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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Rick that he is sure it is just pre-wedding jitters and everything will be all right between Ridge and Brooke tomorrow as usual. Both Ridge and Quinn plead their case. It will only hurt Eric and they do not want to do that. Brooke finally says she won’t tell but only if they promise they will keep their hands off each other. They gladly agree. Ridge then asks Brooke where does this leave them? Liam tells Steffy that she does not have to worry. He is going to look at her like this for the rest of his life. Quinn goes back to her room and finds Eric creating a romantic mood. He says he feels confidant leaving Rick in charge so they can stay here as long as they like. And Ridge will marry tomorrow; Quinn says she will drink to that. She sees that Eric still has his doubts. Brooke tells Ridge he is the one with the wandering eye yet he always turns it around and tries to make it her fault. That is the reason she cannot marry him tomorrow. He made her believe in him again and she cannot do that again. It is not going to happen. She tells him he can kiss any women he wants. She just is not going to stick around to see it. She is not happy and she will have to explain to RJ how his dad betrayed him. This is all on him and Quinn and she hopes it is worth it to him.

Husband…… Liam likes that word and just to have Steffy in his arms like this. Eric says that is enough talk about Brooke and Ridge as it has nothing to do with the two of them. He asks for a dance…..the prettiest girl in the room. He knows this will last forever. Ridge tells Brooke that he does not want Quinn. She says she knows, he likes the chase and then to come back to Brooke but not anymore. She says again as much as she loves him and wants him it will always end this way. It has for so many years and she is not going to do that again. It is not destiny when you hurt this much…..too much pain so it is better this way. She tells him goodbye.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienneís surgery went well.  She wanted to know if Kate gave Lucas and Justin her message.  Justin said that she said she loved him or Lucas.  Tripp was upset that Steve killed Ava.  When Tripp was about to leave, Kayla and Joey showed up.  Joey said Steve didnít tell him everything.  Lucas wanted to talk to Adrienne alone before she made her decision.  Eli went to see Gabi.  He asked her if Deimos was responsible for what happened.  She wanted to know why he cared.  Lucas told Adrienne that he understood that she wanted to be with Justin.  Lucas said her happiness meant everything to him.  He was willing to still be friends with her.  Kayla wanted to tell Tripp the truth about Ava.  Kayla told him what Ava did to her family.

Gabi was suspicious that Eli kept asking about Deimos.  Eli told her that a guy named Rico was working with Deimos.  Eli wanted to take down Deimos once and for all.  Adrienne told Lucas that she loved him and she chose him.  Steve told Tripp how Ava was killed.  Tripp was still upset.  Eli told Gabi that Valerie lied to him about his father.  Gabi tried to make Eli feel better about what Valerie did. Adrienne told Lucas that she wanted him by her side.  Tripp didnít want to hear anymore about Ava.  Steve and Kayla wanted Tripp to stay with them, but he didnít want to.  Joey offered for him to stay in his apartment.  Kayla told Steve that Jade or Joey might tell Tripp the truth.  Joey tried to convince Tripp that Steve is a good guy, but Tripp was still upset that Steve killed Ava.  Lucas told Justin that Adrienne wanted to see him.  Adrienne told Justin that she chose Lucas.  She told him why she chose Lucas.  She wanted him to be her friend.  He said he would be her friend and would love her.  Justin wanted to talk to Lucas.  Lucas told him why he wanted to talk to Adrienne.  Lucas was thankful for Justin for being there for Adrienne.  Lucas wanted to be friends.  Justin told him to be there for her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis and Jordan meet at the Metro Court for dinner. Jordan offers him his job back but he declines. While he appreciates, it he would rather do PI work with Jason. He thinks that Jordan and him, are very different people as well and Jordan agrees. She thinks she has forgiven herself over what she did to his brother. Curtis thinks that he can as well but she needs to consider all the things she has done over all and the choices she has made. The two end up reaching in to kiss each other. Meanwhile, Tracy wants Ava to find the painting for her. Ava is able to do it very quickly but wants a lot of money. Tracy ends up giving her all the money she requested. Laura shows up after Ava leaves and is able to talk to the people in Turkey because she speaks the language after hiding out there with Luke in the eighties. She confirms it is where Ava said it was, but Tracy really cannot go there alone. Tracy will get a guide. Laura feels that people would try to take advantage of her because she is rich. Tracy guesses she is taking Laura with her then. Elsewhere, Ava shows up at the floating rib to meet Lucy. She offers Lucy the money but Lucy wants more. Ava offers her a bust which is worth a lot of money as well. Lucy takes out the pills. While this is going on, Ned proposes to Olivia again but she says no because she thinks marriage ruins things. Ned guesses he cannot be with her. At that moment two robbers come in with guns and tell nobody to move. The ring, the two checks, the pills, and the bust are all out.

Nina goes to GH to find a pediatrician for Charlotte. Griffin tells her that he can probably help her out. Nina asks if he can tell Anna to back off. Griffin cannot do that because Anna doesn’t do that and she has issue with Valentin. Nina thinks that for a priest Griffin is very hypocritical. She storms off. At the Cassadine estate, Anna and Valentin discuss the past and it turns out that Anna slept with him supposedly. He only did what he did because she manipulated him. He wouldn’t have done it otherwise. Anna seems to believe him when Nina shows up and kicks her out. Nina thinks that Anna is to blame but if he wants to look further into this she will help him out. Anna runs into Griffin at GH where she tells him what happened. Griffin wonders if Valentin could possibly be confusing Anna for someone else. Anna thinks she needs to go visit someone. Nathan and Dante meet at Perks to discuss Maxie. She has gone off to Portland for a job. It will last three months and Nathan is staying behind. He is trying to come to terms with it but thinks he will be able to manage.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor officially agrees to allow Scott to help him write an unbiased biography about his life. Jordan and Hilary make love then he takes pictures of her naked for her to look at when she doesn't feel beautiful. Devon and Mariah go to the Underground for their first official date. Devon hears Tessa sing and decides to make her the first artist on his new record label and streaming service. Kevin manages to persuade Chloe not to have a quick Vegas wedding and plan the wedding of her dreams. Victor wants to do a background check on Tessa, but Nikki persuades him not to do it. Nick and Chelsea continue to argue, because she refuses to even think that Chloe murdered Adam. Devon and Mariah have their first official kiss after their date as Sharon watches them with a smile on her face.

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