Friday 3/10/17 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Steffy and Liam that they are going to keep it simple but she would like her sister there and hopes it will be all right with them for Katie to be at their wedding. They assure her that they care for her and of course it will be fine. Katie spies behind an open door as Ridge and Quinn discuss jewelry but cross over into his wedding to Brooke. Quinn catches Katie at the door. Quinn tells her that she is not interrupting anything but why did she stop by to look in the crack in the door? Katie says she really was not trying to eavesdrop but she was looking to see where she left her purse before she met Brooke backstage. Quinn wonders with Ridge just how long Katie was watching them. They were doing nothing wrong but perhaps they were standing a little too close to each other. No telling what she saw or heard. Charlie keeps on about the lipstick on the napkin. Pam tells him usually his inclinations are correct but in this case it is just not likely with Quinn and Ridge. The office throws Steffy and Liam a bridal shower and the cake is a plenty and champagne is flowing as they open the gifts.

Ridge says Katie may have been acting a little weird but he doesn’t think she has any reason to be spying on them. They were only talking about Australia and the shoot so nothing wrong. Brooke tries on her wedding gown for Katie who says she should feel like the luckiest girl in the world. The main reason the dress is so beautiful is because Brooke is wearing it. As Brooke yammers on and on Katie is fretting whether to say more about Quinn and Ridge. She mentions they seemed to have gotten close starting about the time that Brooke was away in Europe. Brooke wants to know what is the matter and why is she worrying. Katie explains that she just happened to oversee them as she watched from the door and while she saw nothing specific they seemed to be enjoying each other’s company and there seemed to be a certain kind of tension between them. She saw Ridge touch Quinn and it seemed to be intimate and a little too lingering. But later they tried to act all innocent. She saw a connection and they tried to cover that up. She knows this sounds crazy but she thinks there is something going on between Ridge and Quinn.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe went to Deimos to find out where Nicole and Holly were. They got into an argument over it. Steve told Kayla that Raymond had proof that his son was alive. Steve told Kayla that his son found out that he was bought and sold. His son found out the name of his parents. Steve said he wanted to tell Joey, but Jade wouldnít let him leave her side. Kayla wanted to tell Joey together. Joey ended up hearing Steve say that his son was alive. Brady wanted to know what Nicoleís plan was when she ran away, but she didnít have one. She only wanted to take her daughter. Joey questioned Steve about his son. Joey wanted to know if he was going to look for his son and he said he was. Deimos stopped Chloe from leaving and told her that Holly belonged with Nicole. He told Chloe that he would do anything to make sure Nicole had her baby. Kayla said that she and Joey would support Steve if he looked for his son. Maggie stopped Deimos from hurting Chloe. When Deimos walked out of the room, Maggie ripped into Chloe for not allowing Nicole to see Holly. Brady told Nicole that he would go on the run with her. 

Chloe went to TBD and talked to Eduardo about Nicole taking Holly.  Chloe told Eduardo that Deimos was helping Nicole.  They both wanted him to pay.  Maggie told Deimos that she couldnít threaten Chloe.  They got in an argument over it.  Nicole didnít want Brady to go on the run with her, but he said he wanted to do it.  Joey said he couldnít face his brother when he killed Ava.  Steve and Kayla tried to make him feel better about it, but he walked away.  Steve wanted to know if Kayla was okay with him looking for his son.  She said she was okay with it.  Nicole told Brady that Chloe and Deimos would be suspicious if he left town.  She told him that she didnít want to see Deimos again after everything she did.  She wanted to know if he was sure about going with her.  Deimos told Maggie that he would leave Nicole alone.  He said he wanted to help Nicole.  He thought Chloe and Brady were why he couldnít be with Nicole.  Kayla wanted to help Steve look for his son.  Eduardo told Chloe he would help her get her baby back.  Deimos got a call from someone and ended up at Nicoleís motel room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis goes looking for Jordan who he has learned went after Olivia but cannot be found. He tries calling her and hears a cell phone ringing from inside a locked room. He busts down the door and finds Jordan passed out. When she comes to, he helps her up. Jordan needs to get to her officers. They pass Julian in the hallway and tell him he shouldn’t be going anywhere. They ask if Olivia has called him. Julian claims to not have seen her in a while. At Ava’s apartment Olivia has a gun on Ava and wants her to call up Julian to meet her here. She has to call the hospital though because Olivia threw his phone into the river. Ava is able to get ahold of him but Olivia grabs the phone before they are able to continue talking. When Julian shows up at Ava’s house she is tied up and tells him that Olivia left.

Hayden and Finn are arguing after Elizabeth found Finn trying to take drugs. Finn doesn’t think he needs help. Hayden is done with him. He can either get help now or she isn’t speaking to him anymore. They end up getting locked in a room together. Jason finds Anna in her hospital room and asks if she is ok. Anna claims she is but is clearly unable to stand up on her own. She tells Jason that Robin is missing and they have to find her. Jason and her, go searching and eventually find an out of order elevator. Anna realizes that Olivia must have put her in there. Jason finds a crowbar and opens the door where Robin is tied and standing on a weighted bomb. Jason wants Robin to switch places with him so that she can escape. Robin is reluctant but eventually agrees. Alexis finds them and Jason tells her to get Sam and Emily out of the hospital. Jordan finds out about the situation and calls the bomb squad. They try to get everyone out of the hospital. Jason decides to take himself up to the hospital’s roof and Curtis goes with him, leaving Jordan on the seventh floor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

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