Tuesday 3/7/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/7/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is watching RJ say bye to Coco. When RJ is not looking where he is backing up, a forklift heads right to him. Coco calls his name and dives at him to get him out of harm’s way. Ridge and Brooke are both grateful that Coco was there at the right time. Saul shows Sally the tiny bug she is to give Coco. They decide on a necklace that he can hide it in and no one will ever know. RJ tells his parents that Coco is a good person despite her last name. RJ begs again to just give her a chance and Ridge gives in and says she can stay for now. She thanks him and retorts that he will not regret this. Brooke thanks Ridge for doing this and he says it is his one good deed of the year.

Saul is interested in learning about Sally’s parents since he only knows her grandmother, Shirley. She’s not proud of it but says her parents were con artists that worked and traveled with the carnivals. They would do anything for money. And Coco seems the only one to have escaped that wrath. But for Sally all of this toughened her up. Coco thanks RJ for going to bat for her with his dad. He says from the first time he met her he felt like he was supposed to and now she has saved his life. He’s like an awkward school boy but he leans in and kisses her. Ridge tells Brooke that he has a strange feeling about that girl. She may look innocent but she is a Spectra. Saul hands Sally the finished necklace and says anything Coco sees, they will see it all too. It’s the only insurance they have.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Tiffany and her boyfriend kidnapped the baby and took her things. They thought they could get more money. Justin and Lucas argued over Adrienne’s chemo. Anne called Lucas to tell him that Adrienne wasn’t doing well.  Justin and Lucas went to check on her.  Nicole came back and found the baby gone. Justin, Lucas, and Anne went to check on Adrienne. Lucas and Anna left to get Adrienne some soup. Nicole found Tiffany and her boyfriend and stopped them from taking Holly. Justin and Adrienne kissed each other.

Nicole told Holly why she had to kidnap her.  Nicole was upset with herself for leaving the baby by herself.  She realized that Chloe would have never let Holly get kidnapped.  When Brady was in an alley, he found Nicole’s bag that Tiffany’s boyfriend dropped.  Nicole told Holly that she was going to go to prison.  Nicole left her motel room, but forgot to take Holly’s pacifier.  Brady went to Nicole’s room and found the pacifier.  When Nicole came back, Brady was in the room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu wants to use the fact that Valentin and Nina are on the rocks against him in court. Diane doesn’t think it is a good idea and they should stick to the facts. While this is going on Nora tells Valentin that it would be better if Nina were in court supporting him. Valentin doesn’t believe that will happen. At Crimson, Laura confronts Nina and offers her the chance to keep Charlotte in her life permanently. She suggests that one day she might realize that Valentin isn’t the man she wants and then Charlotte won’t be there at all. If she sides with them then she will be able to see Charlotte still. In court, both Lulu and Valentin give reasons as to why they should have custody. Nina walks in and smiles after the judge has gone off to review paperwork.

At General Hospital, Anna wants Julian to tell her where Olivia is. Julian keeps coming in and out of sleep due to a lack of water. Andre and Jordan later show up while Julian is awake and Julian claims that Olivia wants what is below the hospital. In the lobby of that floor, Lucas and Alexis are speaking about how Julian was involved in all of this. Anna comes over and tells them the situation with Olivia. Alexis wants to go talk to Julian. Lucas tells Anna about the hidden room in the basement. Anna goes off without telling anyone to find it. Meanwhile, Olivia has tied Griffin to a hospital bed. She plans to bring Duke back by putting his spirit into Griffin’s body. She claims that once the candle she has lit goes out, he will be in Griffin’s body. Anna shows up and gets into a fist fight with Olivia. Olivia cuts her hand and Anna gets dizzy and falls to the floor. Olivia is about to stab Anna when the candle goes out. Griffin wakes up from the state he was in and frees himself. He goes over to Olivia and says that he is Duke.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ashley is in Jack's office at Jabot when Abby comes to the door and offers a peace offering. At the Chancellor mansion, Jill looks at the portrait of Katherine and then reads the letter that she received from her. Devon visits her. At Cane and Lily's home, Colin sits at the table and talks to Cane about his upcoming trip to Japan. Neil and Lily walk into the Athletic Club arm in arm then talk about Cane's trip to Japan. Lily hints that Neil take Colin in order to get him out of her hair, but he refuses. Hilary gives Mariah pointers on her dress for the photo shoot. Phyllis interrupts Ravi to show him a dress that she tried on which looked different earlier. Phyllis asks him about his date with Ashley the night before. Abby thanks Ashley for her advice on how to deal with Victor. Abby warns Ashley that she is just about ready to break Ravi's heart. Jill tells Devon that the letter from Katherine has opened up old wounds. Mariah accuses Hilary of sabotaging her just before the photo shoot. Hilary sees Jordan walk in and immediately joins him but not before telling Mariah to go and change her clothes. Abby tells Ashley that Ravi is falling for her, but Ashley assures her that Ravi will find someone else. Ashley assures Abby that she will handle this with Ravi.

Lily tells Neil that she understands why he won't take Colin in. Colin assures Cane that he will pay Jill back everything he owes her. Jill and Devon discuss what a gold digger Hilary is. Mariah asks Hilary about her and Jordan but not before reminding her of the kiss Hilary shared with Devon. Abby talks to Neil about coming back to work at Newman but he refuses. Mariah and Hilary have their photo shoot. They are surprised by the results of the proofs. Devon asks Jordan to see the proofs and then Jordan asks Devon if he would mind if he asked Hilary out. Devon tells him that he doesn't mind at all. Lily comes home to Cane but he tells her that they need to discuss her wanting to kick Colin out. Colin pays Jill a visit and brings her a gift of a beautiful ring which she thinks is from Phillip. Ravi joins Ashley in her office and she tells him that nothing can ever happen between them. Ravi starts to leave but he closes the door and asks why. Jill thanks Colin for finding the ring and giving it to her, but she will never forgive him for what he has done to her.

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