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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas convinces Sally to sit back down and they will discuss this. He tells her that she is so important to him but there is some reason she wants to run away from him and he does not get it. He wants to know what she is not telling him. Shirley laments to Saul that he has that going to give a lecture look. She knows he does not want Sally hanging around with Thomas any more than she does. He just does not want her to get her heart broken. Darlita is shocked when Coco comes in and Darlita is looking at who she thinks is her on the laptop at FC. She is finally straightened out by a confused Coco that she loaned the brooch to Maya. Shirley tells Saul that she is not talking about him but Thomas. There is one thing you can trust more than the wind and that is money. Sally asks Thomas if he has ever been rejected before. She doesn’t think he should be hitting on other women. He should go back and hit on Caroline, the mother of his son. He says he did. He went out there and it was impossible and then he met Sally and all that confusion turned into laughter. When they are through with their hanky panky in the office, Rick shows Maya the newest Ridge designs and Shirley and Saul capture it all. She knows they can tweak them here and there and they will be pure Spectra. And Sally is breaking up with Thomas right now and she will be just as thrilled with these designs.

Thomas tells Sally that he came back from New York and his little sister was handed the CEO position and he was overlooked, not even considered. He is just another cog in the wheel but he is not going to think about that now. She brings him so much happiness. She says she fell for him hard too but this is reality. He says he does not want her to like or do anything different, just be herself. He will always love his son and be in his life but they have something so special and nothing should stop them. Shirley tells Saul that stealing is not her way but this is business. Sally will love these designs. She tried but Maxwell shut her down so they will have to go back and do what Spectra has always done and get back on top. She knows Sally will shut this silly thing with Thomas in the past. Sally tells Thomas she has been wasting her time. She came here to get Spectra back on top. She is Sally Spectra, the one who fights and scratches to get on top, unlike the Forrester’s. She will not be dependent on a man. He says he only wants what is best for her so trust him. She says she wishes she could trust him but she promised her grams that she would stay focused. He says she can do both. She does not have to cut him out. She says it was fun while it lasted but that is all it was – fun, so just go. He says he does not believe her but he does slowly leave, leaving her crying.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Steve and Kayla are unable to find Tripp as he's away watching the recordings of Ava he got from Angelo while Joey wants to tell Tripp the truth that he killed Ava but they refuse. Tripp eventually comes home to the loft and continues arguing with Steve about Ava. Rafe and Hope watch the docks hoping to catch Deimos but end up seeing Eduardo making an illegal deal for stolen US treasury bonds forcing Rafe to arrest his own father. Deimos informs Victor of how he knew Hope bugged the mansion so he staged phone calls and set her up to take down his enemy in Eduardo.

At the police station, Dario questions Rafe about arresting Eduardo and not just letting him go. Gabi shows up and explains that Rafe had covered up a crime for her in the past so he could not do it again. Steve and Kayla talk about not giving up on Tripp and not letting Ava use him to hurt their family like she did with Joey. Kate goes to see Eduardo and tells him that she loves him. They kiss goodbye and regret their lost time. Rafe, Dario, and Gabi share an emotional goodbye with their father as he is sent to federal prison. Victor warns Deimos that Rafe and Dario will be coming after him now but Gabi and Hope are off limits to him. Joey stops Tripp from moving out of the Loft and says that he will tell him the truth about what happened to his mother.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis comes home from the spa and Nathan shows up. He wants to talk to her about the stolen credit card. Alexis has no idea though because she and Julian had separate financial situations. She assumed he had money stashed away though if he were disappear, and not use a credit card. At Jason and Sam’s house Elizabeth shows up. She wants to have a united front. Sam wants to do whatever she can to help. Elizabeth doesn’t think that is a good idea because it could confuse Jake in her mind. She feels that if Jake isn’t allowed to be around a man he loves like Franco then Sam has no place in his life either. Franco calls up and tells Jason that Jake has ran away to his house. Elizabeth wants to go alone to pick him up but Jason demands they go together. They show up and Jason talks with Franco alone. He thinks that Jake was manipulated. Franco feels that he knows Jake better than him. Back at Sam’s Alexis shows up and wants to know what she is hiding from her. Sam admits that she found out about the credit card and Curtis is on his trail and she found the stills of someone using the pay phone. Alexis doesn’t think that is enough to prove that he is alive or dead. Sam gets a call from Curtis and it turns out a runaway found the credit card. Sam asks if Alexis wants Julian to be alive or dead. Alexis doesn’t know. At Alexis’s house while she is still gone someone whose face is unseen walks in.

Kristina runs into Michael at Perks. The two talk about how Nelle slept with Sonny and their family is in ruins again. Michael feels bad for Nelle though. Kristina thinks he needs to stop if she is responsible for all of this. Elsewhere, Carly and Jax sleep together and don’t know where they are going but do not regret it. At Sonny’s house, Nelle admits she didn’t actually sleep with Sonny. She just drugged him, took his clothes off, and got in bed. She just wants this all to be over. Sonny doesn’t think that can happen. Michael shows up and Sonny leaves to tell Carly. Michael doesn’t want to hear about Nelle wanting forgiveness. It isn’t his job to fix her. Sonny shows up at Carly’s and she thinks this is a bad time. He tells her that this is a game changer, things can go back to the way they were because he didn’t sleep with Nelle.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chloe's family and friends come to terms with the fact that she killed Adam. Kevin and Esther lean on each other as they tell Bella that her mommy loves her, and she went on a long trip and they don't know when she is coming back but in the meantime they and her grandma Esther will take care of her and spoil her. Kevin also tells Bella that her mommy loves her very much. Chloe lies to Victor and tells him that Chelsea knows that he was the one that brought her back to town to help him frame Adam and send him to jail. Chloe promises that if he allows her to use the Newman jet to get away, she will never return to Genoa City. Victor tells Chloe that if she returns, he will ruin her life, but Chloe tells him she has lost everything and he can't take anything else from her. Nick sees the Newman jet leave and figures out that Chloe was Victor's accomplice to help frame Adam. Chelsea goes to GC Buzz and makes a plea for Chloe to turn herself in for Bella's sake. Sharon agrees to help Scott with Victor's biography by giving her unique perspective about Victor. Victor is shocked when Nick tells him that Chloe caused the explosion that killed Adam. Nick tells Victor that he just helped Adam's killer escape.

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