Monday 4/3/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/3/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn talks to Ridge. He’s had no texts, no e-mail, no phone calls from Brooke. She knows it was as much her fault as it was Ridge. Brooke discusses it with Katie. She knows she wants to tell Eric. Rick wants to know all about the wedding as all is well with FC and International, he knows how to run the company. Eric says it was stunning as Steffy and Ivy planned it well. Rick says he was wrong about Quinn and Eric has never looked happier. She’s a lucky lady; Eric says he is the one who is lucky. He laments that he loves women and that is why he got into the fashion business. Quinn wants Ridge to make sure Brooke says nothing. He says Brooke is not the problem. Katie is; she came to see him yesterday. Quinn says Katie wants her husband and she will do anything she can on this witch hunt. She will go to Eric. Ridge says Brooke gave him her word that she would not. Katie tells Brooke that she cannot be serious that she is not going to tell Eric. Brooke warns her that she knows what will happen. Katie says she better because if she doesn’t then she will. Eric would be furious if they did not tell him. He is over his illness so he can handle this. And if Quinn and Ridge could not keep their hands off each other just a day before his own wedding then nothing will make them stop now. Eric has to be told.

Eric slowly tells Rick and Maya that Brooke and Ridge did not get married in Australia. Brooke tells Katie that she has everything under control so Katie should leave it alone, not one word. Eric is in the building now and wants to see her and Ridge….even Quinn too. Quinn tells Ridge she wonders why Eric wants to see them. Ridge catches Brooke first and says this is not worth throwing away their past and future. Nothing happened that was important. Eric comes in and says they must know what he wants to talk about. He declares that he is head of this family and he needs to know why they changed their minds about the wedding. Rick fumes to Maya that this is not the first time Ridge has done this. Ridge needs to take a page out of Eric’s book. He could give them a lesson about trust and honor. Eric says on the way over they were acting like honeymooners already so something must have happened. He questions Quinn who stammers that she was not looking for problems. Ridge says he is here so leave Quinn out of this. Eric says there is some sort of issue and he and Quinn both want to help them. He tells Brooke they have always been so close so now he needs to hear from her. He has a feeling this must be huge for her to cancel the wedding. He is not going to leave this room until he knows why she is not going to marry his son.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani was upset that Eli was working in Salem.  Eli told Lani and JJ that he was working on the Hernandez/DiMera/Kiriakis case.  Eli said they were working for him.  Dario told Gabi that he told Abby he loved her.  Kate told Chad to be with Gabi.  Abby overheard Kate convincing Chad to be with Gabi.  Lani and Eli got in an argument over him helping her and JJ with the case.  JJ tried to play peacemaker.  Paul tried to talk Sonny out of getting Deimos, but he was determined to do it.  Gabi told Dario that Eli worked for the FBI and that he might ask questions about him.  Kate continued to convince Chad that he loved Abby.  Abby and Chad talked about Kate not liking her.  He told her that he loved her and that he couldnít wait to marry her.  When they went to the pub, they ran into Dario and Gabi.

Chad suggested leaving the pub, but Abby wanted to stay.  Gabi wanted to leave, but Dario didnít want to go because they cut them off.  Kate and Marlena went to TBD and she saw Sonny with Paul.  She wanted to know why he was with Paul.  Kate was upset that Sonny was dating Paul.  Sonny told her why he was dating Paul.  Kate was willing to accept Sonny and Paul together.  Gabi overheard Abby telling Jennifer that she and Chad were renewing their vows.  Gabi told Abby that it was hard being best friends.  They said they loved each other.  Sonny and Paul made love.  Marlena thought about John.  Gabi told Dario that Chad and Abby were renewing their vows.  Chad and Abby made love.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Tracy and Laura show up in Turkey where there are monks who greet them. They offer them a place to sleep for the night in a one bed, room. The two discuss Edward and Laura admits that he very much thought that Tracy could succeed him. Tracy just wishes that he treated her better when he was alive instead of being so rough on her. Tracy decides that this isn’t for her and they are about to leave when they hear a noise of a woman crying. They follow it only to find two monks with the portrait. Tracy rips off a slip cover to reveal it looks identical to her. In Michael’s office, Larry has shown up and demands to speak with Tracy. Ned and Olivia soon show up and are shocked she isn’t there either. Michael goes to find out where she is. Larry is introduced to Olivia and he thinks that she is a fine woman and if Ned really wants to marry then he guesses he approves. Michael shows back up and soon gets a phone call that Tracy had taken the Jet to Turkey the night before. Larry spits his drink out.

Sonny shows up at Jason and Sam’s house. Jason needs to ask him an important question. They want to know if he will be Scout’s godfather along with Carly as godmother. Carly later shows up not knowing that Sonny would be there and Carly accepts the role as godmother. Sonny accepts as well. The two have nothing to say to each other though. At Kelly’s, Alexis and Jax are having breakfast. He thinks that it is nice to see her and Sam shows up soon after. Jax will see them soon hopefully. Sam tells Alexis that she is working on finding out if Julian is alive. When she returns home, she gets a text that someone was using Julian’s bank account. Outside of Kelly’s Alexis walks around the corner and it turns out that someone had been following her but their face isn’t shown. Meanwhile, Jax shows up at Carly’s house where he sadly informs Joss that Lady Jane had died peacefully in her sleep the night before. The two celebrate her life by looking at photos.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick shares his suspicions with Paul about Adam's death without giving him the name of the murderer. Paul tells Nick he is going to need solid evidence to reopen Adam's case. Nick thinks quickly and starts to put a plan in motion until Chelsea tells him Chloe and Kevin want to get married tomorrow and then leave for their honeymoon to Tahiti. Nick tells Chelsea she can give Chloe a bachelorette party at the Underground. Nick asks someone on the phone to meet him at the Underground because he needs help. Juliet takes the marketing job that Victoria offers her and promises Cane not to cause any trouble in his marriage. Cane gets worried when Victoria asks Juliet to work directly with Lily promoting the men's line.

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