Monday 3/6/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/6/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy catches Thomas with his bod showing while putting on his shirt. She chides that this is not the place. She quickly changes subjects and wants him to come to Australia for her wedding. He’d rather stay behind and run the business. She begs. He appreciates the offer but does not say yes just yet. RJ gives a tour of FC to Coco. She is grateful to learn all the ropes and how friendly all the Forrester’s are. Sally tells Saul they do not have time; they need a miracle. Shirley pipes up that she spells miracle - C o c o. Saul tells Shirley that is not who Coco is, stealing designs. Brooke and Ridge hunt down RJ in the stock room and tells him while in Australia that she and his dad are going to elope. Reason for a group hug. This is what RJ always wanted and why he came home this time. He knows Bill Spencer is going to be there and Brooke says yes but that is why they will be doing theirs separately so no one can interrupt them. Coco makes herself known so RJ introduces them. When he hears the name Spectra he tells Coco that he is sorry but she has to leave even though RJ tells him that Thomas and Rick signed off on this.

Sally still bucks Shirley with her suggestion that Coco help them spy. Shirley says there is using and then completely different in being used when you do not even realize it. Sally replies that she knows it is the 15th round and they are going to have the knockout punch very soon but if Coco is adamant in not stealing then she is not going along with it. Shirley explains that there is a way that Coco can steal and spy for them without even knowing it. Saul says and he helped but he was told it was for security. Shirley says it is – their security in the business. Sally mulls it over and finally says it just might work. Shirley puts her hand out first, then Saul on top and finally Sally as they form a pact. Coco tells Ridge that yes Sally is her sister but she would never betray FC. Ridge answers that the original Sally stole from them so how do they know this generation will be any different. Steffy finally says that okay, Coco can stay but if anything goes wrong it is on Thomas's. RJ catches Coco as she leaves and says he did not know his dad would re-act like this. He hates to see her go and he does believe in her. She says that means a lot. As he turns around she screams out his name as an overloaded forklift heads straight to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe went to Hope to find out what was going on with Holly. Chloe was upset with Hope when she didnít have any information. Chloe wanted the police to do everything they could to find Holly. Brady talked to Dr. Lee about Nicole, but he didnít get any information. Jennifer tried to get Eric to take the job offer. While they were arguing, she got a message about Nicole taking Holly. Jennifer told him what was going on with Nicole and Chloe. A woman named Tiffany showed up in Nicoleís room. Tiffany noticed Holly and started asking questions about her. Nicole lied to her about Hollyís father.

Hope went to see Ciara to tell her about being back on the force.  Ciara told her how she wanted to be with Theo.  Brady met with Paul to trace a call that Nicole made to Dr. Lee.  Nicole gave Tiffany money to get things for Holly.  Tiffany watched her when she was getting the money.  Eric told Jennifer that Nicole should keep him out of her life.  Hope suggested that Ciara tell Claire the truth about her feelings.  Chloe ran into Brady and argued over Nicole taking Holly.  Chloe accused him of being in love with Nicole.  Jennifer tried to convince Eric to come home.  When he refused, she left because she was frustrated with him.  Chloe and Brady continued to argue over Nicole.  Paul was able to trace Nicoleís call.  Brady wanted to find Nicole.  Tiffany turned out to be a con artist who was working with her boyfriend to take Nicoleís money.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Diane is at the Metro Court bar, and finds that Nora Buchanan (One Life to Live) is sitting next to her. She doesn’t know this and starts to talk about Nora and how she is a tough lawyer. Nora loves Diane’s books. Diane and her, hit it off when Lulu, Laura, and Dante show up. Valentin does as well and calls Nora by name. Nora wishes her luck as she goes to speak to Valentin alone. Dine promises that Nora will not be an issue in court but it could be tricky. Lulu receives a text from Maxie informing her that Nina and Valentin are on the rocks. Laura excuses herself. Elsewhere, Nora explains to Valentin that he better figures out a way to keep Nina on his good side. He could lose bad if he doesn’t. In Nina’s office at Crimson, she is unsure of what to do. She calls Charlotte up and starts to cry. Laura walks in and has a proposition for her.

At General Hospital, Olivia has Robin locked up in the basement. She tells her that she plans to bring Duke back to life with her help. She takes Robin into a secret room where she finds Helena’s equipment that she brought people back from the dead with. Robin, tells her that you cannot bring someone back who has been cremated, plus he wasn’t dead but in a coma. Olivia starts to cry and remembers a piece of hair she has of Duke’s. Robin doesn’t think that is enough. Robin makes Olivia drop the hair and Olivia blames her and cries. Olivia realizes that she has an alternative to Duke through Griffin. Meanwhile, Franco and Elizabeth are on their way to work in the parking garage as they start to hear noises from a car. They end up finding Julian locked in it. Elsewhere, Anna and Griffin are discussing how dangerous Olivia is and how she was obsessed with Duke. They then get word that Julian is there and needs medical attention. Anna decides to wait around to make sure that Julian doesn’t get away. Julian explains to her that Olivia hasn’t left the hospital. When Griffin leaves, he finds himself in the elevator where he runs into Olivia who he doesn’t know by name. She informs him she is happy now because she is reminded of the man she loves through him. His father, Duke.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Sharon make it clear to Faith that they are just friends and he and Chelsea are a couple now. Faith decides to go apologize to Chelsea. Nick is happy that Sharon has decided to take some classes at GCU because he knows that has always been a dream for her. Kevin hits a snag when the kidnappers aren't at the agreed upon location but later finds Scott. After Scott talks to Lauren, he and Kevin head home. Jill gets Colin to admit he sold the ring Katherine left her and she demands for him not to walk back through that door unless he has that ring with him. Jill tells Colin that Philip was the love of her life and that she would still be with him if it wasn't for Katherine causing his death. Jill tells Colin that she never wants to see him again and makes it clear they will never had a future. Jill tells Katherine's picture that she will never forgive her for keeping Philip's love from her and for not giving her the ring that he wanted to give her.

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