she wants to leave now because he is there. When he leaves, Lulu starts to get excited because it went over so well. She hugs the social worker. Later, she tells Dante the good news and they hug. Dante explains that he found Morgan’s pills in the evidence from the Floating Rib robbery and needs to find out who is involved. Elsewhere, Ava and Lucy get freaked out that Dante could be on to them after he questioned them at the Metro Court. Lucy wants to know what Ava is hiding in regards to the pills but Ava isn’t going to tell her. She reminds Lucy that while she might be an art dealer right now, she comes from a mob family.

Michael finds Sonny at the docks. He wonders what Sonny is doing. Sonny is thinking of going to South America to meet with his partners. If he stays in Port Charles right now he might kill someone. Sonny lets it slip that Carly and Jax slept together and Michael is shocked. He finds it odd since Jax is the one who got Nelle involved in their lives originally, thanks to Frank Benson. Sonny finds this information outrages and storms off. Michael calls Dante to inform him that Sonny has lost it. Meanwhile, Nelle shows up at Carly’s house where she begs for forgiveness. Nelle. Jax offers Nelle money to leave town and start over somewhere else. He feels he owes it to her after what Frank did to her. Carly hasn’t forgiven Nelle and never will. She knows that Nelle just wants to be with Michael. Carly doesn’t want them together because Michael is a sweet boy. Nelle leaves and Sonny shows up. He cannot believe that Carly would sleep with him, knowing that he screwed up their marriage. Dillon and Kiki are at the Quartermaine mansion where Kiki is taking a practice test. She paces and later takes photos with Dillon outside. She needs to get dressed before the Quartermaine’s engagement party for Ned and Olivia. She runs off and Dillon finds Sam, Jason, Alexis, and Danny in the park with Scout. He takes photos of them and lets them pick the ones they like out. Jason spots someone in the bushes and when they zoom in, Alexis is sure that it is Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victoria and Nikki agreed that the two of them and Nick had to be a united front against Victor. Victoria found it hard to keep Billy in the dark, but she thought it would be a disaster if Billy ever found out what Victor had done and got that sort of ammunition against her father. Billy sensed that Nikki and Victoria were stressed, but Victoria insisted that things were fine. Billy worried that Victoria thought he'd been involved with Chloe killing Adam. She assured him that she knew he was not that kind of person. Victoria vented to Billy about Zoey. Victoria's temper flared when Billy said she sounded like Victor. Reed asked to borrow Victoria's car to take Zoey to a concert in Madison. Victoria didn't think Reed was ready to take an evening road trip. Reed understood, but he was embarrassed that Victoria said no in front of Zoey. Reed urged Victoria to give Zoey a chance. Kendall echoed Victoria's concerns about new teen drivers, which impressed Victoria. Kendall jealously watched Zoey and Reed kiss. Billy apologized to Victoria for comparing her to Victor. Abby was surprised that Victor wasn't at Reed's party. Nikki lied about the reason for his absence. Abby, Billy, Noah and Tessa all thought Nikki and Victoria seemed tense. Nikki told Tessa that she could drop by the ranch any time. Noah took Nikki's advice and asked Tessa out. She accepted. Victor had a new car delivered to Reed's party.

Faith was horrified when she saw Nick punch Victor, but they convinced her that they were only boxing. Nick made Faith pack her things and move out of the main house. Victor felt that Nick was wrong to break his promise to let Faith stay as long as she wanted. Nick and Victor had words, and Nick told Victor to stay away from Faith, Connor, Christian and Chelsea. Victor stated that nothing would change the fact that they were his family. Faith tearfully said goodbye to Victor. Victor promised Faith that they would still interact online. Victor predicted that Nick would come to regret the things he said. Once he was alone, Victor wept. Scott and Phyllis almost had sex, but Kevin walked in on them. Scott and Phyllis wondered what came over them. Phyllis considered giving Scott a chance. Kevin admitted he still loved Chloe, but he wondered if she loved him. Kevin revealed that he made an unsuccessful attempt to track Chloe down. Sharon and Jack talked about Adam's murder. Sharon felt bad for Victor, but Jack did not. Phyllis joined them and agreed with Jack. Sharon thought that Faith and Victor were good for each other. Jack and Phyllis fantasized about going to war with Victor. Sharon reminded them that they always lost. Phyllis and Jack admitted that they wouldn't prey on Victor's vulnerability, even if they wanted to. Phyllis was glad that she and Jack were able to have a civil conversation. Phyllis told Jack that she heard Victor was about to give control of Newman to Abby. 

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