The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/16/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The show will not air today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe questioned Deimos about the stolen artifacts.  Abby caught Gabi and Chad together in Darioís office.  They explained why they were in the compromising position.  They agreed to meet for lunch.  Joey told Jade that she loved him.  Deimos caught Chad watching Abby and Gabi together.  Joey told Jade that he didnít love her but they agreed to be friends.  Steve told Kayla about Trippís past.  Steve wanted to know if she was still on board with finding his son.  When Abby walked off, Kate talked to Chad about Abby.  Kate tried to convince him to be with Gabi, but he didnít want her butting in his business.

Abby met Eli and introduced him to Gabi.  Kayla said that she would welcome Tripp to the family if he wanted to be part of it.  Abby wanted Eli to go to the benefit with Gabi.  Chad told Kate that he was committed to Abby.  Kate told Chad that he couldnít have an honest relationship with Abby if he had feelings for Gabi.  He decided to tell Abby the truth about his feelings for Gabi.  Kate told him not to if he wasnít going to act on his feelings Deimos told one of his goons that he was going to pay Chad back.  Kate tried to talk Chad out of telling Abby the truth.  Jade said that she and Joey were going to be together.  Abby forced Eli and Gabi to be each otherís date.  Chad told Kate he would cut Gabi out of his life.  Kate didnít think he could do it. Deimos was getting his revenge tonight.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Dante prepare to go to court again to hear the verdict on Charlotte’s case. Lulu thinks that they have a good chance. Laura later tells Dante when Lulu has left the table that Valentin probably has just as good a chance as Lulu does unfortunately. Elsewhere, Valentin and Charlotte have shown up to the court house for Charlotte to be evaluated by a doctor. Charlotte is worried about where Nina is and Valentin promises that she isn’t mad at her but him. Nina shows up and Charlotte is very happy to see Nina. Charlotte goes into her evaluation and Nina tells Valentin that while she is mad at him, she does want to work things out. They start to kiss and Lulu sees this as she walks by them. In court, Andre shows up as doctor who evaluated Charlotte. He thinks it is in Charlotte’s best interest that she stays with Valentin and only have supervised visits with Lulu. The judge goes into her chambers to consider everything. Lulu asks Andre how he could say all that after what Valentin did to her brother. Andre only did what he thought was best for Charlotte. He leaves. The judge later comes back and agreed with Andre. She awards full custody to Valentin. They will however come back in six months to discuss this again. Laura later informs Valentin to realize that a lot can change in six months’ time.

At Elizabeth’s house, Franco shows up to take care of Jake while he is sick. Franco is going to do some art therapy with him. Elizabeth leaves for work. Franco and him color on paper together. He keeps trying to get Jake to discuss things that happened after he was four years old but Jake is reluctant to say anything. Jake later draws a picture of a door and tells Franco he is bored. He wants to be done drawing and play with a marshmallow gun. Franco thinks that is fine. He looks at the picture himself though and looks worried. At work, Elizabeth runs into Griffin who keeps sneezing. She goes to check up on him and it turns out that he has a fever of 102. Meanwhile, Alexis shows up in Sam’s hospital room. She tells her that Julian is dead. Sam really seems to be indifferent. Alexis is sad he is gone though and thinks that he saved her life. She also thinks that Olivia could have been responsible for so many other things. Sam doesn’t want her to get her hopes up. Alexis is going to go and read the letter that Julian left for her. Elizabeth shows up as Alexis leaves. Elizabeth gives Sam a present for Scout. A baby book to document things. It even comes with a family tree to document things. Sam looks at the place to put a grandfather’s name. Elsewhere, Alexis takes out a key and then the letter that is addressed to her from Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

The show will not air today.

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