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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Brooke that something is wrong; terribly wrong but he cannot help her if he does not know why. And he wants to hear it from Brooke. Rick tells Charlie and Pam that the wedding did not happen between Ridge and Brooke. They are all meeting upstairs right now and Eric is trying to get to the bottom of this. Eric tells Brooke if there is anything that he and Quinn can do they would like to help. Ridge says they are trying to work through this. Eric says he has to ask, is there another woman? Eric laments to Brooke that he is sorry if he is hurting her by asking all these questions. He sees they need to talk so he will back off for now. He tells Brooke that she is too strong for this to derail her. Quinn thanks Brooke for not saying anything to Eric. Ridge adds that Katie knows as she came to see him once back home. Brooke says again that she has promised and she meant it that she will say nothing to Eric as long as their little relationship is over. If not, then she will go straight to Eric. Brooke berates Ridge that he did this on the eve of their wedding but the worst part it is his dad’s wife! He just keeps saying he messed up and they just need to talk about it now. She says Eric loves him, raised him, treated him like gold and now Ridge treats him like this. He seduced his wife. She is so tempted but she knows it would hurt Eric and his love for Ridge. He threw all his rights away when he put his arms around Quinn. She hopes she is worth it. Rick says something must have happened in Sydney as he saw no reservations in Brooke before the trip. Charlie tells Pam right away the something wrong is Quinn. That is why the wedding did not happen.

When Quinn comes home she finds Katie draped on her couch and tells her to get out of her house now. Katie says no, she was hungry so she came over to see what her neighbors might have and she loves these little cookies. She would not think of leaving now. Eric has no clue. She has the best man in the world and she got redemption, now this, Eric’s unshakable faith in Quinn. But his generosity, his love, his goodness was not enough. Leopards do not change their spots. Quinn says she can color it anyway she wants but nothing was going on but a few kisses. Katie says okay but Eric is not going to be cool even with that. He will kick her and her portrait to the curb. She has the audacity to ask Quinn to make some mint tea for her cookies. She will wait until Eric comes home. Brooke takes the rings and lays them in front of Ridge. He says they tried but they always end up here. He admits this has been his biggest mistake and he doesn’t even know why. There was no plan. He did not wake up one morning and decide to betray this great man. They all make mistakes and his goes deep. But he’s Ridge Forrester and it’s always been about him. And he knows now it is about her and in her heart there is room for her to forgive him one more time. He states again that he would like them to get married. Together they can face anything but he cannot do it alone. He loves her and always will. He holds up the ring to her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe, Hope, Steve, and Kayla talked about Tripp and how Tripp was upset about Steve killing Ava.  Tripped talked to Joey, Ciara, Claire, and Theo about his mother and how Steve killed her.  Nicole tried to talk Brady into going back to Salem.  He told her that he wasnít going back.  Joey wanted Ciara and Claire not to tell Tripp who killed Ava.  When Theo left, Claire wanted to talk to Ciara.  Tripp met with his cousin Angelo to talk about Ava.

Claire apologized to Ciara for what she said to her when she caught her and Theo almost having sex.  Claire drove it home that she and Theo were going to have sex.  When Ciara left, Claire said she wasnít going to let her steal her boyfriend.  Theo talked to Joey about having sex with Claire.  Joey told him not to rush things.  Brady and Nicole had dinner with Hilary and Scooter.  Scooter was convinced that he knew Nicole.  Steve and Kayla went to the loft to see Tripp.  Angelo told Tripp that Ava didnít deserve to die.  Angelo said that Avaís father drugged her.  He said Steve played with Avaís emotions and walked out on her when she needed him.  Angelo said that Steve wanted Ava out of the way.  He said Steve couldnít be trusted.  He gave Tripp something from Ava.  Hilary asked Brady how he and Nicole met.  Rafe found the spy software on Hopeís phone.  Ciara showed up before Hope could answer him.  Ciara told Hope that she gave him the letter.  Ciara said she didnít hear anything from Theo.  Hope thought she did the right thing writing the letter.  When Ciara left, Rafe asked who Hope was spying on.  Angelo told Tripp that he inherited the Vitali fortune.  Angelo gave him Avaís recordings so he could hear her voice.  Joey told Kayla and Steve that Claire and Ciara know he killed Ava.  When Nicole took her shirt off, Scooter recognized her from her porn days.  Rafe was upset that Hope bugged the Kiriakis mansion.  She said the software wasnít recording all of the time.  He agreed to help her.  Hilary wanted to know who Scooter thought Nicole was.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly walks into her living room to find that Jax is home. She assumes that he has come to visit because Joss told him about her and Sonny breaking up. Jax explains that Lady Jane has passed away. Carly feels awful. She loved that woman so very much. Carly explains the situation with Sonny and how he slept with Nelle. Jax finds the whole thing to be confusing. Carly tells him how Nelle thinks that she asked her step-father for Nelle’s kidney. Jax knows that Carly wouldn’t have done that. It was actually him who had. Elsewhere, Jason and Sam discuss Alexis and the camera’s that show a man on the phone when Alexis was called. Jason wants her to be careful until he gets home from dealing with Jake at the doctor. Sam is left alone until Nathan shows up. He tells her that someone used Julian’s credit card and bought a one way ticket to LA. Sam tells him she had no idea that it was to LA and she hasn’t spoken to Julian. Nathan is going to have to talk to Alexis. Sam later calls Alexis and tells her to stay overnight with Diane at a spa. She doesn’t want Alexis to get her hopes up if Julian isn’t actually alive. She recruits Curtis to help her with this. At the hospital, Jason and Elizabeth have Andre look into what is going on with Jake. Jake would prefer Franco. Elizabeth tells him that isn’t going to happen right now. Andre informs Jason and Elizabeth that he will not play detective. He can only find out what Jake is willing to tell him and will only tell them if he feels Jake is in trouble. In therapy Jake plays with the scarecrow and witch from the Wizard of Oz. Jake tells Andre they are friends in his story. Afterwards he calls up Franco begging him to come draw with him but Franco has to decline.

In Turkey, a monk explains to Tracy and Laura that Edward had stayed with them and gave them many things but never the painting. Tracy is handed a letter which she reads from Edward. It explains how sorry he was for the way he had been treating her at the time. Tracy feels that the painting is rightfully hers. The Monk’s claim that the painting has been here so long that they are going to keep it for themselves and sell it to help the poor. Laura thinks that this is a good idea but Tracy still wants it. At Finn’s hotel room he has survived the night of detox. He feels better but Hayden is not so happy. She cannot get passed the fact that he called her out for all the bad things she had done in the past. She thought he was the one person who could look beyond that but she guesses wrong and leaves him. Meanwhile at Kelly’s, Amy meets Dillon and they are shocked that they were film club friends back in high school. Amy has an obviously big crush but Kiki shows up and Amy leaves starting to cry.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the living room of the Chancellor mansion, Chelsea and Chloe prepare to go to Chloe's bachelorette party. Esther wants to throw Chloe a party, but Chelsea tells her that they have a chauffeur-driven limousine to take them to the party. Sharon asks Nick what he needs from her. Nick tells her his plans but Sharon begins to have doubts about this whole situation. At Jabot, Ashley and Ravi have a business meeting with some clients. After they leave, Ashley shows Ravi the pic of them on the Internet that was taken the night of the opera. Ashley reveals to Ravi that she likes opera and may soon buy two tickets. Paul, Michael, Scott, and Kevin prepare for his bachelor party which includes playing cards when Mariah arrives with snacks. Phyllis finds Gloria at her desk and reveals to her about the bachelorette and bachelor parties that are taking place tonight.

At the Athletic Club dining room, Abby immediately confronts Ashley about the pic of herself and Ravi. In Jack's office, Ravi asks Phyllis what it means when a woman buys two opera tickets. Ashley tries to make Abby believe that nothing is going on between herself and Ravi. Gloria arrives at the bachelor party to try to talk Kevin out of marrying Chloe but with no luck. Sharon agrees to help Nick to find out the truth about Adam's death. Chloe, Chelsea, and Esther arrive for the party. Sharon gets a booth for them and also a pitcher of drinks. Chloe begins to put them down fast and soon begins to feel the effects. Gloria tries to get Mariah to seduce Kevin but she refuses. Paul tells Michael about Nick's suspicions that Adam was murdered. Sharon and Nick's plans work and soon Sharon takes Chloe to a back room for her to lie down. Nick comes in and begins to question Chloe about the night that Adam was killed. Chelsea soon interrupts them.

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