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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Everybody on the flight enjoys the delicious food. Katie realizes Bill is keeping her company but does not enjoy his direct view of the lovebirds, Brooke and Ridge. Eric tells Quinn that he loves that smile and she replies she has a lot to smile about….….being part of a Forrester wedding party trip. Over on another flight Sally has managed a seat on Discount Airlines and is suddenly surrounded by a couple where one has to have the aisle seat and the other window so poor Sally is caught squished in between. She wants to change seats but the attendant reminds them they need to be quickly seated so there is no time. They seem to spend most of their time fighting and scampering for a bag of peanuts and the guy shakes hands with Sally with his sweaty palms. Later he takes the cold neck brace pillow from around his neck and puts it on Sally. He’s ready for a snack, a bison bacon sandwich and he foists a bite upon Sally and then the missus on the other side wants one too, puts on her throw and snuggles up to Sally saying she is cold. As Ridge leaves, Eric takes his seat with Brooke and they marvel that there will be two weddings. He says he could not be more pleased as Ridge has looked the world over and finally decided there is no one better for him than her. Ridge ends up having to sit with Quinn and she is grateful to be along for the ride. She tells him his life is about to change as he is about to become a married man. He says he just wants to keep is simple so he is sorry she is not invited. She is just glad that he accepted her. It is an honor and a privilege.

Katie strains her neck to see what she can see and overhear. She watches as both Quinn and Ridge leave their seats and go further into the cabin. Quinn tells Ridge that she never wants to lose his father. They grasp all four of their hands and he asks if she is sure. Steffy says she is glad Sally Spectra isn’t here. Liam says why should she be……..just to shove her face in another piece of cake is a bit of a stretch. The seat mates from hell continue their annoyance and Sally is about ready to barf when the fellow gets a case of the sniffles and starts sneezing all over Sally. Finally the Forrester group land in Sydney led by Ivy who shows them around. Katie finally manages to drag Brooke away and says she needs to talk to her. This is too important and cannot wait. She tells Brooke that on the plane Ridge and Quinn were holding hands and it was intimate. She keeps saying she is not crazy and Brooke needs to talk to Ridge and get to the bottom of this. Brooke assures her she is just wrong. They flew half way around the world to say their vows and there is no way he would jeopardize that for her! Katie begs her one more time to talk to Ridge before it is too late.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe went to see JJ and talked about him and Lani. Ciara told Claire that she was keeping a secret from her. Ciara told Claire that she had feelings for Theo. Abby warned Chad about Deimos going after him about the artifacts. When Abby left, Chad thought about Gabi. Claire was upset that Ciara had feelings for Theo. They got in an argument over Ciara not wanting Claire to flaunt her relationship in her face. They ended up making up. Julie told Eli about Tom and Alice. Valerie walked by and saw Julie and Eli together.

Abe told JJ that Lani told him they were dating.  Abe said he didn’t approve.  JJ wanted to know why.  Abe said he liked him, but not for his daughter.  Abe thought Lani needed someone more mature.  Abe hoped that JJ and Lani would respect his opinion.  JJ said he wouldn’t stop seeing Lani.  He said he would prove himself.  Valerie wanted to talk to Eli, but he walked away from her.  Chad spilled something on his suit and had to change.  Abby told him to go to Dario’s office.  Gabi came in the office and saw Chad changing.  Claire told Marlena that Ciara had feelings for Theo.  Marlena tried to explain why Ciara told her how she felt about Theo.  Marlena gave Claire advice about what to do.  Claire loved the advice and left.  Jennifer told Eli wanted to protect him.  Julie was upset that Valerie kept Eli from David.  Lucas told Eli that he went through the same thing when he found out about his father.  He told Eli that Chad fell on the floor while Gabi was in the room with him.  Julie told Eli how David and Valerie met.  Julie, Hope, and Jennifer told Eli stories about David.  Claire told Theo that it was time that they slept together.  Abby walked in on Chad and Gabi together.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jordan has taken Ava down to the station where she and Dante question her what had happened with Olivia and Julian. Ava explains what went down and Dante has trouble believing her. Dante wants to know where Julian went. Alexis walks in and tells them that Julian is dead. Later, Jordan and Dante have shown up at the bridge where Alexis was held captive and see a body bellow them. Alexis and Ava show up against the wishes of Jordan and witness as Dante brings up Rudge. Rudge explains to them that Sonny did this to him and he has no idea where Olivia or Sonny went. All he knows is Sonny seemed to have some idea where to go. Dante takes Rudge in to the police station. Elsewhere, Carly has Olivia held at gun point and threatens to shoot her. Olivia keeps begging to be let go but Carly refuses. Carly gets close to shooting her when Sonny shows up. He promises to make sure that Olivia suffers a greater pain slowly. Carly agrees to this and knows Olivia will greatly suffer. Dante shows up and arrests Olivia. The two mourn Morgan at his grave.

At the Quartermaine mansion Dillon is binge watching “Gilmore Girls” when Kiki shows up. She is shocked to find him watching this. Dillon claims that it is for an article that Maxie wanted to write on the clothing of the show. Kiki tells him about the bombing at GH. Dillon didn’t even know because he was watching the show. The two start to discuss their relationship and end up kissing passionately. Tracy and Monica walk in and Tracy cannot believe this is how Dillon chooses to handle them being part of a bombing situation. Monica promises Kiki that they do not blame her for what Olivia did. Kiki decides to go upstairs with Dillon. Tracy and Monica reflect over the past few days and celebrate. Monica admits to be seeing someone and Tracy get a letter from Ned’s father. Elsewhere in Dillon’s room, he and Kiki make love. Dillon would love for them to wake up next to one another every morning. Kiki would love for that as well.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy once again makes peace between Victoria and Reed when they argue about Zoey. Reed thinks that Victoria is trying to control his life. Billy tells Victoria he wants to make a deal for the hockey league to promote the men's line. She likes his idea and Jack wants to revamp Jabot's men's line to crush Brash and Sassy. Billy discovers that Jabot wants to compete for his deal, and he wants to confront Jack, but Victoria has a way to beat Jack at his own game. Colin decides to leave Jill just when she decides she might forgive him and take him back. Nikki tells Jill that Katherine was afraid to lose Jill's love and friendship if she gave her the ring back after all this time. Cane is worried about Lily and decides to put in security cameras at the house after he learns about her stalker. Lily is happy that she is able to get a restraining order against her stalker. Cane is confused when he finds Juliet's scarf in his suitcase. Ashley hides her disappointment when Ravi tells her that he knows they are nothing more than friends and coworkers, and they can't go on another date. Ashley continues to be frustrated at how Jack is running Jabot. Jack makes it clear to Gloria that their relationship will not go beyond friends with benefits.

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