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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric asks Brooke what is making her so upset. She cries it is horrible. She cannot believe this is happening or real. She finally says this is not easy for her to say but it is something he needs to now. He wants to know if Ridge hurt her. She says yes she saw something. Quinn and Ridge walk in and say they need to talk to Eric. Actually Ridge wants to talk to Brooke alone first, leaving Quinn and Eric. Eric asks what in the hell is going on here. He states that she was on the beach for a long time so she could have run into Brooke and Ridge. She says yes but she thinks they need more time. Eric shares that this seems to be very bad and he wonders if another woman is involved. In their room Brooke says Ridge better start talking. How could he….does he have no respect or boundaries? Not only was it another woman but his father's wife! Nicole tells Rick and Maya that FC is definitely benefiting from Steffy's pix in Sydney. Nicole and Zende have plans but Rick and Maya say they will pass as they have a reservation with diapers tonight. Quinn tells Eric that Ridge is committed to Brooke. He says yes until not. When another woman looks at him, it doesn't matter who it is, it could be Quinn, his own wife. He doesn't mean to, but Ridge hurts the people he loves.

Brooke tells Ridge do not try to deny it, she saw him kissing Quinn. He says he still despises her, it was only flirting. He started this out because he wanted Quinn gone. Brooke argues back that there is something wrong with him and his women. It is not normal and she does not want to be part of it anymore. He is in the same place he was in thirty years ago but she is not. She and RJ deserve something better than Ridge. Quinn tells Eric she is sure whatever is going on between Ridge and Brooke that they will work it out. A relationship like this cannot be thrown away. Ridge tells Brooke that he was careless and took a walk on the wild side. She quips that he cannot be sowing his wild oats right now. He says maybe he is still trying to prove himself and she does too and maybe that is why they love each other so much. Temptation was standing right in front of him but he is not in love with Quinn and it will not happen again. She cries she cannot do this. He says yes she can. She can stay and fight or take a baseball bat to his car but do not throw this away. They have worked too hard to get to this place. He says he knows what he wants. He wants to get married tomorrow and needs her to say she wants that too. Eric says he hopes Quinn is right and this is not enough to break Ridge and Brooke apart. Rick calls so interrupts their conversation and he tells her to go on as this may take a while. He tells Rick that he thinks all will be okay with Ridge and Brooke but they are talking things out right now. Brooke says she wanted to marry the man Ridge was this morning but now he reeled her in and did not mean it. She says she could not possibly look him in the eyes and say those vows. He says he is looking in them right now and asking her to forgive him and they can start over tomorrow. She says NO. They are not getting married. Quinn is listening at the door and finally knocks. Brooke lets her in and Quinn says they are together and she is with Eric so nothing has changed. There is only one person in this world that she is passionate about and that is Eric. She vows she will never kiss another man again. They were not thinking but they are now. There is no reason to break Eric's heart. He loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her so please do not tell him or anyone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe comforted Valerie about Eli.  She told Abe that she was staying in Salem.  JJ questioned Chad about Deimos, but Chad wouldn't help him.  A guy took Deimos with him.  The guy turned out to be someone who worked with Chad.  The guy beat up Deimos.  Eli wanted to help JJ on a case, but JJ had to leave.  Jade reminded Joey that he killed Tripp's mother.

JJ arrested the guy who kidnapped Abby and Gabi.  Chad reminded Deimos that he tried to poison Abby and Gabi.  Deimos reminded Chad that he stole his antiquities deal.  Kayla told Jade that she fainted because she almost overdosed.  Steve told Tripp about why he had the patch.  He told Tripp he made bad choices in women with the exception of Kayla.  Tripp asked if Ava was one of them.  Steve said he would tell him about Ava.  Chad taunted Deimos about Nicole leaving him.  Abe ran into Eli and talked to him about Valerie.  Steve told Tripp about Ava.  Tripp wanted to know how his mother would react when she found out that he's alive.  Steve said Ava was dead.  Eli wanted Abe to leave him alone about Valerie.  Abe tried to defend Valerie, but Eli wasn't interested.  JJ told Alvares (Deimos' goon) about the surveillance camera catching him kidnap Abby.  JJ made him a deal so he could help JJ put Deimos away.  Chad put a gun on Deimos.  Abe told Valerie that he spoke to Eli.  He said he didn't get anywhere.  Chad told Deimos not to hurt anyone else he loved and he would let him live.  Deimos told him there wouldn't be any more violence.  Chad wished him luck getting out of the room.  Tripp wanted to know how Ava died.  Steve said he killed her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna finds Obrecht at GH, and the two discuss if Obrecht was able to get any information. Obrecht tells her that she did and dangles a file over her. Anna is able to get it and Obrecht tells her that it is nice to know that Anna is human too, looking at the horrible things she did to Valentin. Anna reads over the files, and later goes to André to discuss what she found. It turns out the hit was called because Valentin was trading secrets to the rival agency. André feels that would make sense as to why they would want to kill him given the circumstances of him being a double agent. Anna admits that she too was a double agent, and that she was so young and stupid for doing it. André thinks that she gets too hard on herself. Anna later goes to visit Valentin to confront him. She thinks that they were both played into doing things and that is why the hit was made on him. Valentin informs her that she is the one who asked her to do this and they slept together first. Elsewhere, Alexis is in a drunken state of mind. She is passed out in her living room when someone knocks on the door. It is Valentin. He explains that he wants to become a family with her and her girls. He wants Charlotte to have relatives, and wants them all to have access to the Cassadine estate. He wants to share it. Alexis doesn’t want that though and thinks that if he wants to have a family for Charlotte, he already has one. She has a brother. His name is Rocco. When Valentin leaves, Alexis hears someone else at the door and it is Julian in her mind. Alexis wishes he would leave but he keeps telling her not to drink. Julian reminds her that it is actually her mind telling her she doesn’t want to drink. She grabs the bottle and pours it.

Sonny asks Lucy what is so important that she needed to talk with them. Lucy is about to tell them everything about the pills but then Ava shows up. She claims that she needs to talk to Sonny right away about getting Avery into school. Sonny reminds her that she is still a toddler. Ava insists they should put Avery in a playgroup then. Lucy wants to finish what she had to say. Ava thinks she is here because she wants Sonny and Carly to have Michael give a large sum for the Nurses' Ball. She thinks that she can help contribute a large sum herself. Lucy agrees and the two leave. Carly and Sonny discuss how they need to change the way that things have been for the two of them as of late. Sonny isn’t sure they can keep doing this song and dance of theirs. He isn’t going to change and Carly needs to accept that or move on. Carly gets angry and decides that she is leaving and she isn’t coming back. Sonny gets angry and throws a glass as she leaves. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Tracy goes to see Larry and find out what he knows about Edward. Larry was in Turkey and found out that Edward was the owner of a painting that is worth twenty million dollars. He wants to split the profit. Tracy isn’t going to do that and will do it all by herself. At the bar, Lucy tells Ava that she has until tonight to give her the money. Tracy finds Ava and asks if she can find the painting for her. Ava can for a fee.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick is on the phone with a friend who is going to try to find out if Chloe was in cell phone distance of the cabin the night Adam was killed. Chelsea doesn't want to believe that Chloe would have murdered her husband. Kevin and Chloe meet with Gloria and Esther at the Coffeehouse to let them know about their upcoming marriage. While Esther is overjoyed by the news, Gloria, on the other hand, thinks that this is big mistake on Kevin's part. Victor and Scott meet in his office to discuss Scott writing his memoir for the sake of his family. At GC Buzz, things aren't going so smoothly for Mariah and Hilary. Hilary announces to everyone that she is the new boss of GC Buzz and needs for them to dream big. Mariah is worried about the GC Buzz audience and Hilary commends her for that but encourages her to dream big as she already is doing in wanting Devon. Devon is running in the park when he runs into Jordan. They talk about Hilary and Devon's interest in her after they are practically divorced. Nick tries to talk Chelsea into believing that Chloe could have killed Adam, but Chelsea cannot believe that of her close friend. Esther offers the use of the Chancellor mansion for the wedding, but Gloria is still against it. Kevin tells Chloe and Esther to take another table and make wedding plans while he talks to his mother. Gloria points out to Kevin all that Chloe has done to him in the past. After Gloria overhears every word, Chloe tries to make amends to her, but Gloria doesn't want to hear it. Nick gets the phone call he was expecting. Chloe's cell phone was in the area of the tower the night Adam was killed. Chelsea storms out and tells Nick that she is through with this.

Victor sets the guidelines for his memoir, and Scott agrees to help him write them. Hilary wants everyone out of GC Buzz, because she is expecting Jordan for a photo shoot. Mariah gets a call from Devon inviting her to join him at the Coffeehouse. Mariah bumps into Kevin at the Coffeehouse and lets him know about her and Devon. Kevin is more than a little surprised when Devon shows up. Devon lets Mariah know that they are now dating. Gloria tries to get Hilary to shred the video of herself, but Hilary only agrees to it for Jack's sake. Gloria tries to get Mariah to stop Kevin's wedding to Chloe, but Mariah refuses to help her. Chloe is about to get rid of the evidence that she killed Adam when Victor shows up. Chloe lets him know that she is engaged to Kevin.

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