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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie repeats again – there is something going on between Ridge and Quinn. Ridge walks up and Brooke says they will talk about this later. Sally has had enough with the couple from hell so says she needs to stretch her legs. They start teasing her and especially that she is a designer. And then they call her a stalker if she is going to Australia to meet someone who isn’t even her boyfriend or does not know she is coming. They wish her luck with her young man. In their rooms, Quinn tells Eric that he is her hero. And Eric reminds her that Ridge has done an about face and because of him so have the others in the family. Ridge asks Brooke what is the problem. She is not sure there is one and would prefer not to talk at all. She starts kissing him. She says nothing is wrong. She is about to marry the man she has waited for most of her life. Liam says he is in trouble. Ivy and Steffy will not give away any of their wedding secrets. He just wants to go traditional and normal but he is not sure with them. Steffy tells him it will be a day he will not forget.

Thomas sends Sally a tweet to see what she is missing. Finally one of his messages goes through and she actually gets it. Ridge wants Brooke to go to Katie’s room and then come back so they can start their honeymoon early. Eric tells Quinn that she took his breath away in Monte Carlo and she still does. She is his now. She says good as his family has finally decided she is not the wicked witch and may even be good for him. He says she is his force of nature and he cannot imagine his life without her. Brooke goes to Katie’s room and says she does not want to hear one more word against Ridge. Sally calls Thomas and he goes down a list of famous redheads before he guesses her. Then he opens the door and there she stands…..glad to see, he kisses her. Brooke tells Katie that she has known Ridge most of her life and he would not do the things Katie is saying. She does not need her little sister doubting her or Ridge. She will not hear one more word about him. If she does then Katie can take the next plane back to Los Angeles.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad wanted to talk to Abby about his feelings for Gabi.  Claire and Ciara got into an argument over Ciara walking in on Claire and Theo.  Chad told Abby that he said he loved Gabi when they were kidnapped.  Abby wanted to know if he was leaving her for Gabi.  He said he wanted to be a better husband.  He wanted to build a life with her.  He was going to cut Gabi out of his life. Chad said he loved her.  He said his love for Gabi would fade, but his love for her was forever.  Eric and Jennifer kissed each other.  She thought he would choose life when he came back to Salem.  She said she would be waiting for him.  Ciara and Claire continued to argue over Ciara interrupting Claire and Theo.  Chad continued to convince Abby that he wanted to be with her and not Gabi.  Abby said she knew that he had feelings for Gabi.  Abby also thought it was good that he was telling Gabi tonight.  When Chad left, Jennifer showed up.  Abby cried in her arms.  Ciara ran into Maggie at the town square.  Ciara told Maggie that she loved Theo.  Ciara told Maggie what happened when she walked in on Claire and Theo.  Claire told Jennifer that Chad said he loved Gabi.

Maggie tried to convince Ciara not to judge Claire when it concerned Theo.  Maggie told Ciara to give Theo the letter so he could know how she felt.  Claire wanted to know if Theo wanted to finish what they started, but he wasn’t sure if they were ready.  Claire was upset.  Claire and Theo planned on having sex another time.  Eric went to see Maggie and told her that he wanted to help people.  He said he would have been willing to leave.  Gabi and Dario saw Chad and Abby kissing at the party.  Maggie told Eric how she was an alcoholic and almost killed someone.  She said she hated that Daniel was gone, but it didn’t upset her to see him.  She said he shouldn’t waste his second chance.  Ciara put the letter in Theo’s bag. Claire saw Ciara put it in the bag.  Chad wanted to talk to Gabi at the party.  Claire read Ciara’s letter to Theo.  Theo walked in the room while she had the letter in her hands.  She hid the letter behind her back.  Chad told Gabi that he loved her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Valentin and Nina take Charlotte to the Metro Court to celebrate when Lulu and Laura show up. Nina suggests that they go back to her office to have cookies. Valentin goes to talk with Lulu and Laura. He offers Lulu to see Charlotte next Thursday at 3 for an hour before the courts give them a schedule. Lulu doesn’t want to take it but Laura insists otherwise. Valentin leaves. Lulu cannot believe that Laura would be ok with this. Laura doesn’t have to be, but Lulu does in order to keep things all right for the next six months. Laura tells Lulu that if Valentin commits another crime, she will be able to use it against him court. Anna and André talk at her house. He tells her that she should probably stay away from Valentin now that she is sick, at least for the time being. Anna thinks she is a hypocrite for being angry at Valentin over Charlotte, as she kept Robin from Robert. André tells her that there were probably circumstances. She needs to embrace the woman she was as opposed to being angry. Anna and André hug and he leaves, Later, Valentin shows up and tells Anna they need to put this all behind them. If they don’t, then he will get rid of her.

In Nina’s office, she and Charlotte play as they wait for Mrs. Evans to show up. The nanny calls and quits to take care of her sick sister. Charlotte is left alone to play while Nina is on the phone when Nelle shows up after being harassed by Bobbie at the Metro Court. Nelle plays with Charlotte and then wonders if Nina would consider her as Charlotte’s new nanny. Nina wants to know why Carly fired Nelle. Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly discuss how things went down. They are able to make sense of things. Sonny thinks that they were meant for each other. Carly agrees but realizes that things never end up being all right between the two of them. Carly has to leave. At the hospital Tracy and Hayden discuss Finn. Tracy thinks that Hayden should be with him. Hayden states that Finn turned her away. Finn is at his hotel room trying to check into rehab when he finds more of his drugs. He ends up not going to rehab but drops the vial and passes out. Tracy finds him on the floor.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria and Billy find out that Jack went to the hockey league president about Billy's gambling and his affair with Phyllis to ruin the deal with Brash and Sassy. Victoria and Billy decide to try to outbid Jack for the deal as well as put together a promotional video of Brash and Sassy's products. Victoria goes to GC Buzz to ask for unused footage from the Brash and Sassy men's line launch. While looking for the footage, she comes across the unaired Clarissa Jabot harassment interview and downloads it onto a thumb drive without Mariah's knowledge. Ashley asks Neil to return to work at Jabot but he figures out her strategy of trying to stage a painless takeover of the company. Hilary goes to Jack for advice about how to run GC Buzz if Devon gives it to her in the divorce. Jack advises Hilary to remind Devon that she knows all the skeletons in his closet and will not hesitate to use them if he doesn't give her GC Buzz. Mariah tries to persuade Devon to give Hilary what she wants, so that he can move on with his life. Devon tells Mariah he will consider what she said and then asks her out to dinner. Jill forgives Colin and invites him to go on a trip with her to do all the things on her bucket list.

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