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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Saul is worried. He tells Shirley that Coco is not wearing the necklace so she will not be spying for them today. They tell Coco that Sally will be back today and something is missing from her outfit. She needs some accessories, maybe the necklace that Sally gave her. Coco says she is saving that for a special occasion. Shirley claims anytime she steps into a room it is a special occasion. So they put it on her; its perfect. Rick tells RJ they need to keep an eye on Coco and not just let her roam the building….especially keeping their designs away from her and they are all over the building. RJ says give her a chance; she can be trusted. Thomas returns and they all greet him. He says the photo shooting went well and all had a great time. Thomas says the past is the past and all the pranks are harmless. Rick says still they cannot have a Spectra wandering around their building. Thomas says Sally and now Coco would not steal their designs. Sally also returns and Shirley and Saul welcome her back. Shirley says she went down there on a mission so she must have some pictures. Being a gracious guest is one thing but think about her dreams of being Spectra again. Sally says Thomas was a class act and she cannot do this by stealing from them. Shirley says it is too late; Operation Coco starts today. Coco finds RJ backstage and he admires her necklace up close. She tells him her sister gave it to her; she’s the best. He asks if she would like to see some of his dad’s designs since she is here. She says maybe he shouldn’t because of her name. She would not want people to get the wrong idea. He says she works here so it is all right.

Sally says she likes to push the button and stir the pot but she is not a criminal. Shirley says again that Coco is their in. They have no choice and all are counting on Sally to come through. Shirley will not let her back down on this. Zende tells Nicole that he spied RJ and Coco backstage. He just hopes she is not using him to her advantage. He also says Sally flew to Australia and he knows she could not design if her life depended on it. There is no cash, no prospects and yet she is still in that building. They seem to be desperate. Sally tells Shirley she needs one more day to come up with something. They say no, Coco has the necklace on and she is with RJ right now. This might be good. Thomas calls right at that moment. He wants to check in on Sally after the flight. She thanks him again for inviting her. He says it was the best part of the whole trip. Finally RJ opens the package and shows Coco a large design of a Forrester original. Shirley says this is their future and how they will survive. Sally walks back in and say no, no, they will not do this. Shirley says it is now or never to make her Aunt Sally proud. Sally looks at the captured photos and mulls it over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Dario talked to Abby about telling her he loved her.  She told him how she loved her husband.  She tried to defend her marriage to him.  Brady showed up at the cabin with Nicole.  She tried to convince him to leave, but he was determined to stay.  He told her he loved her.  Chloe kissed Eduardo while Kate was there.  Kate confronted him about kissing her.  Kate and Chloe got in an argument.  Eduardo and Kate got in an argument over it too.  When Eduardo and Chloe left, Eduardo ran into Deimos.  Eduardo threatened to make him pay.  Nicole told Brady she loved him too and called him her friend.  She tried to convince him that he wasnít in love with her, but he said he was.  Dario wanted to go back to being friends with Abby, but she didnít think they could after what he told her.  He agreed to stay away from her.  He also threatened to hurt Chad if he did anything to her.  Jennifer showed up while they were talking.

Jennifer told Dario that she was grateful to him for saving Abby.  When Dario left, Abby told Jennifer that he told her he loved her.  Abby said she told him she loved Chad.  Abby said Dario wanted to be friends, but she couldnít.  She was afraid to lose him.  Nicole tried to convince Brady that he wasnít in love with her.  They kissed each other.  Nicole only wanted to focus on Holly.  She told him that she may not feel the way he does about her.  Eduardo and Chloe talked about the plan to make Kate jealous.  Hope listened to Deimosí call about paying Chad back for what he did to him.  Dario got a call from someone who thought they found Nicole.  Nicole told Brady how she wanted to be friends, but he understood that it would take time before she felt the same way about him.  Hope told Abby that Chad had Deimos beaten up.  Hope said the war had to stop before someone ended up dead.  Dario told Eduardo and Chloe that Nicole went to Canada and Brady was helping her.  Brady told Nicole that he waned to make a life with her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Tracy tries to get Laura to go with her to Turkey. Laura doesn’t want to go. Tracy insists that she go because she is going to need help. Laura really wants to stay behind and help Lulu right now. Tracy guesses she will go with a pack of security guards. Laura thinks that is a horrible idea and decides that she will go. Tracy thanks her so much. Meanwhile across the room, Curtis and Jordan are trying to kiss when he gets a phone call from Jason. Jason wants his help in regards to Jake. Curtis will be there tomorrow. Curtis and Jordan are about to go make love when Jordan gets a phone call that there is a robbery going on at the Floating Rib. At the Floating Rib, two robbers demand that Olivia give up Lila’s ring. Olivia isn’t going to do it though. They are about to shoot her when Ned gets in the way but Jordan runs in and shoots the robber in the arm. Olivia decides to propose to Ned and they both accept they are going to marry. Ava attempts to get back the pills from the bag of stuff that was stolen but Jordan needs to take it all in for evidence. They will eventually get it back. Lucy runs off with the bust though claiming that she kept her end of the bargain.

Jason tells Sam all about how Jake supposedly thinks that Helena put a curse on her. Sam isn’t sure what to think. Jason explains that Franco is getting far too involved. Sam admits that she thinks that deep down Elizabeth feels she is doing what is best for her children but she really isn’t. She is more interested in being right that Franco has changed then about the safety of any of her sons. Jason wants to just focus on getting Jake the help he needs and thinks he knows where he needs to start. At the Cassadine estate, Franco has shown up to give Nina a wedding present. He really wants advice on what to do with Jake and Elizabeth. In his mind, he is Jake’s father. Nina guesses he should become his step-father. Franco thinks that is brilliant. Later, Jason shows up and needs to talk to Valentin in regards to his son. At GH, Kiki runs into Elizabeth and informs her that she cannot break up with Franco just because Jason is threatening to take away custody from her. Franco shows up and proposes to Elizabeth.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

The disagreement over Nick's investigation into Chloe caused tension between Nick and Chelsea. Chelsea defended her friend. Although Nick refused to stop looking into the events of that night, he promised to stop discussing it with Chelsea. While Chloe visited Chelsea, Nick planted a tracking device on Chloe's car. Chelsea told Chloe that her phone records showed that she'd been near the cabin the night of the explosion. Chloe swore that she never left the penthouse, and Chelsea believed her. Noah told Nick that he thought Tessa was talented, and after some prodding from Nick, Noah admitted she was cute. Nick revealed that he and Chelsea were going through a rough patch. Chloe drove to a deserted area and threw the tote bag in the dumpster. Nick retrieved it and discovered the tranquilizer gun and wrench. Chelsea thought about the day she married Adam. Abby told Ashley that she'd initiated the project at Newman, even though Victor wasn't receptive to it. Ashley expressed concern, but Abby was confident in her idea. Abby revealed that Victoria had something on Jack. Abby was nervous about getting interviewed for Victor's biography, and Ashley gave her advice on scoring points with Victor.

Victoria assured Cane that he didn't have to prove himself to her. Cane helped Juliet prepare for her interview. Victoria decided not to hire Juliet, and Cane broke the news to her. Juliet promised Cane that she'd keep their secret even though she didn't get the job. Cane was at a loss, and Juliet told him that they had sex. Jordan told Lily that several companies were interested in hiring her to model. Lily was happy working with Cane, at Brash and Sassy and wasn't interested in other jobs. Lily admitted that her relationship had its ups and downs, but she felt that her marriage was strong. Neil told Jack that Ashley tried to hire him to keep an eye on Jack, but he'd turned her down out of loyalty to Jack. Neil disclosed that he was going into business with Devon. Jack was concerned Neil was going to delve into cosmetics, and Neil didn't rule it out. Neil wanted a family business that would last for generations. Jack confronted Ashley about her offer to Neil. She turned the tables and revealed that she knew Victoria had something on him. Jack challenged Ashley to prove she wanted to take on a bigger role at the company by coming up with profitable ideas for Jabot. Ashley told Jack he couldn't intimidate her, because she was up for the challenge. After an icy reception from Abby, Victoria tried to smooth things over with her sister. Abby hinted that she was working on something that would impress Victor.

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