Monday 3/27/17 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya tells Rick that it is good to see him behind that desk again. He laments not to get too used to it, Ridge will be back soon after the wedding. He talks to Australia over the phone and then tells Maya that Steffy zip lined over the wedding site. He also is trying to be supportive of his mother as she deserves some happiness even if it is with Ridge. Brooke stares Quinn down and asks how long this affair has been going on. Quinn swears that it is nothing like it looks like. Brooke says she is like a disease that has come over them and won’t go away. Eric and Katie inform Ridge that Quinn did not come back and he thought they would hook up. Ridge says he saw her but she was deep in thought. Bill walks up and snipes that Ridge probably has a wedding to rehearse to break another heart. Quinn tells Brooke there was recklessness and carelessness but nothing like cheating and it is over now. She begs Brooke not to tell anyone. Brooke says she knows what she saw and she does not like it. Brooke tells her she has not changed one bit; she just denies, denies, denies. Quinn begs again and will tell her what really happened. Quinn admits that she was lonely and a little drunk and it was a gift, instantly Ridge didn’t hate her. It brought the whole family back together, something she was grateful for. Brooke adds and then there was the kiss. And after what she saw today there will be no husband for her tomorrow but neither will Quinn.

Katie invites Bill to her room but he says he really has things to do. She says no, he flew here to the wedding and it is over now. He is sure Brooke and Ridge’s wedding is over too. She says they always get back together so Bill can go home and start over. He quips he might start a brand new Spencer Tower right there in Sydney. Eric and Ridge part saying they will meet up again when Eric finds Quinn. Brooke tells Quinn that Eric is the sweetest person in the world so how could Quinn betray him with his own son. Eric heads down the beach. Ridge cannot reach Brooke by phone so he also heads down the beach. He catches up with Eric first and tells him this is too exhausting. Eric needs to go back and he will find both Quinn and Brooke. Quinn asks what she can do now to convince Brooke there is nothing going on and she needs to go ahead and marry Ridge tomorrow. Brooke won’t listen and takes off and sees Eric in the distance and goes after him. She manages to catch a taxi on the beach just as Ridge walks up. She screams at him about him making her fall in love with him again. As she takes off, Quinn walks up and tells Ridge that Brooke saw them. They jump in another taxi to get to Brooke before she tells Eric. Bill tells Katie that he is proud of his son. He waited a long time to get the love of his life and he did so it overshadows everything else. Katie says maybe not; she puts the doubt in his mind that Quinn and Ridge might have hooked up on the beach. Brooke pounds on Eric’s door and says she is not all right. Something horrible is going on and he needs to know about it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady wanted to talk to Marlena.  He told her he has been helping a criminal.  Kayla went to see Joey.  Tripp and Steve went to the hospital for the DNA test.  Marlena asked if Brady was helping Nicole.  He said he was in love with her.  Marlena told Brady that Nicole kidnapped Holly and had to stay on the run.  He said he wanted his future to be with her.  Abby told Chad that she wanted to see Gabi.  He reminded her about what they talked about, but she didnít think it matter anymore.  He thought she was amazing.  Kayla told Joey that she and Steve may have found his brother.  Tripp wanted to know about his mother.  Steve wanted to know f heís his son first before telling him.  A nurse said the results of the DNA test were delayed.  Steve wanted Tripp to meet someone.  Brady said he remembered what Nicole has done.  He thought Nicole was doing the right thing.  Marlena wondered if he felt that way because of Daniel.  Dario and Eduardo checked on Gabi.  Dario told Eduardo that he was going to make Deimos pay for what he did.  Eduardo said they needed proof before they could get him.  Joey wanted to know if Tripp knew about Ava.  Kayla said Steve would tell Tripp everything after the test results. Steve took Tripp to meet Joey.  Marlena told Brady that Nicole was going to get caught.  She said he knew that it was a no end street.  She asked about Tate.  Dario ripped into Chad when he and Abby went to see Gabi.  Abby went after Dario when he walked off.  Chad watched Gabi through the window.  

Marlena told Brady that he had to think of Tate and let go of helping Nicole. He said he couldnít do that.  She asked if Nicole loved him.  He was willing to risk losing Tate to be with her.  Eduardo thanked Chad for saving Gabi.  Chad went in to see Gabi.  Abby went to check on Dario.  He was upset that Chad kept being around Gabi.  Dario said Chad had two women who loved him.  Dario told her that he loved.  Tripp asked Kayla and Steve about his mother.  Kayla asked Tripp about his parents.  Chad tried to get Abby to wake up.  Abby told Dario that she was married and loved Chad.  Dario said Chad only loved her with half a heart.  He said Chad didnít deserve her.  A nurse told Kayla that the results were in.  Brady told Victor he was leaving.  Victor was upset.  Kayla said the results were positive.  Gabi ended up waking up.  Chad was happy which made Abby uncomfortable.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Scott meets Ava at the Metro Court. He is going to be meeting with Lucy and wants her to get out of there so they can discuss things about the pills Ava leaves as Lucy walks in. Lucy wonders why they are meeting and Scott brings up Ava. Lucy doesn’t like Ava and cannot believe he is trying to protect her from something after all the bad things that Ava has done. Lucy knows that Ava is the one who wanted him to talk to her. She leaves and is going to talk to Sonny about Morgan’s drugs. At Perks, Sonny explains to Laura that Nelle is bad news and she doesn’t want Charlotte to be around her. Laura admits that she is trying to do anything to get Charlotte to be around Lulu so will try anything to go against Valentin. Laura thanks him for the information on Nelle. Carly shows up at Sam and Jason’s house only to find Jason isn’t there. Sam asks what is wrong. Carly explains that Sonny isn’t going to try to fix their issues anymore. Sam thinks that Carly is the only one who belongs with Sonny. She thinks that it is up to Carly though if she wants to get back with Sonny. Later, Sonny is back up and is having a drink when Carly walks in. She doesn’t like how they left things. Lucy shows up though, she has something important she has needed to share with both of them for a while.

Jason shows up at Elizabeth’s house to drop off Jake’s baseball glove. He finds the book that Helena made on the table and wants to know what it is doing there. Elizabeth explains that Jake drew a picture and it comes from the book but he has never seen the book. Jason accuses Franco of messing with Jake’s mind. Elizabeth doesn’t think he is in the right to do that. Jason thinks that if Elizabeth is going to have Franco around then he doesn’t want Jake around. After Elizabeth leaves she tells Franco that they need to take things a bit slower right now because of Jason. Franco leaves. Meanwhile, Alexis has locked herself in her house and is drinking. Someone knocks on her door and it is Ava. Ava comes in and tells her that Julian’s search has been called off and they think he is dead. Alexis already knows this. Ava finds the bottle and wants to take Alexis to an AA meeting. Alexis doesn’t want to go though and isn’t going to do anything that Ava says. Ava thinks that she is wasting all that Julian did for her. Alexis doesn’t care. Ava leaves. Alexis later wakes up from being passed out on the couch after someone knocks on the door. She thinks it is Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Reed likes his new music teacher, Tessa, who it turns out may have a secret because she later talks to someone on the phone relating that things are going well for her and that her new student is very well connected. As they ague about her relationship with Ravi, and Jack tells Ashley to make it clear to Ravi that they can't have a personal relationship because it will reflect badly on the company since he is younger than she. Kevin and Chloe announce their engagement to their friends and family. Chelsea and Michael agree to be maid of honor and best man. Abby is jealous when Victoria is invited to sit in on a business meting between her and Victor and accuses Victoria of trying to sabotage her success because she wants to take over for Victor if he retires. Victor tells Scott that his translator and his family are safe and, in return for the information, he wants Scott to help him write his biography. Nick and Chelsea figure out how Chloe killed Adam, but Chelsea can't believe that Chloe could do something so horrible. Nick sets out to discover the truth about Adam's death.

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