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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie confronts Ridge about his kissing Quinn. She lets him know she has been watching him, on the plane, at the wedding and then knew he was on the beach and saw him kissing Quinn, and all of this the day before his own wedding. Brooke defended him but she tried to tell her he was betraying her. Ridge says it was just a kiss, no big deal. Nothing has changed, he loves Brooke and Quinn loves Eric. He will fix all of this. RJ wants to know more about Coco. She laments he knows pretty much all there is – she is a Spectra. He’s heard those stories, he wants more. He tells her that all that drama and secrecy is in the past. She mentions their first kiss and he quickly kisses her again. Both Brooke and Bill are thinking of each other when he looks up and spots her in the distance. He approaches and she smiles in disbelief.

Thomas shows up at Sally’s and takes her to lunch, calling her one of a kind. He asks what is holding her back. Nothing, she kisses him right out in the middle of a crowd. Saul tells Shirley that Thomas is wrong for Sally. She calls him Romeo and says she knows he has the shots for her granddaughter and she agrees with him about Thomas. But if Sally falls for Mr. Pecs then all the more reason she may help them. Katie chides Ridge that he likes danger but he needs a shrink to think he could cheat with Quinn and get away with it. This is how he repays Brooke for thirty years of her loyalty. Was he just testing himself to see if that old Forrester charm still works? Brooke deserves much better than this. Katie says her sister thought her life was coming back together. Is this the last chapter for him, ending in a cheap thrill? He says he royally screwed up. He doesn’t even like the woman. She says there has to be more. And what is he going to do when Bill finds Brooke and is back in the picture? Brooke hugs Bill and they cling to each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby was upset with Chad for retaliating against Deimos.  They got into an argument over it.  Chloe went to see Deimos and told him about Nicole.  He blamed Chloe for why he lost Nicole and she lost Holly.  André went to see Gabi, but she didn’t want to see him.  Nicole and Brady met Hilary’s husband Scooter.  Jennifer told Maggie that she went on a date with Eric.  Maggie wasn’t sure if Jennifer should be with him, but Jennifer wanted to see what would happen.  Victor was upset with Eric because of what he did to Daniel.  Abby forced Chad to go see Gabi.  André and Gabi argued over Chad.  Scooter thought he recognized Nicole.

Chad and Abby went to see Gabi.  Gabi thanked Chad for saving her life.  Abby had to leave to take care of something.  He told Gabi goodbye.  Victor told Eric that it’s torture for Maggie to have him back in town.  Nicole told Scooter that he didn’t know her.  Chloe told Maggie that Brady went to Canada with Nicole.  Chloe thought Deimos was out for blood.  André and Abby talked about Chad and Gabi getting closure.  André thought it was a bad idea, but Abby wasn’t threatened by them getting closure.  Maggie ran into Chloe and suggested that Chloe share custody of Holly with Nicole.  Chloe didn’t think that would work.  Maggie thought it was up to Chloe to end things.  Nicole was afraid that Scooter recognized her, but Brady made her feel better.  Eric told Jennifer that he was moving on with his life without her.  When Chad went home, Abby suggested that they renew their vows.  He agreed to do it.  Brady told Nicole that they could be a happy family.  He knew she wasn’t ready, but he was willing to wait.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny shows up at Michael’s office at night. Michael is working and Sonny just wanted to tell him that he and Carly have broken up. Michael isn’t really sure why he needed to tell him this. He already figured based on the fact that the two of them don’t even live together. Michael doesn’t blame Sonny for what happened. Sonny hopes that Michael is going to be alright though. He knows that he had a thing for Nelle. Michael might sympathize with Nelle, but he doesn’t forgive her. At Kelly’s Lulu runs into Nelle and they talk for a while. Lulu just wants her to know that she is Charlotte’s mother and that she never got the chance to raise Charlotte. Nelle understands and is sure that they will see each other in the future as well. She leaves. Meanwhile, at the Cassadine estate, Jason asks Valentin about scarecrows on Cassadine island. He is worried about Jake thanks to Helena. Valentin admits that there were scarecrows in an olive patch but they were very scary. He is sorry if Jake had to deal with that. Jason later leaves. Nelle comes back and tells Valentin about her encounter with Lulu. Valentin informs her that Lulu is not to be trusted.

At General Hospital, Franco proposes to Elizabeth. He wants her to marry him so that he can help raise Jake. He also loves her though. Elizabeth isn’t going to marry him just so he can have a say in how Jake is raised. She understands that he wants to help though. He just has to wait for Jason to move past his anger right now. Franco agrees to wait. Jason later shows up and tells Elizabeth that he might have a lead on the Scarecrows. Elizabeth has them talk to Kevin about seeing a therapist for Jake. Kevin will try to get Jake in to see André. Laura shows up to see Kevin and tell him about her trip with Tracy. Tracy needs her help in Turkey. Kevin is confused by it but understands and will wait for her to return. Elsewhere, Alexis shows up at Sam’s house. She explains how she drank and how she is fine now. She however thinks that Julian is alive because of a call some left but with no message. Sam tracks the location. When Alexis leaves. She calls the place and asks if they have cameras that face the street.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor visits Victoria and just stands there and listens to her as she talks business on the phone, really impressed with her business sense. Victoria turns around and sees Victor standing there. She asks him how long he's been watching her. Victoria thanks him for giving her good business advice. Victor tells Victoria that he has asked Scott Grainger to write his life's story, but Victoria asks him if this is wise. Nick visits Sharon to ask her what Dylan knew about the night that Adam was killed. Sharon tells him that he hasn't talked to her about it much. Nick tells her that he believes that someone killed Adam. Chloe welcomes Kevin with a big kiss which makes him want to move up the date of their wedding. Chloe lets him know that by this time tomorrow she wants to be his wife. Lily sees Abby and commends her on her business wear which is that of a high executive. Abby lets her know that she works some nights until midnight. Abby tells Lily that she's seen her face all over the Internet. Lily is overjoyed by the news.

At the Athletic Club, Cane and Juliet are having drinks at the bar as he finds out that they slept together in Tokyo. Cane is upset with himself for cheating on Lily. Abby lets Lily know that Victoria sabotaged a deal that she had been working on for Newman. Victoria is dead set against Scott writing Victor's life story and the fact that he gave Scott full control over everything including interviewing them. Nick asks Sharon not to say a word about anything that they are going to discuss. Kevin asks Chloe why she is rushing up the wedding. Both Nick and Sharon remember things that Chloe said which makes her look guilty of Adam's death. Scott begins his first interview with Abby in Victor's office at Newman. Cane gets a call from Victoria that she may hire Juliet permanently for Brash and Sassy. Cane doesn't know what to say. Chloe tells Kevin that she loves him and never stopped loving him. Sharon and Nick discuss what Chloe may or may not have done. Sharon suggests going to the police, but Nick doesn't want to do that. Cane joins Victoria in her office at Brash and Sassy, but he still doesn't agree with hiring Juliet.

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