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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sally tells Shirley that she does not need a break. She needs to keep working on this design. Shirley looks at Coco and tells her she needs a serious piece of jewelry in the hallowed halls of FC. She gives her a flashy brooch and tells her to run along but pay as much attention to her work as that young man over there. Sally does not understand why Shirley thinks Spectra’s and Forrester’s cannot get along. Zende laments to Nicole that RJ is not the only one with a Spectra on his mind. Sally went all the way to Australia to be with Thomas. He does not want them to be hurt if they are taking advantage of the situation. It seems like a very big coincidence and they can’t be too careful. Steffy tells Thomas, RJ, Zende and Nicole that her dad is throwing himself back into work and shows them his latest design. She wants no one else to know about it. Thomas tells Steffy that Sally posed no problem. She did not post any pictures from the wedding. He may have pushed the button but he did not invite her to cause problems. He really likes her. She tells him they cannot be too careful. Shirley tells Sally that she should be setting an example for her sister. Thomas is a Forrester and she is a Spectra, a disaster. And she explains that Sally’s designs are okay but they do not compete with these – showing her some of the Forrester designs…..genuine originals, soon to be transformed into Spectra Designs. Coco has a front row seat to all the action. If Sally wants to get back to the Spectra roots that is what they are doing.

RJ runs into Coco while he is holding the new Ridge designs and he says he is on the way to the vault but he trusts her and he proudly shows them to her. Thanks to Coco’s brooch Shirley and crew see it all on the laptop and she says no one is the wiser, not even her sister. So she does not want Sally to have that sour face and pull out on her now. Nicole tells Zende that he is protective of his family and she loves that about him, but she likes Coco and thinks it is all right. RJ tells Coco that he is disappointed in his mom and dad but he will be okay. He gives her a quick kiss. On the laptop Sally sees it too and asks Shirley it off. Steffy tells Thomas that he is one terrific guy and she wants him to be as happy as she is, but she just thinks that he deserves better than Sally Spectra. Sally tells Shirley that it sounds like she thinks she is doing something good for giving to the working class. Thomas will never speak to her again when he finds out about this and she is sure in the end he will. Saul comes in and shows them the Ridge designs with a few of his changes. Shirley says these are great and will be a big hit especially when they can get theirs out first. They will all go down with the ship unless they do this. She tells Sally to buckle up. They will ride this all the way to the bank.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos wanted to talk to Sonny about his lack of loyalty.  Rafe and Hope were eavesdropping on Deimos.  Rafe thought it was a bad idea to bug the mansion.  She said they could save somebodyís life.  He said he was trying to save hers.  They got into an argument over her bugging the mansion.  Deimos told Sonny that he and Brady were traitors.  He said there would be consequences for his enemies.  He said he was starting with him.  Hope was afraid that she and Rafe could lose their case to Eli if they didnít act fast.  Rafe was afraid of what could happen if they kept pursuing the case.  Deimos made Sonny the head of Basic Black.  Abby was upset that Chad didnít keep his word about the antiquities deal.  Chad told her why he wasnít keeping his word.  Kate and Chad argued over Abby.  Abby told Kate to mind her business.  Sonny met Rafe and Hope and told them how he was on board with getting Deimos.  Abby ripped into Kate for talking about her to Chad.

Abby ran into Gabi and things got awkward when Gabi made reference to seeing a movie that Chad said he saw.  Rafe and Hope heard Deimos making a deal with someone.  Abby talked to Dario about Chad and Gabi.  Sonny asked Chad if he beat up Deimos.  Gabi met Kate and they talked about Dario loving Abby.  Kate was willing to help Gabi get Chad.  Chad offered to help Sonny bring Deimos down.  Gabi wanted to know why Kate waned her to be with Chad.  Gabi said her father loved her.  Kate told Gabi not to give up on Chad.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

At Kelly’s, Sonny and Michael discuss Jax. Michael explains that he is back in town to tell Joss about the death of Lady Jane. Sonny feels bad. Michael informs him that he doesn’t want him and Carly to divorce but still loves him regardless. Later, Griffin shows up and Sonny explains the current situation with him. After, Bobbie comes in and he tells her that he is sorry. Bobbie isn’t sure how to feel towards Sonny. Sonny gets a text and leaves. Kiki shows up at Ava’s house to tell her about her plan to become a nurse’s aide at GH. Ava is shocked that she wants to get into psych seeing she never had an interest before. Kiki wants to get involved to have a better understand of Morgan. Ava gets a text calling her into retrieve her items from the bar robbery. At the PCPD, Dante tries to get one of the robbers to reveal information on who had Morgan’s drugs on them. The robber refuses to say anything though as he claims he is innocent. Dante doesn’t believe him but the lawyer isn’t going to let Dante make deals he cannot promise to his client. Dante later tells an officer to get the pill bottle finger printed and have a DNA test done. Sonny shows up and Dante tells him that this could be a new part to Morgan’s case.

Carly explains to Bobbie what had happened with Jax and Frank Benson. Bobbie wonders if changes anything. Carly doesn’t think so. She might have a little pity for Nelle but she still did what she did and took advantage of her kindness. Later, Michael shows up and Carly explains what happened. Carly doesn’t want Michael forgiving her because she still did what she did. At Perk’s, Jax confronts Nelle and gives her solid proof that Frank did indeed get money and it was from him and not Carly. Nelle is in complete shock after she is convinced. She starts sobbing. Michael shows up wondering what is wrong. Jax later, shows up back home and asks Carly if her opinion of him has changed at all. Elsewhere, Anna tries to figure out what Valentin thinks after she revealed that she remembers everything and their night together meant a lot to her. Valentin has no idea how to feel. Lulu shows up while they are talking angry because her visitation with Charlotte was canceled. Valentin had nothing to do with it and proves it. Valentin confronts her about Nelle and Lulu later wonders if she has something with Nelle.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Paul had coffee with his brother, Todd. They discussed Kevin's change for the better. It was Chloe and Kevin's wedding day. Esther told Kevin it wasn't too late to call it off. Lauren and Scott arrived for the wedding and spent time with Kevin, Michael and Gloria. Gloria made a snide comment about Chloe. Michael warned Gloria not to ruin things for Kevin, who deserved this after his horrific childhood. Gloria promised not to do anything to destroy Kevin's happiness. Mariah and Devon arrived and fielded tactless comments from Gloria. Nick told Sharon she was right – his plan to get Chloe to confess backfired and now Chelsea didn't want him at the wedding. Nick worried about what Chloe would do now that she knew he thought she was a killer. He stewed about her getting away with murder. Sharon believed that Chloe would eventually slip up. She advised Nick not to give up on Chelsea. Sharon urged him to go to the wedding and show Chelsea he cared. Ravi told Phyllis that her idea to change his look worked, and Ashley was taking him to the trade show and the opera. Ravi saw the wistful way Phyllis looked at a happy couple, and he promised that she'd find love when she was ready. Billy and Victoria had a moment, at her home, when he leaned in close to pick confetti out of her hair. Reed walked in on them, and teased that they were busted. Reed announced that he planned to be at the DMV first thing tomorrow, which was going to be his 16th birthday. Victoria tensed, assuming Reed would be upset she wasn't buying him a new car right way. Reed said Tessa convinced him he didn't need one. He gushed about his music teacher and explained how she helped him be grateful for what he had.

Phyllis remembered passionately kissing Billy. In the present, she saw him from across the coffee shop and tried to will him into staying away, but he walked over. He sensed that she wasn't happy. He suggested she open her dating app, and Phyllis said she had a date later today. Phyllis said she was glad Billy and Victoria were making their way back to each other because they had something real. Billy thought that Phyllis was contrasting his relationship with Victoria to what he'd shared with Phyllis. Billy said he didn't regret getting close to Phyllis, and he hoped she didn't either. Victoria had a peaceful moment with Reed, and he told her how much he liked it when they got along. Reed noted that Victoria was less stressed out when she was on good terms with Billy. Esther, Bella and Chloe spent time reflecting and looking ahead. While Chelsea and Chloe were alone, Chloe noticed that Chelsea was emotional and assumed it was because Chelsea was afraid things would change once she married Kevin. Chloe insisted that things would be the same. Chelsea cryptically told Chloe that she hoped Chloe got everything she deserved. Kevin and Chloe recited personalized vows. Chelsea secretly switched Kevin's ring with Adam. When it was time for the ring exchange, Chloe realized she was about to slip Adam's ring onto Kevin's finger, and she dropped it and rushed out of the room in a panic. Kevin wanted to go after her, but Chelsea convinced him to let her go. Chelsea confronted Chloe about killing Adam. Chloe tried to convince Chelsea that they were all better off now that Adam was gone. Chloe admitted that she killed Adam, and Chelsea attacked her. Gloria overheard Mariah griping to Devon about Chloe being a drama queen. Mariah complained that Kevin would forgive Chloe for running out, because Chloe always got away with everything. Kevin was anxious because of Chloe's abrupt departure. Todd went up to counsel Chloe, and Kevin followed. They found the room in disarray and Chelsea laying unconscious on the floor. Chloe was nowhere to be seen. Scott picked up Adam's wedding ring off the floor.

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