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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The minister proceeds with the ceremony. Meanwhile Wyatt is sitting in a bar telling a pal that he is not in Australia where his brother is getting married to his ex-wife. Nicole and Zende come over after eating dinner and say they thought he might need company. He tells them he even thought about going to get a free trip to Australia, the beaches, the waves but then he thought about the speeches and thought he would pass on that. He wishes them a good life together but he just could not be there to see them do it. He is grateful that he and Steffy had their time together but it is over. He sees it coming, the old you are a good guy and someday there will be a girl for you. He cannot be unhappy for his brother. Bill is first to give a speech talking about the magnificent surroundings and people….and he speaks of the soul within his son. Steffy could have had anybody but she picked Liam, only the best, so congratulations. Ridge speaks what it means to be there in good times and bad and in sickness and health. Liam is a good man, the right man and he is sure of that. Somewhere along the way his kickass tomboy turned into a little lady and is now ready for this great adventure. He hugs her and says he loves her.

Steffy and Liam exchange their vows between laughter and tears. She is setting her spirit free and she is taking this journey with Liam as he is so patient and understanding. He says she pushes him to do things he would never think of and he never knows what she has in store. The truth is he does not know what is around the corner and what will be next but he just knows he wants to spend every single moment with her for the rest of his life. They exchange rings as their commitment to each other. Then they are pronounced husband and wife. What a wedding. No one expected any less. Steffy tell them to go back to the hotel and get in their bathing suits and be ready for the reception. Wyatt says here’s to Steffy and Liam, the happy couple. She deserves to be with the man she loves. Meanwhile the bridal guests are on a speed boat crossing the water.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos’ goon put Abby and Gabi in a warehouse.  Chad and Dario were wondering where Abby was.  Sonny overheard Deimos telling someone that he was going after Chad.  Lani confronted Abe about his disapproval of JJ.  Sonny and Deimos argued over what Deimos did to Chad.  Abby tried to convince Deimos’ goon to let Gabi go.  Abby said Chad would do anything to get her back.  The goon told Abby that Gabi was needed.  Chad got hit in the head by one of Deimos’ goon.  Abe told Lani that Eli wouldn’t talk to Valerie.  Dario asked Eli about Gabi when he noticed that she was gone.  Sonny told Paul to look for Chad.  Sonny said he heard Deimos say that he was doing something to Chad.  Sonny wanted to catch Deimos in the act so he could put him away.  Chad was tied up in a room with Abby and Gabi.

Chad told Deimos’ goon that he would kill him if he hurt Abby.  Chad apologized to Abby and Gabi for getting them involved.  Chad wanted to talk to Deimos. The goon put a speaker on the table so Chad could talk to Deimos.  Lani told Eli that Abe wanted her to talk to him about Valerie.  JJ asked Dario about Chad.  Dario told JJ that Chad took Abby and Gabi.  Deimos told Chad about him stringing them along.  Deimos told them that Abby and Gabi were poisoned.  Deimos said there was only time to save one of them.  Deimos said Chad would lose one of the women he loved and would leave their child without a mother.  When Chad was free, he went to Abby with the antidote.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Olivia is tried in court to see if she is mentally well enough to stand trial for her crimes. Griffin walks in because he is testifying against her. Olivia claims that he looks so much like his father but she cannot not even see of a trace of his mother in him. Griffin asks what she means by that but Nora Buchanan walks in. She is representing Olivia in court. She doesn’t want Griffin talking with Olivia. The DA shows up and tells Griffin that Nora is a shark and that they have to be careful against her. Nora has people give testimony and findings in court. She cannot believe the amount of crimes that Olivia is being tried for in just one day. Griffin gives his account, Kevin gives his findings of her wellbeing as well. The judge ultimately rules her insane and she is sent to D'Archam Asylum. Elsewhere, Anna is attempting to get Obrecht to help her. She needs her to contact Cesar to help. Obrecht would only do that if she can get all the charges dropped against Cesar and Britt. Anna could never possibly do that. Obrecht guesses they have no deal then. She leaves. Later, Griffin shows up and tells Anna what Olivia had said about his mother. Anna doesn’t think they have to worry. They have more pressing matters such as Valentin. At the Metro Court, Nora gives Valentin his decree from the court on Charlotte. She also tells him that his other matter has been taken care of as well. Valentin is glad. If his associate is put in the proper place, then she will receive a large bonus. Nora explains that Olivia is being sent away to the asylum. Obrecht is there as well and has called Cesar telling him what Anna proposed.

Nelle shows up at Kelly’s with Charlotte. Michael is there and Nelle explains that this was just by coincidence. She needed to find a family friendly place for Charlotte. Michael asks why she has a child with her. Nelle explains that it is because she is now Charlotte’s nanny. Michael is shocked she didn’t leave town. Nelle promises to stay away from his family. Michael thinks that it would have been better if she left but that it is a large enough town. He wants nothing to do with her. Outside, Laura and Kevin discuss Charlotte’s wellbeing. Kevin does think the judge and Andre were in the right for suggesting what they did. He thinks that they have to think about what is actually good for Charlotte. Laura is confused but later understands. She is still going to find dirt on Valentin though. Kevin will help her in any way he can. Laura spots Charlotte inside and calls Lulu to come over quickly. Lulu is talking with Dillon at Crimson about how things went down. Lulu doesn’t think it is fair but Dillon assures her things will be different in six months’ time. She later shows up at Kelly’s where Laura tells her all about what just happened with Nelle. She thinks that Nelle will be there way to get to Charlotte.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chloe has a dream about the explosion that killed Adam on the anniversary of his death while Chelsea walks out of a date with Nick because she needs to be alone. She also thinks about the explosion and the events that caused Adam's death. Nick gives Chelsea Sage's inheritance from Constance Bingham and tells her to use it for Connor's education. Devon and Mariah as well as Jordan and Hilary go to the Underground for their dates. They all feel awkward about the situation but decide to ignore each other. Mariah gives Devon a kiss when she notices Hilary watching them. Victoria makes Jack back out of the hockey deal by threatening to take the video of the Clarissa sexual harassment story to another news organization. Victoria also gets Jack to apologize to both her and Billy for talking badly about Billy and Brash and Sassy to the president of the hockey league. Victoria gives Jack the thumb drive with the video and admits that she was never going to sink down into the gutter like he did and trash his reputation.

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