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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The show will not air today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire talked to Theo about having sex.  Ciara walked in while they were talking about it.  Claire lied to her about what they were talking about.  Chloe went to Eduardo to find out if he knew anything about the baby.  He said he had people watching Nicole.  Kate showed up while they were talking.  Kate insulted Chloe and told him what kind of person Chloe was.  Eduardo still thought Chloe was worthy of defending.  Holly got sick while Brady and Nicole were on the run.  When Nicole and Brady took the baby to Dr. Lee, he wouldn’t risk his career to help her.

Claire talked Theo into having sex.  When Theo left, Ciara wanted to make sure Claire was okay about her having feelings for Theo.  Kate told Eduardo that he wasn’t doing the right thing by helping Chloe.  He wondered if she was jealous, but she said she wasn’t and walked away.  When Chloe came back, he told her he would help her.  Brady stopped Dr. Lee from calling the police.  Brady reminded him of what he did to Nicole.  Nicole asked Dr. Lee not to turn them in to the police.  Dr. Lee decided to help Holly.  Julie and Ciara ran into each other.  Ciara told Julie about her feelings for Theo.  Julie told Ciara to tell Theo the truth.  Dr. Lee called Eduardo and told him to go t his clinic.  Eduardo told Chloe that Dr. Lee had news.  They went to the clinic.  Julie thought Ciara wouldn’t lose Theo by telling him the truth.  Ciara thought she would mess things up.  Julie suggested that she write him a letter.  Ciara thought it was a good idea.  Brady told Nicole that they should leave the clinic.  Ciara walked in on Claire and Theo while they were making out.  When Eduardo and Chloe got to the clinic, Brady and Nicole were gone.  Nicole tried to talk Brady into going back, but he refused.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna is at Morgan’s grave paying her respect when Felicia shows up. She asks what Anna is doing here and Anna explains that she is grieving over another of Olivia’s victims. She feels the pain that Carly has gone through. Felicia knows what she means. She is there visit Georgie. Anna realizes that she hasn’t lost a child on the same scale as Carly and Felicia have. Felicia doesn’t think that the tragedy is any lesser just because it is a different type of tragedy. Later, Anna shows up the PCPD and talks to Olivia Jerome in private. She tries to make sense of everything and put it together properly. Olivia explains she spent years trying to get better after Julian shot her in the courtroom. She spent a lot of time in China. That is where a doctor explained reincarnation to her. She was a good couple minutes away from having Duke back properly. She blames Anna for Duke’s death. Anna simply says no. Olivia claims she knows a secret about Anna. Anna tries to hear it but she claims that she doesn’t actually know something. She smiles as Anna leaves. Elsewhere, Alexis reads Julian’s letter and he explains that basically every bad deed he had done since last spring was due to Olivia Jerome. Olivia (Falconeri) shows up and reads the letter for herself. She thinks that regardless if it is true or not, Julian did indeed love her more than anyone.

Ava shows up at Sonny’s house. She wants to discuss the fact that he tried to kill her and see Avery. Sonny thinks that Ava had to have been responsible for Morgan’s death in some way because she clearly felt guilty about something. Ava gets nervous when he starts accusing her and leaves. Ava calls up Scott to meet her in an ally, they talk and Ava needs him to get the pills back quickly to save herself. Meanwhile at GH, Carly meets Scout and Carly admits that she knows what Sonny feels when he kills someone now. She understands for the first time ever. She also asks if Jason knew about Nelle. Jason did. Carly thinks he should have told her still. Jason believes that they belong together and that Sonny was in a bad place when it all went down. Later, Dante shows up at Sonny’s house and the two discuss everything. He doesn’t want Sonny to kill Olivia. Sonny says that no one will ever know how Olivia ends up dying because they will never be able to trace it back to him. They then discuss Charlotte. Dante wants to be there for his family right now and suggests Sonny do the same. Dante leaves. Soon after, Carly shows up.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

The show will not air today.

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