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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke surprises Katie by saying yes she is eloping but she needs some help in Australia and she’d like Katie to go. When Ridge chimes in and agrees then Katie says yes. Quinn and Ivy continue to work together and Ivy says she feels respected and valued. Quinn hopes that isn’t because of what she knows about Ridge and their relationship. She does not want Eric’s happiness to be threatened. She is married to Eric and soon Ridge will be married too and that should re-assure Ivy enough. Charlie hands Quinn a locked case of precious gems and he will not leave until she looks at them and okays everything. He makes a comment that the red one matches her lipstick…or at least the one she had on the other night. He yammers on until Quinn finally shoves him out the door. Brooke tells Katie that even though it is an elopement and certainly not her first wedding with Ridge she wants a special gown. Katie tells her to look on it as not another wedding to Ridge but just a continuation.

Quinn goes to show Ridge the gems and says she thinks Charlie is stalking her. Then she asks how the worst kept secret wedding is shaping up; he deserves it and not being shamed. She shows him a few pieces of her jewelry but he mostly keeps his eyes on her. Charlie tells Pam that he has Quinn on the ropes. The mere mention of her lipstick makes her crazy. He kisses Pam and proves his theory about the napkin stain. She tells him he cannot go around telling people about his suspicions and ruining their reputation. He accuses her of saying he spent all that time in detective school and learned nothing. Quinn says she thinks her piece is a little offbeat but not edgy. Ridge wants to look at the necklace closer under the light. He wants to put it on her around her neck. Katie is watching from the door. She sees how he places his hands on Quinn’s neck and him saying he remembers everything. He touches her chin and laments that it is not easy being human.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve and Joey tried to stop Hal from stabbing Kayla with the needle. Hal wanted Steve to find him another liver. Valerie tried to make things right with Eli, but he was upset that she didnít tell him about his father. Chad found out that the antiquities buyer was meeting with Deimos in Salem. Hal was determined to stab Kayla if he didnít get a liver. Chad met with the antiquities buyer to see if he would work for the DiMeras. Valerie tried to get Eli to see why she didnít tell him about David. She wanted to go back to Washington, but he didnít want to. Julie wondered what was going on between them. He asked Valerie if she wanted to tell Julie the truth or did she want him to do it. Chad tried to convince the buyer that the art would be returned to the countries. The buyer didnít want to betray Deimos. Kayla tried to convince Hal that she would help him. Joey got smart with Hal which made him upset.

Eli told Julie that he is Davidís son.  Valerie confirmed it.  Steve and Joey wanted to sneak and get Hal, but Hal saw them.  Jade saw Hal with the needle on Kayla.  Jade tried to talk Hal out of sticking Kayla with the needle.  He took the needle away, but ended up getting arrested. Chad told the buyer what Deimos did to him.  Chad told him that Deimos couldnít go after him since he took notes on him.  When Chad was looking for his notes, Abby and Gabi came back from belly dancing class.  The buyer thought he was using them to convince him to change his mind.  The buyer wanted to see them dance because his wife was a belly dancer.  Jade asked Kayla and Steve if her father was going to jail.  Steve said there would be charges.  Julie was able to see Davidís face in Eli.  Valerie told Julie what happened when she got pregnant.  The buyer decided to work with Chad.  The buyer told Deimos he wouldnít be working with him anymore.  Deimos threatened to come after him.  The buyer threatened to expose him if he did anything.  Julie was happy that Eli is her grandson.  Steve told Kayla that his son with Ava was still alive.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason and Sam discuss what to name their new child. Jason thought that they had a name. Sam likes the name Scout but thinks she has a better name in mind. Monica later walks in and asks if she can see her granddaughter. Jason lets her and tells her that they have picked a name. Emily. Sam thinks that Emily was a very special person in both Monica and Jason’s life and wants her donor to honor someone important. Monica thinks that Emily would have loved this and is happy that her name is living on. Elsewhere in the hospital, Brad confronts Finn about his drug use and their deal they had. Finn had to save the hospital though. He informs him that if he exposes him then he will look bad to Lucas. Brad tells him to never ask him for help again. Later, Griffin had to make a choice between saving Anna and taking Olivia to the police. Griffin decided to pick saving Anna. He takes her upstairs where Finn is supposed to help her wake up. Brad witnesses him attempting to give a shot and decides to tell Griffin that it isn’t ok for Finn to be involved with patients. Griffin confronts Finn about this and tells him he is going to tell Monica.

Josslyn shows up at Nelle’s house to go to a concert. Nelle tells her that they are not friends anymore and kicks her out. At Michael’s office, Carly shows up. She doesn’t want Michael to forgive Nelle. Michael doesn’t forgive her but he does understand her. Carly needs him to promises that they are over. Michael claims that he is. Josslyn shows up and wants to know what is wrong with Nelle. Michael tells her that Carly will explain and he leaves. Carly tries telling her that it is grownup stuff but she doesn’t listen. Carly admits that Nelle did something with Sonny that she isn’t ok with. Josslyn realizes that Sonny slept with Nelle and thinks that is gross and disgusting. Meanwhile, at the Floating Rib, Nelle gets a drink. Michael shows up and asks what she is doing. Nelle asks if he got her texts. Michael has nothing to say to her. He understands why she was angry but he doesn’t forgive her. He leaves. Elsewhere, Ava is finally home at her apartment. Kiki shows up and says she is sorry for doubting her. She has brought her vodka. Ava explains that Julian stole all her olives. Kiki wonders why she never mentioned Olivia. Ava never met her. Ava forgives her and understands why she didn’t believe her. She walks Kiki out knowing that she isn’t safe with Olivia out there. Late, she walks back into her apartment and Olivia is sitting there. She is happy to finally meet her. At the hospital, there is a bomb in an out of order elevator. It is set to go off in fifty-four minutes.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Hilary confronted Devon about not being forthright about his feelings toward her. Devon admitted that he both loved and hated Hilary. They shared a passionate kiss and had sex. Devon and Hilary were pained to admit that their marriage couldn't be salvaged, and Devon signed the divorce papers. Billy dragged Victoria to Reed's performance to distract her from the wait to hear from Cane about the Tokyo deal. Juliet helped Cane save the Tokyo business deal after Cane inadvertently offended Mr. Sato. Reed hid in Nick's office after fleeing the stage in embarrassment. Mariah coaxed Reed into going back into the bar. Reed confronted Zoey about laughing at him, and she explained what really happened. Victoria fumed when she saw Zoey kiss Reed on the cheek. After some encouragement from Zoey, Reed sang for the crowd and received applause. Victoria missed Reed's performance because she was on a business call with Cane. Victoria told Billy that Cane closed the deal. Noah told Mariah that he broke up with Marissa. Scott and Kevin returned to Genoa City and reunited with Lauren and Michael. Scott worried about the fate of his driver, Ahmed, who'd been kidnapped at the same time as Scott. Scott was not receptive to Lauren's suggestion that he relocate to the U.S., permanently. Kevin told Michael that his short time in the Middle East had taught him to treasure what he had.

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