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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

There is plenty of hustle and bustle around Spectra. Sally calls the troops around and she wants them all to be nice to everybody who attend the fashion show. Bill tells Wyatt that today is the day – Spectra’s last stand and then the property will be his. He tells CJ that Sally is going to be a flop and he will be doing Spectra a big favor. CJ says it depends on the show, of course, but if it is that bad he will accept a check from Bill and close the whole thing down. Jarrett comes in and makes mention that he just saw CJ leave the building. Bill says the misfits will fall today and the building will be his. Now Jarrett should rush off to this grand event. RJ calls Coco and wants to come over and see the showing with her. But Shirley and Saul say that would be a bad idea. CJ visits Sally and says this is a big risk. She is losing money. Spectra Fashions closes its doors today if this is another bad showing. RJ doesn’t understand why he cannot be there for Coco. It is not like the designs are a big secret. The rest of the world will see them soon. Shirley tells Coco that she is glad she got the day off to be here today for Sally’s showing. She is spending a lot of time with those hoity-toity people but if it all comes to an end Coco needs to be ready to accept that. Shirley tells her no matter how much time she spends cozying up to the Forrester’s she will always be a Spectra and never ever apologize for that. They scratch and fight their way to the top and sometimes they do things they wish they didn’t have to do. Jarrett tells Bill that he knows it is not reasonable but it is just possible Spectra will not tank today. Bill tells him to just get the agreement signed that RJ left. Shirley tells Sally they are about to change history. Do not think about the knockoffs…..

taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Sally laments she does not like it. That is the reason she had to break up with Thomas. She says it is a privilege to be welcomed into the Forrester world but she and Coco were and now today that will all end. They might even end up in jail and it will be their fault. Shirley keeps calling them high and mighty but they are good people. Shirley says the audience will be the judge and jury so get out there and let them decide. Bill lays his hands lovingly on his Spencer tower prototype. He can smell it already. Shirley welcomes Jarrett and says she guarantees him he will see a whole new showing today. Coco tells Sally that she is really proud of her. The whole world will see her success today. Sally has to do a double dance to keep Coco from seeing the gowns before they are shown. Coco opens a gift from RJ. It’s an orchid corsage and card wishing them well. Coco says she knows it is not official but she feels like RJ is her boyfriend like Thomas is to Sally. Sally has sad eyes.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Chad and Abigail continue talking about their vow renewal and how happy they are to do it. JJ tries to talk to Gabi about her father and her feelings for Chad but Gabi refuses to get into it. Dario brings Kate bags of all the gifts that Eduardo bought her in their time apart. Kate breaks down crying as she goes through them and smashes a vase against the wall. Dario and Myron talk at the club about pulling off a big hack when Rafe interrupts to question their business, upsetting Dario as Rafe warns him to keep things legal. Gabi interrupts their arguing and tells them that Eduardo wants them to get along but Dario says that won't happen as he continues to blame Rafe for arresting Eduardo.

Jennifer goes to see Abigail before the vow renewal. Kate informs them that she will be there too. JJ comes to talk to Abigail as well and encourages her that everything will be alright. Chad meets with Lucas to inform him about a large amount of money being hacked from Countess Wilhelmina. They talk about who could've done it and guess it was Deimos, not knowing that it was actually Dario. Lucas goes to the police station to tell Rafe and Hope about the hack. Hope tells Rafe that Raines is letting her off desk duty and back on cases while promising that she will take care of him tonight so he can get some rest.

Abigail goes through old photos and finds one of Chad's in high school baseball with a note from Gabi about their secret pitching lessons and realizes it relates to Chad tossing her the antidote when they were tied up. Abigail tells herself that she's been in denial about Chad and Gabi but now must face the truth no matter how much it will hurt. Jennifer worries to Hope about Abigail. Kate encourages Gabi that she must tell Chad that she is in love with him before he renews his vows or she will regret it for the rest of her life.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Hayden gives Finn a new shirt to wear. He is unsure of how Monica will react. Hayden promises him that things will be fine. Meanwhile, Brad tells Monica about how Finn was on drugs. When Finn gets to her office, she already knows Brad’s side of the story. Finn admits that he is addicted to drugs and wants him to get help. At the nurse’s station, Brad informs Hayden that Finn is going to get fired. When the two spot Finn and Monica, Hayden walks over and asks how things went. Finn explains that he will go to a board and they will decide his fate once he gets back from rehab. Brad demands to know why Monica didn’t fire him. Monica thinks it is up to the board to decide and she thinks that Brad may have very well saved his life. Andre goes to visit Anna because he is crushed over his love life with Jordan. Anna is sorry to hear that. She meant to answer his phone call but she was busy. She lets him in and explains that she was listening to Mozart. When Anna leaves the room Andre listens into her earbuds and Anna walks back in. Anna snatches them off and wonders what he was doing. Andre thought he was listening to Mozart not a private conversation. Anna is going after Valentin and needs to do it alone. He needs to be punished for his crimes.

Lulu worries about her visit with Charlotte. Dante knows that she doesn’t have the advantage and he is worried too. He will leave her alone today though so that she can have the time to herself. When Charlotte shows up, she doesn’t want to stay. The social worker wants her to stay a little longer though. Lulu tries to break the ice by talking about cookies and Charlotte explains that she loves cranberry scones. Lulu suggests that she could help her make some for a tea party. Charlotte starts to warm up to her. While the scones are baking she asks what they will do. Lulu doesn’t know and accidently sits on an egg. Lulu wonders if the Easter bunny came early. Lulu and Charlotte go into the yard to look and finds bunnies. Meanwhile, Valentin is worried about Charlotte and Nina suggests that he go over there and inform Lulu of things that Charlotte does and doesn’t like. Valentin thanks her for the suggestion and he goes. Nina looks at the note again and then finds the box that Valentin’s new watch came in. It was attached to the note.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki sets the ground rules to Victor and lets him know that he is no longer a part of this family. Nick visits Victoria to discuss how he cannot tell Chelsea that it was Victor, who had brought Chloe back to town to help to frame Adam. Victoria feels the same way for she cannot tell Billy what is going on. Kendall and Reed meet at the Coffeehouse. They discuss the fact that she had sent his video to her uncle for him to send to a music company. Reed is thrilled by the news. Phyllis comes to visit Lauren but she is surprised when Scott opens the door wearing only a towel. He invites her in. Phyllis inquires about Lauren. Scott tells her that Lauren and Michael had gone out of town overnight. Phyllis notices Scott's computer and sees what he is working on. Scott lets her know that he is working on a story concerning Chloe and how she had killed Adam. Scott wonders if she had acted alone. Devon and Mariah notice the poster of Hilary on the wall at GC Buzz. They discuss the Chloe story and how that it was Mariah's story but Hilary took it over. Hilary reminds her that she is the boss. Nick tells Victoria that Chelsea wants to find Chloe via the web but that he had talked her out of it. Nikki reminds Victoria of all that Chloe had done to Chelsea and Connor. Nikki and Victor argue but they become silent when Faith walks in and wants to know what is going on. Kendall gets a call from Zoey. Reed asks her if she is coming to his party tonight. When Reed gets through talking to her he gives the phone back to Kendall who tries to talk her out of coming to Reed's party. Victoria doesn't know what to do about not telling Billy about Victor's involvement with Chloe. Nikki and Victor try to get Faith's mind off of what was going on by asking her about school. Faith tells her that she is going to write an essay and Victor is the focus of her essay. Victor is thrilled. Nikki tries to get Victor to stop Faith from writing this essay.

Everyone arrives for Reed's birthday party except Victor who wasn't invited. Victor and Faith are in the stables, working on the essay, when Nick arrives. Nick tells her to go and work on her essay while he talks to Victor. Victor and Nick argue which results in Nick knocking Victor to the ground. Faith walks in, sees Nick hit Victor, and screams. Phyllis and Scott kiss. Devon and Mariah kiss on the sofa but before it can go any further, Mariah pulls away and tells him that she doesn't want Hilary coming between them. Hilary and Jordan make plans to make love again but this time in bed.

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