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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Thomas that he is one of the most eligible bachelors and he needs to get over Sally and move on. He informs her that he has. Sally broke up with him. In front of Wyatt, Jarrett tells Bill this time he will write an honest review for Sally. Bill rants that he better remember who signs his paychecks. He wants that location and not to turn it into another bowling alley. So he has two choices, write a scathing piece or get into the unemployment line. Spectra Fashions is a joke. The loan sharks should be stepping in now. Not on their best day can they compete with the Forrester’s. Ridge tells Thomas he appreciates his efforts for this fashion showing despite his involvement in the past with Sally. Saul is quick to grab a picture of a design out of the way before Coco sees it. Shirley tells her to be sure and get the brooch back as it is a favorite family piece. Saul shows Sally some gowns they will have ready for the preview. They do not have the quality that Forrester has but Shirley reminds them it does not have the price tag either. Sally sees the Forrester logo on the sketch design and says she cannot betray Thomas this way. Shirley retorts that this is their one shot so grab that bull by the horns right now. Bill tells Jarrett to cry him a river, Mr. Principle, go back to his cubicle and call his mommy. He tells Wyatt that he is glad he is over Steffy but do not look Sally’s way. She won’t be around that long. She is just a red-headed wannabee, that’s all.

Shirley says timing is everything. That is why they are showing their fashions this week before the Forrester’s do. She tells Sally she is a very pretty girl from the boondocks but she will never be part of Thomas’s world so climb down from that high horse. Somebody has to tell it to her straight. Thomas will go back to his baby momma, so forget him. But Sally can’t. Bill confides to Wyatt that perhaps Sally will do better but he thinks she is setting herself up for another failure. Unless she is ripping off designs from FC and they are pretty tight around the office so he doesn’t see how that could happen. Sally calls all the crew together and says they can shout it from the rooftop that their fashion show will show all what they can do…..these designs are HOT. Spectra Fashions is born again! Shirley says she is so proud of her. But all Sally can think of is Thomas.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Jade stops Joey from telling Tripp the truth about Ava's death and convinces him to let her try to talk to Tripp. Jade relates to growing up in an unhappy family and tries to help Tripp see that Steve and Kayla are good people but Tripp doesn't want to hear it and walks out. Marlena encourages Eric about rebuilding his life but finds out that Victor talked down to him. Brady tries to talk with Nicole as she remains worried about Scooter. When Brady goes to the store, Scooter shows up to try to blackmail Nicole into sex but Brady comes back so he sneaks out.

After talking with Kayla about trying to get through to Tripp, Steve confronts Angelo about staying away from Tripp. Angelo doesn't believe the ISA put a hit on Ava and accuses Steve of killing her in cold blood. Angelo reveals to Steve that Tripp is rich with the Vitali fortune so he won't need him. Marlena goes to tell Victor off for how he treated Eric. Hilary goes to see Nicole, crying about her and Scooter having problems so Nicole tries to keep her calm. Eric looks up news on Nicole, dreams of finding her and then begins writing another letter. Jade follows Tripp to the club and tries to get a drink but Kayla and Joey show up to stop her leading to Tripp storming out again. Nicole believes her only option is to kill Scooter and searches for the nearest gun store.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Rocco go to visit Dante. Lulu explains to Dante that they are preparing for Charlotte’s visit and Rocco made her cookies. Dante tries one and Lulu admits that he may have added extra salt when she wasn’t looking. He thinks that they are great though. Dante wonders if Lulu is ok. Lulu claims that she is. She is worried about the Charlotte situation. Dante promises Lulu that Charlotte will come around and love her. Rocco asks if Lulu loves him less than Charlotte. Lulu and Dante both promise that they will love Charlotte just as much as they do Rocco. Meanwhile, Hayden is getting drunk in public. Curtis runs into her and asks if she is ok. Hayden explains that she wants to get back with Finn but she is scared that he will say yes and she doesn’t want to be put through that. Finn calls and wants her to come over. Hayden isn’t going to. She wants him to go to rehab. Hayden starts kissing Curtis and thinks that they should be together. Curtis only wants to be friends. He thinks that they better that way. Finn shows up though and is angry. Curtis thinks that the only thing that is going to make things better is if he actually gets the help he needs. Finn doesn’t want to and leaves. Later, he gets drugs from a dealer at the harbor.

The mysterious person walks into Alexis’s house and looks through a photo album. Alexis walks in and the man is gone but the light is on. Someone opens her door and she is about to hit them over the head until she realizes it is Kristina. Kristina wants to know what is going on. Alexis admits that she has been sensing Julian ever since he was pronounced dead. Kristina thinks she is hiding something. Alexis admits that Julian’s credit card had been used but Sam found out it was some runaway kid. Kristina assumes that the heart wants what it wants but she is going through something and she cannot judge. She doesn’t want to be like Alexis was in the past with the people she has judged such as Parker. Kristina offers to spend the night but Alexis will be fine. After Kristina leaves she looks at a photo album and realizes that a photo is missing. Elsewhere, Sonny tells Carly how he didn’t sleep with Nelle but she had drugged him. He knows that Carly would know more than anyone what is type is and who he would actually sleep with. Carly realizes he is telling the truth but it is too late. She doesn’t know how to explain things. Jax walks in and Sonny realizes they slept together. Sonny calls her a whore among other things and storms out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the abandoned building, Nick confronts Victor about his helping Chloe to escape. Reed meets Zoey and Kendall at the Coffeehouse to have a talk. Victoria meets Billy at the Athletic Club to have dinner as a way of thanking him for all he has been doing at Brash and Sassy. At Jabot, Jack sees a dramatic change in Ravi's clothing and wonders why. Ashley and Phyllis have a business meeting to bring her up to speed about the new app. Phyllis changes the subject and then asks her about her and Ravi. Ravi tells Jack that he is accompanying Ashley to New York for the conference. Jack tells him he wants to know all about it when he comes home and that he is an asset to this company. Paul fills Nikki in on the fact that Chloe killed Adam and now has skipped town. Paul wonders how Victor will react to this news. Paul warns Nikki to let the police handle this. Nikki calls Victor to see when he can come home. Victor denies knowing anything about where Chloe went. Nick reminds Victor that Chloe killed Adam and the tools she used. Nick also tells Victor about the tracking device that she put in one of Connor's toys. Victor wonders why he didn't come to him and let him know all about this. Reed invites Zoey and Kendall to join him at a table to talk and invites them to a party that Victoria is throwing for him.

Jack asks Ashley about her plans to take Ravi to New York with her. Jack also mentions how Ravi changed his appearance, but Ashley tells him that was all Phyllis' doing. Nick tells Victor that he could have him arrested for his involvement in all this. Nick lets Victor leave. Billy is thrilled that he and Victoria are getting along so well. They discuss how good he is with the kids. Victoria gets a text from Nikki and heads to the ranch. Nikki gets a text from Victor that he is on his way home. Jack warns Ashley about getting too close to Ravi but she insists she can handle it. Ashley and Ravi are getting ready for their trip when Jack calls her into his office again to find out exactly what is going on between her and Ravi. The Newman children arrive at the ranch to hear what has been going with Victor. With Nick by his side, Victor announces he has something to tell them.

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