Friday 3/24/17 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke sits on the beach with Eric and says she thought Quinn would end up hurting him, but he saw something in her that no one else did and she is glad it is turning out so well. Quinn asks Ridge why he is way out here on the beach….he should be with Brooke, the woman he is going to marry tomorrow. Steffy tells Sally that her wedding was supposed to be an intimate affair and even if Thomas invited her it was not at the approval of Steffy. Brooke tells Eric to just forget anything she said what Katie told her. It is not important. Eric laments that he is not worried. Katie will come around like everyone else has. The Logan’s and Forrester’s together again starting tomorrow. Ridge tells Quinn that his dad is a lucky guy. He did not see it before but he does now. Quinn wishes him luck for tomorrow. She says something powerful happened or did not happen between them but they will always have those memories. The secret they will share and treasure, so any time he sees that gleam in her eye he will know why. Thomas sees Steffy haranguing Sally on the pier. Steffy is arguing with Sally that she needs to leave Australia right now. In a scuffle Sally falls into the water. Steffy laughs Bon Voyage. Thomas ends up jumping in too and they laugh at the situation.

Brooke walks by and sees Bill drinking along. He tells her what does he do now. He thought this was their destiny and maybe it still is. He will always be there for her even if she is not his. Ridge tells Quinn there was a connection, a spark, she is very special but it is 100% over. She laments to Ridge that she fell hard for his dad. He was the one thing she had always wanted her whole life. He made her realize that she was decent and deserved happiness. She spent her whole life waiting to feel this way. She found love, not once but twice. He lovingly places his hand on her chin. She says she does not want him to leave Brooke. His father opened up her heart and she allowed the great Ridge Forrester to look at her and see what she was about. There is too much at stake but they will know and they will carry it with them and she is grateful for that. Suddenly without them seeing Brooke, she sees them holding hands while Quinn wishes him luck and all the best…..she kisses him. Brooke is in shock when Ridge initiates another kiss, turns away and leaves. Quinn turns around and Brooke is in her face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone was there for Adrienne before she had her surgery.  When Justin and Lucas left, Adrienne broke down about losing her breasts.  Rafe wanted to go after Deimos for hurting Gabi.  Hope stopped him from attacking Deimos.  Hillary questioned Nicole about where Brady was.  Nicole was concerned about Hillary’s questions.  Hillary said Nicole would be safe and showed her a gun.  Jennifer and Eric got into an argument over him not wanting to be close to her.  When she left, Brady showed up.  Sonny went to see Adrienne and told her that he wanted her to get better.  Hillary told Nicole that she is a cop.  Brady was glad that Eric was back in Salem.  Brady told him that he was helping Nicole.

Kate told Adrienne to get ready for the surgery.  Adrienne wanted to tell her something if she didn’t make it.  Brady talked to Eric about helping Nicole.  Eric thought Brady was in love with Nicole.  Brady got defensive over helping Nicole until Eric said he understood why he was helping her.  Hillary told Nicole that her gun was locked up.  Brady ran into Jennifer at the town square.  She accused him of being in love with Nicole.  Rafe told Hope they had to get Deimos on their own.  Rafe knew who they had to call.  She called Deimos and wanted to meet him.  Brady wanted to know what was going on with Jennifer and Eric.  She told him what happened.  He told her to give Eric a chance.  She agreed to apologize to Eric.  Nicole called Brady and told him that Hillary is a cop.  Hope wanted to know if Deimos was going to retaliate against Rafe.  He didn’t answer her.  When Deimos went to take a call, she looked through his desk.  Brady thought Nicole would look suspicious if she left right away.  He thought Hillary could protect her.  He asked her not to run and she said she wouldn’t.  Sony went to see Rafe.  Rafe told him that Deimos was going down.  Rafe said he needed his help.  Sonny agreed to help.  Hope put a bug in the Kiriakis mansion and was able to hear Deimos talking on the phone.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam walks into her living room to find Jason holding Scout. Jason is telling her all about the house they live in and how Scout means the world to him. Jason and Sam are then visited by Curtis. He brought them a present for Scout. Curtis admits that he will be hopefully joining up the force again. Jason guesses that this is it then for them. Curtis guesses so as well. Jason says goodbye but if he ever needs him to call. Jason later decides to take Danny to the Quartermaine house. At Alexis’s house, Molly and Kristina visit her. They want to make sure she is doing alright after everything that has happened. Alexis claims that it is as good as to be expected. Molly finds the letter that Julian wrote and Molly believes it could be true while Kristina thinks it is full of lies. They want Alexis to go to an AA meeting but Alexis doesn’t want to go to one. They insist upon her going and Alexis claims she will. Later, however after Molly and Kristina go to visit Sam Alexis walks back into her home and pulls out a bottle of wine.

Elizabeth and Franco wake up and find the drawing that Jake had down on the counter of the kitchen. He has drawn more of it. There is a scarecrow now. Jake walks downstairs and claims he didn’t draw it. When Jake goes off to school Elizabeth remembers this scene from the book. She takes it out and is about to read it when Jason comes over. He wants to know what is going on. Elsewhere, Sonny and Carly run into each other at Perks. Carly doesn’t want to talk but Sonny does. He claims that she is just as much to blame for things as he is. He is done chasing after her though if she is done with him. Carly wonders if that means they are over. Meanwhile, Finn is strapped to a chair in his hotel room. He is screaming and begging to be released. Hayden texts someone for backup. Finn tells her she is after his money and that is the only reason she is here. He claims he is sorry for saying that and goes nuts on her. Curtis shows up and helps her out. Finn is asleep and wants to know how Hayden plans to help Finn out when the detox is over. The urges and addiction do not just end. She cannot do this alone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Kevin awaits Chloe's arrival at the top of tower club. Chloe arrives and wonders about the celebration. At the condo, Nick and Chelsea have found the tracking device inside one of Connor's toys and wonders who could have put it there. Reed visits Nikki to have his first music lesson but instantly takes a dislike to the music teacher. Cane reads a text from Julia asking him about the job. Victoria tells him that she already has someone in mind but she will add Julia's name to the list. Lily and Jordan look over the proofs of the photoshoot that Jordan had done. Lily finds out that Jordan had gone out with Hilary. Lily once again gives him advice on dating Hilary. Hilary and Mariah discuss her date with Jordan and Hilary comes back at her over the fact that Mariah had kissed Devon. Neil and Devon are at the Coffeehouse and they discuss the fact that Devon and Mariah had gone out .Neil asks Devon if it is too soon after Hilary to be dating someone else. The music teacher gives Reed pointers on his music which Reed resents. Lily warns Jordan about falling for Hilary. Jordan assures her not to worry. Cane calls Julia to let her know that she is being considered for the position. Chelsea and Nick discuss as to who would plant a tracking device in Connor's favorite toy. Nick vows to find out. Kevin gets down on one knee and asks Chloe to marry him.

Devon, after talking to Neil, decides to go into business with him. Nikki listens to Tessa outside of the Coffeehouse as she is playing and singing. Nikki asks her to coach Reed in his music. Hilary tells Mariah that she was seething with jealousy when she had kissed Devon. Devon joins them and asks to talk to Hilary. Devon tells her that she can have GC Buzz and the deal will take effect as soon as Michael can get the papers drawn up but Devon tells her that she cannot fire anyone for one year. Chloe stalls in giving Kevin an answer on his proposal but then agrees. Nick and Chelsea go over the list of suspects as to who would have done this. Nick also mentions Chloe. Chelsea, at first, doubts it could be Chloe but then Chelsea begins to remember things that Chloe had said. Chelsea calls Chloe. Reed and Victoria have a chat about the music teacher when Nikki comes home with Tessa. Devon tells Hilary that he and Mariah will be seeing each other on a regular basis.

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