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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie says she did not want to tell Brooke but she cannot deny what she saw. Ridge touched Quinn and it seemed to be just the jewelry as an excuse. Brooke barks that Ridge would never do that and neither would Quinn. That would be really low. Quinn discusses it with Ridge and says they are good and no one seems to know anything. Eric interrupts and she covers that they were just going over the Australian shoot. He says he really needs to talk to Ridge alone. Ridge says it is good to see him around him and wonders if he misses it. Eric says not really, no distractions so he likes working at home. It fills his heart that Ridge has come around to Quinn and he could not be happier to see them working together. Quinn tells Ivy that she is not in a scary mood and she hates having to keep saying it. She likes Ivy’s changes in the jewelry and just wants her to keep doing it. Ivy rants on but Quinn is not listening to her. Quinn tells her if she comes across an open door, do not hang around and eavesdrop; that is too sneaky. Katie tells Brooke that she would never come to her like this just before Brooke’s wedding if she did not believe what she was saying. Brooke still argues that this is ridiculous and it probably has something to do with her spending so much time with Eric and she is thinking of him. Or maybe it is Ridge. She and Ridge were engaged at one time and now she wants to stir things up. Brooke wants a little support. She just invited her to Australia to be in the wedding and now she is spouting all this crazy stuff. Katie apologizes.

Ridge tells his dad that all he wants is for them to be happy. Brooke is outside and hears this and joins in. She is glad everything is good between the two of them. Quinn tells Ivy they have had this conversation before and she assured her nothing was going to happen again with Ridge. It is Katie who keeps spying and popping in on Eric and she just wishes she would stay out of her business……and now it is worse. She is going to join them in Australia. Katie returns to Quinn’s office and she asks what is on her mind. She must be very excited now that she is joining them in Australia. Katie says it is really a big day in Brooke’s life and she really wants it to go smoothly. Quinn says of course but what does that have to do with Quinn. Eric tells Brooke that he did not think he would ever love again after Stephanie, but because of Quinn he feels like it is a gift he is opening every day. And isn’t it great that Ridge and Quinn can now be friends. Brooke says she heard from Katie that Ridge was working with Quinn over some jewelry. Ridge downplays it by saying she just wanted his opinion on a few pieces, one in particular and he just wanted to see it on her first. Again both Eric and Brooke are glad they can work so well together without the acrimony. Ridge says he does not want anything to come between him and his dad again. Brooke surmises that Eric is madly in love with Quinn and she and Ridge are getting married….Steffy and Liam too and they are all getting along. Eric laments yes that is all in the past and everything is great now. As Katie rattles on Quinn asks her if there is a purpose to this then just say it. She is dying to know. She knows she wants Eric all to herself and she is not even being subtle about it. She has told this to Katie but she still hangs around. She is offensive and just plain wrong. Is she trying to make up something to go tell Eric. She better not or she will regret it. She said it; she braces herself as Katie leaves and says nothing more.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos told Nicole that she needed his help, but she didnít want his help.  He wanted to know what was going on between them.  Marlena called Eric because someone needed his help.  Deimos accused Brady of knowing where Nicole was.  Deimos said he would get Nicole somewhere safe.  She said she wasnít going anywhere with him.  Eric showed up at the hospital to see someone who was in a drunk driving accident.  He thought Marlena didnít need him.  Marlena thought Eric could help.  Deimos apologized to Nicole and offered to help her.  She said she was going to lean on Brady.  Deimos asked if she was in love with Brady.  She said she trusted Brady and not him.  Deimos wanted Brady to leave so he could talk to Nicole alone.  Jennifer caught Chad and Gabi talking to each other.  Brady agreed to leave Deimos and Nicole alone so they could talk.  Deimos told Nicole that he never meant to hurt her.  He said he would make her and Holly happy.  He said he loved her.  She said she didnít want him near Holly because he ruined everything.  She said she didnít love him anymore.  Eric talked to Jason (the drunk driver).

Marlena told Jason that the person he hit was going to be okay.  Jason was relieved.  Deimos yelled at Brady when he came back in the room.  Deimos told Nicole she would be making a big mistake leaving.  Jennifer confronted Chad about his feelings for Gabi.  He told Jennifer that he and Gabi got closer.  Jennifer wanted to know if Chad talked to Abby about his feelings for Gabi.  It led to an argument.  Jennifer threatened to make him pay if he broke Abbyís heart.  Nicole said Deimosí threat was why she didnít love him and was ready to leave.  When Deimos went after her, Brady told him to make a move.  Eric told Jennifer that he was taking the job she offered him.  Deimos threatened Nicole.  She said she wouldnít go back to him and she hated him.  Brady and Nicole left the room.  Chad told Abby that he was going to pay Deimos back.  She wanted to know if he wanted to keep provoking him.  Deimos destroyed Nicoleís room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny has gone to see Morgan at his grave. He tells him how he and Carly have split up again but it isn’t her fault. Carly shows up with flowers. Sonny wishes that they could talk things out about Nelle. Carly hasn’t forgiven Sonny for a lot worse than sleeping with someone. She isn’t angry about that. She is angry that he waited and didn’t tell her the truth. Carly asks to be left alone. She ends up getting a call from Ava who wants to see Avery. Carly isn’t taking a baby to the police station. Ava informs her that she is out of jail. Carly hangs up. Later, she shows up at Ava’s apartment and demands that to know why she isn’t in jail. Ava explains that the true killer is her sister Olivia. Carly wants to find Olivia and tell her off. She throws a glass that Olivia drank out of against the wall. Meanwhile, Olivia is holding Alexis captive on a bridge. Julian shows up to stop her from doing anything. Olivia isn’t doing anything to Alexis. He is going to do it for her. That way he can experience what she did when he killed Duke. Julian claims they have no feelings for one another. Olivia thinks otherwise. Julian shoots off Alexis’ handcuff and tells her to run. Another gun is fired later on.

At GH, Jason and Curtis are on the roof and the bomb squad finally shows up. They give instruction to Curtis and Jason what to do. Curtis is able to detach the proper wires. Outside, Sam is begging for someone to let her see Jason. Franco shows up and tries to get her to calm down. Sam realizes that Elizabeth is in that building as well. Sam guesses it is poetic irony that this is happening to Franco after all the bombs and things she did to her family. Later, Jason runs out and the two kiss. Jason has Sam go back to her hospital room where Sonny comes to meet the baby. He also finds out about Olivia. Later, when he leaves he puts a hit out on Olivia. Elsewhere, Hayden and Finn are still locked in the office. Finn is going through withdrawal and Hayden is helping him. Finn promises to get help. The doors open and Elizabeth opens the door. Elizabeth will not tell Monica if Finn actually gets help. Finn promises to do so and signs papers taking a leave of absence. He has to do this on his own though. In another part of the hospital, Jordan is getting her head checked after all is over. Curtis is staying with her because he wants to.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane celebrates closing the big distribution deal with Mr. Sato. He and Juliet go on a tour of Tokyo. Juliet also asks Cane to put in a good word for her with Victoria, so that she can be the head of the Asian division of Brash and Sassy. When Cane gets very drunk on Saki, Juliet takes him up to his hotel room. Lily worries because Cane hasn't called, but she assumes he is busy and will call her later, but she can't shake the feeling that something is wrong. A guy that gives Lily a strange feeling asks to take a selfie with her. Jordan rescues her from the strange guy by pretending to be her boyfriend so that the guy will leave Lily alone, but he later follows Lily as she leaves the Athletic Club. Billy tells Victoria he can spend more time with the kids, so she doesn't feel so stressed at work, but she turns down the offer because she needs him at work. Hilary asks for complete ownership of GC Buzz as the only condition of her divorce.

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