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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn’t know why he does the things he does. And the worst part is he did not want to hurt her. He hands her the ring and asks her to please marry him and be his wife. Quinn gives Katie her tea. Katie is hesitant to drink; says it is too hot. Quinn says she does not begrudge Katie now having the upper hand. She has been in that position a few times. But Katie has a lot to lose in this situation and she is not sure she wants to do that. Eric comes in and senses some tension and asks if all is okay. Katie speaks up and says he is just the person she wanted to see. RJ tells Zende that speaking of newlyweds his parents just got re-married. Zende says he better speak with them first. Coco says he must be very excited to have them back together. As Ridge is about to tell Brooke they can work this out, RJ walks in and wants to congratulate them. He wants a group hug which bothers Brooke. Ridge starts to say what a future they had when Brooke tells RJ they did not get married. She is sorry to disappoint him but it will not change their feelings for him. Eric starts off that he cannot believe Brooke and Ridge did not get married. He wonders what happened. He wants to go upstairs to work so leaves them alone, glad they get along so good that Katie is even inviting herself over for a meal every now and then.

Quinn argues politely with Katie that yes there were several kisses that never should have happened, so why don’t they just leave this alone. It will serve no purpose. She is not going to sit by while Katie takes a wrecking ball to her life. Katie says Quinn can control her own destiny. She can tell Eric herself what she has done behind his back and see if he will forgive her. Zende tells Coco despite that Spectra blood that is running through her veins it looks like RJ believes in her and is willing to give her this chance. RJ says he saw pictures in Sydney and thought all went well. They must have had a fight. It makes no sense that they wake up one day and won’t marry. He wants the truth. Quinn tells Katie that they got off on the wrong foot. She thought Katie was after her man so she had to protect her territory. She says better late than never she would like to be friends. She is offering her a fresh start. Katie can’t believe this. Quinn even offers her a job at FC if she would like to get back in the game. Katie states that it looks like Quinn will do anything to have Katie keep her little secret. Quinn says all of this over a few stupid kisses. Katie needs to think how this will affect Eric, Brooke and even Ridge……and she ought to be thinking even about herself. RJ is disappointed. He tells his mom and dad that he wanted them together but it is their decision. He just wishes he knew what was going on. Brooke says he is their first priority so they have not figured this out either. RJ begs them to stay connected even if not married. Ridge assures him they will. Ridge hugs him and says he is sorry. Quinn tells Katie that she will not come out of this unscathed if she blows Quinn out of the water. Katie smugly says she has given her a lot to think about. Eric comes back and Quinn says she thinks they are making progress. And Katie did not know any more about Ridge and Brooke. They will just have to work through all of this. Quinn laments that she is so grateful to be Eric’s wife. She does not want that to end. He says what is going on between Ridge and Brooke is not contagious. He loves how devoted and committed she is to him. This wonderful magical life of theirs is theirs forever. But as he kisses her and she closes her eyes, all she sees is Ridge and his kisses.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby had a dream that Chad was with Gabi.  Gabi and Eli met at the town square and realized they had something in common.  Abby found Chad by himself in the mansion.  Scooter lied about who Nicole looked like.  When Hilary and Brady left, Scooter confronted Nicole.  He wanted to know what she would do for him.  She admitted to doing porn and wanted him to let it go.  JJ ran into Gabi and asked if she and Eli were dating.  Theo went to see Chad to talk about sex.  Nicole wanted Scooter to keep quiet about her being in porn.  Elli wanted to take Gabi’s mind off of her problems.  Abby called JJ to talk about Chad.  Scooter wanted to have sex with Nicole.

Chad gave Theo advice about having sex with Claire.  JJ told Abby that Chad loves her.  JJ told Abby that she needed to stop doubting Chad or she could lose him.  Nicole refused to have sex with Scooter.  When Scooter and Hilary left, Nicole told Brady that Scooter remembered her from her porn days.  She said she told him the truth because she was afraid he would look in her past.  Abby agreed to trust in Chad.  When JJ left, Gabi showed up.  Abby was happy that Eli showed up.  Abby saw Chad looking at a picture of Gabi and Arianna.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna shows up at Wyndemere to see Valentin. She has gone through memory work and remembers exactly what happened. She was brainwashed by Cesar to give him the information. She also remembers sleeping with Valentin. Valentin thinks that she only did it for the information. Anna doesn’t think so. She found him to be brilliant and a good-hearted man. Anna ends up holding Valentin’s hand. Elsewhere, Nelle bumps into Sonny at Perks. He informs her that she really should have left town. Nelle isn’t going anywhere because she has found a new job. Sonny guesses that the best part of this is that when she screws over Valentin he will get rid of her and Sonny won’t have to lift a finger. Carly and Jax discuss how Jax had contacted Frank Benson and offered him a million dollars. He didn’t know that Nelle was his daughter though. He just assumed she was his neighbor or something. Carly isn’t sure what to say to him but this is a lot to think about. Jax later goes to speak with Nelle to tell her that she is wrong about Carly.

Michael and Joss have lunch at Kelly’s. Joss thinks that it is over for Sonny and Carly. Michael isn’t sure though. He has been through so much with them. He also knows that this whole thing has been hard on Sonny. He lost his only biological son with Carly. Joss never thought about it like that. Michael wants her to forget about Nelle. Meanwhile, Lulu meets with Dante at the police station. They discuss how today is their first visitation. Dante knows and will be there for it. Lulu has a plan involving Nelle but she will not put all her marbles in that Nelle will be useful to her. She leaves. Scott shows up and goes into the evidence room. He is looking for Morgan’s pills so that Ava doesn’t frame him along with her but Dante catches him and makes him leave. Dante later goes in and finds the pills. At Ava’s Lulu shows up and wants to know if she has anything on Valentin. Ava doesn’t but hopes he goes down. After Lulu leaves, Scott shows up and thinks that Ava is in the clear.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis advises Ashley not to play with Ravi's heart. If she wants to be with him, she shouldn't care about what everyone might think about their relationship and go after him if she wants him. Ashley takes Phyllis' advice and invites Ravi to go with her to the product conference in New York and to the opera afterwards. Ravi tells her that he will be by her side for whatever she needs him to do. After Victor tells Scott about his relationship with Adam, he realizes he should have never pitted his children against each other. He should have just let them know how much he loves them. Billy celebrates with Victoria because he landed the deal to make the men's line the official line of the hockey league. Kevin and Chloe are excited as they get ready for their wedding, but Kevin worries that Gloria might try to stop it. Chelsea gets into a huge argument with Nick, because he tried to trap Chloe into admitting she killed Adam. She tells him not to come to the wedding. Nick fears that this might be the end of his relationship with Chelsea. Chelsea is trying to look for a safety pin for the hem of her dress when she is shocked to find Adam's wedding ring in one of Chloe's clothes drawers. She cries when she realizes that Nick was right. Chloe killed Adam.

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