Tuesday 3/14/17 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam she still needs to finish packing. They cannot be late for the flight to their own wedding. Bill comes by and immediately Liam notices that he is not wearing his necklace. Bill says he is just taking a break from it. RJ laments to Brooke and Ridge that he does not mind staying behind. Brooke kids him that will give him time to spend with new friend Coco. Katie stops by to see if they are ready to leave. RJ tells her to be sure these two get married this time. Thomas stops by Spectra and tells Sally that he is on the way to the airport and he wishes he could take her with him. Darlita is in a fog, dreaming about that dreamy Thomas. Saul is disturbed when he finds out Thomas was there. He rushes in to see if he can find him but Sally says she turned Thomas down. She will not be going to Sydney. Shirley tells her she must. She will run her across the ocean in a dingy if she has to. She can just see the pictures and the videos. They will get millions of hits; she must go. Saul says no, Thomas is a playboy, bad idea. Shirley says this opportunity may never come again. Sally finally says yes, tells Darlita to find the cheapest plane she can find.

Everyone boards the plane; it’s like a giant party. Quinn tells Eric that she does not think she will have to worry about anything ever again. Katie keeps her eyes on Ridge. Bill tells Brooke to have a good flight. Ivy tells Thomas that she has lined up some good places to visit and she thinks they all will have fun. Settled in their seats, Eric and Brooke decide to go check out the cabins leaving Quinn and Ridge alone. Katie observes. Shirley tells Saul not to be such a party pooper; Sally is finally showing some gumption. Darlita tells her she could not get her on the same flight but she is still working on it. It’s Discount Airlines which no one has ever heard of. She tells Darlita to book her on that flight. Thomas invited her and she is going like a lady and will behave herself. Every time Quinn looks their way Ridge and Brooke are kissing with their hands all over each other. Bill tells Katie that he was so sure by now that Ridge would have pulled one of his stunts and not be coming on this flight. Eric tells Quinn that he is so blessed to have her and they are all together; it is a great feeling. She kisses him and tells him that she loves him but thinks of Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole tried to talk Brady out of going on the run. Victor wanted Deimos to tell him how he lost the antiquities deal. Victor said Chad had it. Chad and Abby argued over him stealing from Deimos. Sonny went to Chad and thanked him for stealing the artifacts deal. Sonny thought it could help him run Titan. Brady told Nicole he was going to help her. She thanked him for helping her and said he was the only one she could trust. Abby told Sonny and Chad that she wanted them to end the war. When she went to check on Thomas, Sonny didnít know what to say. Chad said he would have stopped what happened to him. Sonny agreed to stop the war. Victor told Brady that Deimos was upset with him, but Brady didnít care. Victor told Brady that Deimos or the police would come after him.

Brady tried to defend why he helped Nicole, but Victor accused him of being in love with her.  Brady wanted Victor to get rid of Deimos.  Sonny met with Paul and told him that Chad stole Deimosí deal.  Paul said Deimos might go after Chad.  Sonny said he would be able to get Deimos.  Kate went to see Chad to confront him about stealing Deimosí deal.  When Cad left to take a call, Abby and Kate got into it over stealing the deal.  Abby was upset when Kate threw Gabi in her face.  Maggie wanted to know what was going on between Victor and Brady.  Paul wanted to know if Sonny wanted Deimos to go after Chad.  Chad assured Abby that he would be able to take down Deimos.  Deimos talked to the goon that kidnapped Chad and Gabi.  Deimos wanted to know if anything happened that he could use.  The guy said Chad and Gabi got close.  Paul was upset that Sonny would use Chad to get Deimosí job.  Victor told Maggie that he didnít know anything about Brady.  Sonny told Paul he didnít want anything to happen to Chad.  Sonny wanted to stop Deimos.  Sonny wanted Paul to watch Deimos.  Sonny wanted to risk anything to get rid of Deimos.  Brady went back t Nicole to give her some money.  The goon told Deimos that he heard Chad say he loved Gabi and Abby.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Laura are the Floating Rib when Kevin shows up. Lulu wants Kevin to do a favor for her. She needs him to be the person to check on Charlotte for her court hearing. Kevin is unable to do that. Lulu knows because Valentin would have to admit to shooting him. Kevin means that it is a conflict of interest because of Laura. Lulu would still like him to influence whatever therapist is going to evaluate Charlotte. Kevin will have no way of knowing though. Lulu understands and leaves. Laura asks what are the chances of Lulu actually getting Charlotte. Kevin explains that it could honestly go either way. Elsewhere, Elizabeth and Franco get home after the bomb scare. They start to kiss when Jake comes downstairs. He woke up. Elizabeth shows him a picture of his new sister. Jake is glad she is alright. Elizabeth gets worried about this. Jake then says “Never forget, Jake. Never tell, Jake”. Elizabeth worries about this but Jake claims he didn’t say it. Jake goes off to bed. Elizabeth gets out the book that Helena willed to her. It was word for word what was written in the book. Franco suggests using art therapy as a way to get things out of Jake. Elizabeth agrees to it. Meanwhile at the hospital, Andre finds Jordan and is happy she is alright. He wants her to know if she needs a friend he is there for her. Later, she leaves and Curtis walks in. Andre thinks that Curtis needs to just admit his feelings for her.

Sonny runs into Curtis at GH and they discuss Olivia. Curtis gives him any info he had on Olivia but it isn’t a solid lead. Sonny asks about Rudge. Curtis tells him that he is someone who works for Olivia. Sonny calls in asking about Rudge and gets a call back. Sonny ends up on the bridge where Olivia was earlier. He pulls a gun on Rudge. Rudge claims he has no idea where Olivia is other than she needed to go right a wrong from the past. Elsewhere, Ava is attempting to get a hold of Sonny to see Avery. Jordan shows up at her house and wants to know what happened. Ava explains that Olivia showed up and made her call Julian. Jordan asks why she didn’t call the police. Ava claims she has no faith in them as they are biased against her. Jordan guesses she can understand that. She does want to know where Julian went to though. Elsewhere, Carly is at the cemetery visiting Morgan. She tells him that she knows who killed him. When she gets up to leave, Olivia walks past her. Carly admits she knows who she is and Olivia gets angry. She pulls a gun on her. Carly tells her who she is and they end up in a fight. Carly grabs hold of the gun and shoots Olivia. Olivia begs her not to kill her but Carly doesn’t see why she shouldn’t.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ashley is at the bar at the Athletic Club when Ravi joins her and hints at the idea of joining her but she refuses but then changes her mind and agrees to let him attend with her. Nikki and Victor are at the opera house awaiting the arrival of the others. Neil watches Maddie and Charlie until Lily comes home. Lily arrives home which releases Neil to go on his date. When Lily finds out who Neil is accompanying to the opera, Lily warns him about the woman. Lily tries to call Cane but gets no answers because Cane cannot get awake enough to answer the phone. Cane tries to answer but with no luck. Neil leaves Lily alone but the stalker is hiding outside in the bushes. Nikki reminds Victor that this is for a good cause and Katherine would have thought so too. Lauren and Michael discuss the opera when there is a knock on the door. It is Phyllis, who has agreed to do some work for Fenmore's while they are gone and to spend some time with Scott. Phyllis tells Scott to go on about what he wants to do but Scott doesn't like the idea of having a babysitter. Everyone begins to arrive at the opera. The stalker takes pics of Lily from outside the window on his cell phone until Jordan arrives.

Jordan grabs the phone and then takes the man to let Lily know about it .Lily wants to know what he is doing here on her property and threatens to call the police. The police arrive and takes the man away into custody. Everyone enjoys the opera but Ravi notices that Ashley has tears in her eyes. Ravi is a hit with the other guests after the opera. Nikki tells Ashley that he is different from the other men she has gone out with. Cane questions Julia about the happenings from the night before. Julia lets him know that he had promised to try to get her a job at Brash and Sassy. Cane asks her about the earring that was found in his room. Cane hugs her bye before he leaves. Jordan agrees to stay the night with Lily.

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