Wednesday 3/8/17 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Coco can’t believe what just happened; that RJ kissed her. He thanks her for saving his life. Ridge tells people in his office they know that Steffy and Liam are getting married in Australia; now he wants to tell them that he and Brooke are doing the same. They are eloping but it is not just fun and games. There is a photo shoot outside the Sydney Opera House. He wants one thing understood. He does not want this small collection to be compromised in any way. Shirley holds up the pendant and Saul says the gizmo is already placed inside and it will record everything. Shirley is ecstatic; sounds like they have thought of everything. This is their legacy and her great aunt Sally put it in her hands to guard and protect. But they cannot save it unless they make a sizeable profit and this is the way to do it. Coco has to come through for them. Coco returns and Shirley grills her about her first day. She explains how she met Ridge and he fired her because of her last name. But then something unbelievable happened. She saved RJ’s life. Shirley lights up; that has to count for something. Coco says yes, RJ stepped up for her and Ridge finally said she could stay. Thomas tells RJ even though he may think Ridge is paranoid that does not mean he is wrong. Their designs have been stolen before. So RJ is in charge of the security of the interns. RJ shares with Thomas that he kissed Coco; pretty sure he is the first Forrester to kiss a Spectra. Thomas just smiles. RJ thanks Ridge for accepting Coco. Ridge says he did it for RJ. RJ says again that she is totally amazing and completely trustworthy. Ridge tells him to be careful, she is a Spectra, so do not get too interested in her.

Sally tells Saul and Shirley that she cannot do this. Shirley reminds her they have just gone ten rounds and now she wants to throw in the towel. Personally for her she is going to fight until they drag them out of here. Sally says it is horrible and cruel to send Coco over there without her knowing what she is doing. Saul says it is necessary if they are to succeed. Shirley says again the clock is ticking and it is one minute to midnight. And her sister is doing the world a favor……all those fancy shmancy $1000 dresses that average people cannot afford. They are giving them options as look-a-likes at a fraction of the price. They have every reason to hold their heads up high. Sally says it is still stealing. Shirley retorts that Coco will not be better off if they all go belly up. Shirley chides her isn’t that great if Sally throws in the towel before she has even tried. That would really make her great aunt Sally happy. Saul tells her this is genius really. Coco will wear the earrings and that pendant and they are back in business. Thomas calls Sally and says RJ and Coco hit it off and he thinks she will make a great intern. In speaking with Coco, Sally says she is not looking for a guy. Bashful Saul says she would not have to look far……just a guy that speaks her language…and Shirley adds and one who always wears a tape measure around his neck. Saul says no, he just wants Sally to know the Spectra’s and the Forrester’s do not bleed the same blood so it will do Sally no good to set her eyes on Thomas. It will not end well. Coco comes back in and Saul hands Sally the necklace. She presents it to Coco for doing so good on her first day at FC. She thanks them and goes to try it and the earrings on. The others watch her on the laptop as the necklace picks up everything Coco looks at. Shirley gloats that this is going to work like a charm.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi was upset with Chad that he kept finding excuses for them to be alone. Steve found out that his son with Ava was still alive. Dario and Abby talked about a party wanted to have at TBD. When she got on a chair, she almost fell until he caught her. Mr. Michaels had a complication with the surgery. Dario imagined that he kissed Abby. She invited him to her party and wanted him to bring a date. Chad wanted to be friends with Gabi. She agreed to be friends with him. They talked about the stolen items Deimos had.

Andre and Chad talked about the stolen artifacts Deimos had.  Chad wanted to return the artifacts, but Andre wanted to steal them.  Kayla checked on Mr. Michaels.  She told him that he had a blood clot.  She said he had a dead liver.  He couldnít believe it.  He said he needed another liver, but could die before he got it.  Raymond wanted money from Steve in order to give him information on his son.  Joey went to check on Mr. Michaels and it didnít go well.  Kayla made Joey leave.  Mr. Michaels was upset with Kayla for lying to him about the surgery working.  He blamed her for his complications.  Joey told Jade what happened to her father.  She wanted Joey to comfort her.  Andre warned Chad not to risk his marriage.  Chad said he wasnít.  Steve went to the hospital to talk to Kayla.  Mr. Michaels told Kayla that Jade wasnít worth anything.  He said it was her fault that he was dying.  He said he was going to make her pay.  Kayla was going to give Mr. Michaels a needle, but he threatened to stick her with it.  Steve was there while Mr. Michaels was threatening her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle packs her apartment up with the intention of leaving PC. Carly shows up and wants to know if she made up the things she said or if Frank really told her all these things. Nelle tells her that they are all true and she has proof. She takes out a rattle that was Carly’s as a baby. Carly thinks that it was probably something he took to pawn. Carly never asked Frank Benson for a kidney and it was a shock to her that it turned out to be Nelle’s. She thinks that is proof enough he wasn’t a good person. Nelle believes the letters he sent were further proof of the contrary. Carly tells her to stay away from her family and leave town. She leaves. Nelle decides that maybe she should give PC another chance. At Michael’s office, Sonny shows up as he is about to leave. Sonny says he is sorry again and tries to explain the situation with Nelle. Michael understands that Nelle manipulated them but Sonny could have come forward at any time and told them all what she was doing. Sonny knows he should have now. Sonny asks that Michael do one thing for him. He knows how forgiving a nature Michael has and doesn’t want Michael to ever forgive Nelle.

In court Nina gives her statement on her relationship with Valentin. She claims that he is a loving man and deserves to have custody of his child. Diane then decides to claim that Valentin had kidnapped Charlotte due to the fact that he never made it aware to Lulu that she had a child until she asked him. The judge considers this all and then comes back deciding they will wait until Charlotte has been evaluated by a psychiatrist. She will also hold Diane in contempt if she tries claiming that Valentin kidnapped Charlotte again because kidnapping is a serious matter. Elsewhere at GH, Jordan tries to figure out where Olivia is and Julian tells her again under the hospital. He doesn’t know why. When Jordan leaves Rudge walks in trying to strangle, Julian but ends up getting caught by Felix, but escapes. The hospital is put on lock down. Elsewhere, in the basement Olivia has convinced herself that Duke is back and sees Duke in place of Griffin when he talks to her. He tries to convince Olivia that Anna should be let free so they can live their life together. Olivia doesn’t agree and tries to shoot. Griffin lies and says that he as Duke wants to be the one to shoot her and instead points the gun on her. They both inform her Duke is dead. Olivia explains, that if she goes to jail they will never find out where she has stashed Robin.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Reed invites Zoey and her friends to hear him sing at open mic night but later gets nervous to sing in front of her so he walks off stage after only singing a few words. Cane has problems closing the Asian distribution deal but persuades Mr. Sato to distribute Brash and Sassy products in Japan. Cane is so excited about the deal that he hugs Mr. Sato forgetting that in Japan you don't touch a Japanese businessman at all. Cane worries that Mr. Sato might pull out of the deal because of his mistake. Devon and Mariah go to open mic night together unaware that Hilary is there on her date with Jordan which makes Devon jealous. When Lily arrives and tells Jordan to stay away from Hilary, she makes a scene. Hilary demands that Devon forgive her or sign the divorce papers, so they can get on with their lives.

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