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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Spectra, everyone is backstage setting things up for the fashion show. Sally is disrupted in her thoughts about Thomas. She needs to go get some air. Shirley asks Saul what is the matter. He replies that here they are on the brink of success yet Sally is so sad. And it will be worse when her little sister figures out how they got the designs. Maya gives Coco her brooch back and says it suits Coco but thanks for the loan of it for the day. Sally ends up at the outdoor restaurant where Steffy is having coffee and calls her Princess. She wants to apologize. She knows she got under her skin at her wedding. Steffy says they are even, she pushed her face into the cake earlier. And Australia was as much Thomas’s fault as hers. And now Sally has broken it off with him and he will never know why. Sally says she finally came back down to earth. Steffy wishes her luck on the show tomorrow.

Maya tells Nicole that she is going to be like Nicole. She is going to be nicer to Coco. Sometimes it really is what it is, people are nice just for being nice so she shouldn’t be so suspicious. Thomas shows up at Spectra and Saul blocks him at the door and says he is not welcome here. Before Shirley comes in, Saul pulls Thomas out of the room so he does not see the gowns. Saul is blunt but says Sally is not interested in him. She’s interested in something real. Thomas says to tell her that he stopped by and wishes her well tomorrow. When he is gone, Saul tears open the gift he left and reads the card. Thomas says he really needs to talk to her so please call. He loves her. Saul has second thoughts after he throws it all in the trash. Sally runs into Thomas as he is leaving. He kisses her and says he has never met anyone like her. But she pulls away and says she cannot do this; just go.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

JJ goes to tell Chad and Abigail about Eduardo's arrest and how it's affecting Gabi while Chad and Abigail continue to plan their vow renewal. Dario assures Gabi that he will always be there for her still. Paul continues to worry about Sonny going after Deimos which Sonny takes as him being overprotective but Paul tells Sonny that he loves him so Sonny smiles and says he loves him too. Ciara and Wyatt have another date and continue to relate on common interests as Ciara feels he's almost too good to be true. Julie passes by and meets Wyatt. Theo tells Claire that he's ready to make love and wants to be together forever. Eli and Lani agree to start over and try to be friends.

Chad runs into Dario, who goes off on him for his treatment of Abigail while having feelings for Gabi leading to Chad realizing that Dario is in love with Abigail. Abigail and Chad host a party at the Pub prior to their vow renewal with JJ, Lani, Paul, Sonny, and Eli. Gabi walks in but turns around and runs out crying. Eli goes to check on Gabi and comforts her while Julie ends up seeing them together. Sonny comes and talks with Gabi about her feelings with Chad which Gabi admits are making her miserable but she can't interfere with their family. Chad talks with Abigail at home about Dario's feelings for her as Abigail assures that she set him straight on that.

Theo and Claire have sex in a hotel room that Theo had set up. Wyatt walks Ciara home after their date then he sends a text message to someone, thanking them for giving him all the information on Ciara's interests and that it's working like a charm. Eli, JJ, and Paul agree to continue working together towards doing the right thing in the future. Abigail and Chad go to sleep for the night while Abigail is happy to find the ring that Chad got for her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Griffin finds Finn passed out on the harbor with cuts all over. He takes him into GH where he denies being high. Griffin doesn’t believe him though. Finn claims that he is fine now. Hayden shows up and Griffin explains that Finn has been roughed up. Hayden goes to see him and she wants to know what really happened. He admits that he bought drugs but then he realized he didn’t want to use and actually does want help. He tried returning the drugs and his dealer wasn’t playing around and did this to him. Hayden offers to go with him to check out rehabs. Finn needs to admit to Monica about this before anyone else finds out. Meanwhile, Brad stops Monica who is on her way to a meeting. Brad wants to discuss his review. Monica has put that on hold for now. Brad needed the raise though because he was planning on getting a condo with Lucas. Monica is sorry but she needs to get to a meeting. Brad needs to tell her something about Finn. At Perks, Curtis and Jordan make things official between them. Jordan runs into Andre and he accepts that she is going to want what she wants.

Tracy shows Ned the letter that Edward had written her. Ned thinks that it is great but it doesn’t excuse how he treated her throughout her life. He thinks that Tracy deserved much better. Ned is proud of the woman she has become. The two hug and Tracy cries. Elsewhere, Laura shows up at Anna’s house. She needs her help with Valentin because she needs to make sure that things go over well with Lulu and Charlotte. Anna claims that she and Valentin have finally made peace with one another so she cannot help her. While this is going on. Valentin receives a note and a watch from Anna. Nina finds it and decides to go and visit Anna. She attempts to slap Anna for visiting Valentin but Anna instead has Nina’s hand behind her back. She will only release her if she doesn’t do anything else. Nina agrees and leaves. She doesn’t want her anywhere near Valentin again. Valentin decides to get the watch checked but cannot see anything wrong with it so he puts it on. Anna meanwhile, puts headphones on and starts to listen in on Valentin’s conversation with Nina. She put a recording device in the watch.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren thinks Phyllis needs a new man in her life.  So, she advises her to date Scott, but Phyllis says she can find her own date. Gloria leans on Jack and tells him that she is worried about Kevin, because she is afraid he won't recover from Chloe leaving him at the altar. Phyllis sees Jack comforting Gloria and he finally admits to her that he and Gloria are having a relationship.

Nikki persuades Victoria and Nick not to tell the police about Victor helping Chloe escape, because it would only hurt the reputation of the Newman family and the family business. Nikki tells Victor she won't ever forgive him for helping Chloe escape and contributed to Adam's death, but she assures him she won't go to the police and divulge what he did.  Also, they no longer will have a marriage behind closed doors but to the outside world, they will remain happily married to protect the family's reputation. Reed gets ready to celebrate his birthday and is excited when he passes his driver's test.  He is worried about his mom, because she seems sad and distracted and won't talk to him about her problem.

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