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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sally tells Shirley that she knows these are Forrester designs and she does not want to use them. Shirley says she just does not want to risk losing Thomas. But she gets Saul to tell what he knows about Thomas. Saul admits that he has a baby with Caroline Spencer. So there is no need to protect him or his image. Sally does not want to believe this as she thinks she knows Thomas better than that. Shirley shows her the news on the internet. Sally says he is not the first guy who has a baby and Caroline is in New York so they are not together. Shirley berates her to do this – break up with Thomas. She owes her that after all she has done for her. Rick, Maya and Nicole all agree they like Coco and can trust her but be cautious as her last name is Spectra. Coco picks up on it later and asks if there is anything she can do as she sees the looks and the stares as she goes down the hall. She assumes it is because her name is Spectra. Maya says she is doing fine but Rick is being protective. She admires Coco’s brooch and that prompts Coco to take it off and pin it on Maya for time being. At her laptop, Darlita gets an eyeful as Rick locks the door and takes Maya into his arm and leads her to the couch in the office. But Darlita does not see Maya and thinks it is Coco. Boy can that girl multitask.

Sally invites Thomas for lunch and tells him that she learned something about him today that he never bothered to tell her. It is not that big a deal but she would have thought he would have mentioned having a son. He says yes, he should have but it is not something he is comfortable to talk about and he was waiting for the right moment. She agrees it is no big deal and they are not that serious but whatever they have had is now over. Shirley loves the Forrester designs and Saul says that will keep their boat afloat for a long time. Shirley says yes but Sally has to end things with Thomas. Thomas tells Sally he does not want to end things just when they have started. He will tell her now all she wants to know about his son. He wants her to be part of his son’s life, his life. She makes him laugh and he wants to be with her. He cares about her too much and will not let her walk away. When she starts to walk always he grabs her arm and says he loves her, then kisses her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe didnít want Hope to go to a meeting with Raines.  She said she was going.  Maggie ripped into Deimos for trying to get revenge on people.  Scooter was in Nicoleís house when she got out of the shower.  He said he would tell if she told his wife.  He said he knew her real secret.  Sonny told Paul that he needed to take Deimos down before it was too late.  Kate ran into Deimos and told him that she hoped someone made him pay after he told her he was going to make Chad pay for what he did to him.

Sonny and Paul got in an argument over Paul not wanting him to go after Deimos.  Maggie went to see Hope to check on Holly, but there was no news.  They talked about Deimos and how heís responsible for what happened with Holly.  Maggie told Hope that she was worried about him.  Hope told her not to worry.  Kate and Deimos continued to argue until he was ready to go.  Scooter told Nicole how he figured out who she was.  He also knew who Brady was.  He said if he told Hilary who they were, they would never see their kids again.  He wanted her to drop her towel.  She told him that Brady cold give her money.  She said Brady would kill him.  He threatened to tell Hilary.  There was a noise outside.  She said Brady was back.  Sonny told Maggie about Titan and how he could run it.  She told him to prove it and he thought it was a great idea.  Brady realized Scooter did something to Nicole.  Brady was going to tell Hilary and break his legs.  Nicole stopped him.  He told her they could leave town.  He was able to get new Ids for them, but they had to wait two weeks before they could leave.  While Hope and Rafe were waiting to see who Deimos was meeting, they saw Eduardo.  Deimos found the bug Hope planted.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Elizabeth shows up to Franco’s art studio where he is painting out of anger. The two end up talking and Elizabeth and Franco decide to paint something of Elizabeth. She is wearing nothing but a sheet. When Franco is done, Elizabeth and him, make love to one another. Afterwards, Elizabeth promises that they can see each other here just not at her house right now. When Elizabeth leaves Jake ends up showing up asking if he can come in. Elsewhere, in Turkey Tracy and Laura are going to take the painting with them. Laura isn’t so sure she agrees with Tracy but Tracy needs the painting because it was given to her by Edward. The Monk’s agree to let them take it, but it is initially stolen by another Monk who ends up giving it back. Tracy finds this all odd but they leave. Laura is still worried about the girl she heard crying. Tracy doesn’t believe that anyone is actually there. A young girl walks up as they have leave.

Ava shows up at the police station to claim her items. Dante wants to talk to her in regard to the pills. Ava claims she has no clue where they came from. They could have been there since Morgan was there in October for all she knows. Meanwhile, Jax tells Carly that he informed Nelle of what he did back when Josslyn needed a kidney. Carly doesn’t want him to take anything that Nelle says seriously. Carly understands why Jax did what he did. Michael finds Nelle at Perks and she explains what she has learned. Michael just found out that Jax was responsible as well. It doesn’t change anything, though. Nelle wonders if she can change something. She wants Michael to wait there. Nelle shows up at Sonny’s house and tells him that she can fix everything. She informs him that there is a reason that he doesn’t remember sleeping with her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Todd and Kevin find Chelsea unconscious upstairs in the bedroom and revive her. She tells them that Chloe is the one who killed Adam. Everyone in attendance at the wedding reels from the news. At the Newman ranch, Victor and Nikki make plans for the evening. Nick watches as Chloe drives away and he wonders what had happened that she wasn't at her wedding. Driving, Chloe begins to cry about the way things turned out. Victor gets a call and tells Nikki that he will be back before too long. He leaves her alone. Abby and Faith arrive back at the ranch. Nikki tells them about her plans with Victor for the evening and they have her to thank for it because she is doing such a good job at Newman. Abby offers Faith to go home with her for the night. Faith is happy by the news. Mariah and Devon discuss how this would be a top story for GC Buzz but before Devon can say anything, Scott joins them and tells Mariah what a bad mistake she would be making if she leaked this story before the police could investigate. Scott gives her helpful information on how to be a good journalist. Scott reminds her that this evidence is only hearsay and this would be branding Chloe a murderer.

Chelsea tries to talk to Kevin about what Chloe told her about killing Adam. Kevin wants to blame Chelsea that she had pushed Chloe into this. No one but Gloria believes Chelsea and what she is telling them about Chloe. Chelsea tries to talk to Kevin one on one and tells him that Chloe fooled them both and they had been used by Chloe. Kevin tells her to go. Chelsea tells him to give her back Adam's ring. Kevin asks Esther about Bella and then goes on to tell Esther that Chloe left a note asking Esther to take care of Bella until she comes home. Gloria tries to console Kevin with a cup of tea but he declines. Gloria tells Kevin that she knows Chloe loves him but she needs help. Nick remembers as to when he had put a tracking device under Chloe's car so he could track her. Nick follows her to the airport and he watches her as she gets out of her car and seems to be waiting for someone. Nick continues to watch her when a man walks up to her and takes her by the arm and takes her into a building. Scott and Laura discuss Chloe and the things she did in her past. Paul tells everyone that there is no trace of Chloe. Kevin tells Paul to be careful of Chloe when they bring her in. Chelsea visits Sharon and asks about Nick. Chelsea tells Sharon that Nick was right about everything that he had told her about Chloe and her killing Adam.

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