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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the steps of the Sydney Opera House, Steffy and Ivy put on a fashion show photo shoot that wows the crowd. Liam thanks Bill for being there and helping him get ready for the wedding. He knows Brooke is getting married too today and his mind must also be on that. Bill says yes but this day is going the way Liam wants it, nothing will go wrong. Quinn tells Eric this is a very important day and she wants to look her best. He says she will. Shirley talks to Sally on the phone and says this is not a prom date, so get those pictures with Thomas and get them on video out there. Thomas, not knowing this, tells Sally that she will attend the wedding but no pictures or videos and he hopes she can handle that. She is trustworthy, right? Darlita tells Saul that Sally is not using Thomas. She actually likes him. She just needs to get those pictures. Brooke tells Katie they are having fun so no more talk about Ridge and Quinn.

Quinn tells Eric that to never doubt that she loves him and she is looking forward to this Forrester wedding. Liam cannot get any of the details out of the minister as Steffy has kept that from him too. He calls Steffy but no last minute details from her either, just that she loves him. He tells her to hurry up and get there. Even Ivy who has arrived at the site will not tell him more. All are anxiously awaiting. Ridge says she will always be Daddy’s little girl and he just wants Liam to love her the way she loves him and they will be okay. Liam is unhappy to see Sally there as Steffy will not like it but he makes Thomas promise that Sally will behave. Finally the moment arrives and out of the clouds floats Steffy down on a swing and alights in a gorgeous wedding pants gown. Sally turns her back and takes a quick photo.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole was grateful that Brady was able to help her get away.  He said that she had a new name and address so she had nothing to worry about.  She wanted to know where he got the money.  He said he used money in the Cayman Islands.  He said Deimos wouldn’t find out where she was.  One of Deimos’ goons found out that Nicole was at the clinic.  He thought it was a matter of time before they found Nicole.  Deimos wanted to focus on getting back at Chad. Chad told Gabi that he loved her.  She said she loved him too.  He told her that he couldn’t see her anymore or be near her.  She wanted to know why.  He said he and Abby had a family.  She said she tried to respect that.  She said she held out hope.  She thought it was time to let it go.  Chad said he loved his wife and son.  Gabi said she understood that and he gave her a piece of his heart.  He said he couldn’t choose how he felt about her, but he could choose how he dealt with them.  She said she loved him and cared about his happiness.  She said she would honor his request not to see each other again.  Eduardo let Chloe know that he would help her find her baby.  Deimos showed up while they were talking. Eduardo lied about Chloe losing her earrings.  Deimos knew she was at the clinic.  Brady told Nicole she could relax because they were home.  He told her that he wanted to stay with her.  Gabi said that she and Chad wouldn’t see each other anymore and they would try to avoid running into each other.  He said that they could be friends again.  Eli showed up while they were talking.  She introduced Eli to Chad.  Nicole said she couldn’t ask Brady to stay.  She wanted him to get back to Tate.  She said she would feel guilty keeping him away from Tate.  Brady tried to come up with an excuse, but she was adamant about him not staying.  He said he wouldn’t leave her there alone for long. A woman named Hillary showed up at the cabin and welcomed them to the neighborhood.  Hillary wanted to know Nicole’s story.

Eduardo said he wasn’t helping Deimos find Nicole.  Deimos said Nicole was none of his business.  Chloe told Deimos that everyone hated him.  Eduardo and Deimos got into an argument over Chloe.  Deimos wanted to know how far he was going to go to protect Chloe.  Eduardo wanted Deimos to leave.  Deimos thought he wasted enough time with them.  Deimos said he was going to convince Nicole to run away with him.  He said Chloe would never see Holly again.  Hillary kept asking Nicole questions about her past.  Nicole and Brady lied about who they were. Hillary wanted to know about Nicole and Brady’s love life. Brady told Hillary about how they met.  Abby walked in on Gabi crying in Dario’s office.  Abby told her that she knew what Chad told her.  Abby said she knew how Chad felt about her.  Gabi said she wanted to make things easy for everyone.  Gabi said she promised Chad that she would stay away from him. Abby said she needed her in her life and hoped that they could be friends again.  When Hillary left, Brady and Nicole talked about her and how Nicole wasn’t sure if she could trust her. Brady convinced her to trust Hillary.  Brady left to go back home.  She wanted him to come back soon.  Eduardo told Chloe that she couldn’t let Deimos get to her.  She said she didn’t know how she was going to get through this alone.  He said he had her back.  She said that meant so much to her.  He said he knew what it was like to be separated from your kid.  He said that Hernandez men don’t quit until they got what they wanted.  Eli wanted to know about Gabi.  She told him about her past and how she was in prison.  He said he wouldn’t judge her.  Chloe said she felt better with Eduardo on her side.  She wanted to find a way to repay him.  He said she didn’t have to do that.  She said they could make Kate jealous.  She didn’t understand why he wanted to be with Kate.  She said she knew how to push her buttons.  She said the next time they saw Kate she knew what to do.  Deimos’ goon showed up at the party and pretended to be a reporter.  He talked to Abby.  Chloe said she would help Eduardo get Kate back if he helped her get Holly.  When Brady got home, he saw Deimos.  Deimos wanted to know where Nicole was.  He said he didn’t know and was going to bed.  Hillary was on the phone with someone and it was revealed that she is a detective.  When Chad introduced Abby at the party, she didn’t come out.  When Gabi was at the park, the goon approached her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Elizabeth is confronted by Obrecht at the hospital about the whereabouts of Finn. Hayden comes over and the two claim he is writing a piece for a medical journal. Obrecht guesses that the success has gotten to his head. In Hayden’s office Elizabeth tries to tell Hayden that she cannot help a drug addict unless they want help. He could find help from someone else. Hayden guesses she can accept this. She thanks Elizabeth. Elsewhere, Tracy shows up at Finn’s hotel room and tries to get him to admit he needs help. Finn wants to drink for a month. Tracy doesn’t think that will help. Finn tries to lash out on Tracy and claim her own life is a mess. He later tells her that he was lying and thinks she has had a great life. Tracy still thinks that Finn should call Hayden. Tracy leaves and Finn does as much. He needs her help.

Carly meets Bobbie for drinks and they discuss how Nelle was at the Metro Court but Bobbie kicked her out. Carly thinks that was good of her but doesn’t want Bobbie to worry that much. She is worried that this is all because of what she did to Bobbie and Tony. Bobbie forgave Carly for that a long time ago and doesn’t want her to be worried about that at all. Meanwhile, Nina offers Nelle the job of Charlotte’s babysitter and they go downstairs to do an interview. Carly and Bobbie warn Nina but then Bobbie explains that Lulu would never like Nelle raising her daughter. Nina decides to hire her for this reason. Michael and Dante discuss Nelle at Kelly’s and how he shouldn’t feel anything for her. Dante wants Michael to do what he wants and not what everyone else wants for once. Nelle shows up after Dante leaves along with Charlotte. At Anna’s house Valentin shows up and wants to start a truce. He however isn’t going to tell her anything that happened. He threatens to take her out of the picture if she continues to snoop in his life involving Charlotte and Nina. He leaves. Anna calls up Obrecht and wants her help finding answers.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack arrives at work and receives his messages from Gloria which includes one from Hilary. Gloria immediately wants to know what advice he had given to Hilary but he refuses to tell her. At the Brash and Sassy lab, Jordan fills Billy in on the stalker who was outside of Lily's home. Billy is upset by the news and wonders if Cane knows. Jordan lets him know that Lily tried to reach him but with no luck. At home, Cane is working when he looks into his briefcase and finds Julia's camisole. He quickly hides it when Lily comes home. Lily joins him on the sofa and they make plans for later. Scott joins Kevin at the Underground and they discuss how his driver is still missing but that a woman like Chloe could take his mind off of things. Kevin is surprised by Scott's remark. Chelsea and Chloe arrive home to the condo. Chloe tells her that it is funny that they would be spending so much time together after what she had done. Chelsea gets a call from Nick, asking where is she. Chelsea tells him that she had completely forgot but Nick tells her that he will come to her. Chelsea tells him to bring food. Chloe gets up to leave but Chelsea stops her to talk about her and Kevin. Chloe tells her that she may just be his wife. Jack refuses to give Gloria any information about Hilary. Victoria rushes into the office with new information about GC Buzz but Billy lets her know that Jordan is here. Victoria quickly changes the subject. Cane calls Julia to find out what her camisole was doing in his briefcase. She reminds him to talk to Victoria about giving her a job.

Nick arrives at the condo just as Chloe is leaving. Chloe warns him about hurting Chelsea. Chelsea and Nick begin to get intimate when Michael arrives with a check for Nick. Nick doesn't want it and makes Chelsea take it for Connor. Chelsea wonders how many lives would be destroyed because of this. Chloe joins Kevin and Scott. Chloe becomes flirty with Scott and dances with him as Kevin watches. Victoria and Billy finally watch the GC Buzz program and find out what Clarissa (Gloria) was accusing Jack of.

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