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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick wants RJ to reassure him that he is ready for this. Being with interns is more than just babysitting them. Rick bucks when he sees one of the interns is a Spectra… that is not happening. Thomas says she seems real and he will stand up for her. Nicole and Zende return from their honeymoon and show everyone their pictures. Shirley asks Coco how was her first day as a Forrester intern and as a Spectra spy. She replies she is sorry they are doing badly but she does not feel right stealing. Sally says they really only borrow the design, change the fabric and make it their own. They will not fail. Sally tells the others that she is not going to let her sister go out on the limb and try to save them. Sally tells everyone to get busy and go back to work, they have a collection to make. CJ tells her she can stop; he saw the review by Maxwell. Spectra Fashions is not going to make a comeback so she needs to accept that. Thomas tells Rick they already gave Coco the job so Rick looks again and says her resume looks good enough so they will give her a chance. In walks Coco, and RJ introduces her to everyone. Rick is still skeptical and asks if they should trust her. Sally tells Mr. Doom and Gloom they are not going to accept defeat. He tells them do not waste any more time on this, the name will hold them back. Shirley says Spectra’s do not go down without a fight.

Coco tells Rick that he is right that her family has a history but whatever damage they caused has nothing to do with her. She is a honest person and they will never question her loyalty. If they will just give her a chance she will be forever grateful. Rick says they need a moment to think this over. He tells Thomas that he has heard enough and he just wants what is best for FC. RJ finds Coco and says he trusts her and if she keeps the job he hopes she will not let them down. Nicole tells Zende there is a honesty about Coco even though she brings baggage. CJ asks Shirley what the scheme is now as sooner or later he will hear about it. Shirley says they have the right person at the right time and the right place, she is already in. RJ tells Coco is it obvious that she can handle herself. She was grilled by Rick and did not flinch a bit. Rick tells her that he could not help but be skeptical and if the press gets one glimpse of a knockout then it will be months down the drain for them and he will have to let her go. But he is giving her one chance now so do not screw it up. She thanks all of them for believing in her. Sally says Coco is on the inside and despite her working there, she is going to have to rob them blind as she is a Spectra.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby confronted Gabi about kissing Chad. Gabi apologized, but Abby told her she didnít have to. Gabi told Abby that she made a promise to respect her marriage and she wouldnít do anything to ruin it. Chad went to Dario to call a truce, but Dario thought it wouldnít work. Anne went to Chloe to talk about Lucas. Anne told Chloe that she had feelings for Lucas. Brady told Nicole that Eric was out of prison. She was upset that Eric was free. She prayed she never had to see Eric again. Chloe told Anne to get Lucas cookies. Chad stopped Dario from attacking Deimos. Deimos said that he didnít pay them back for what they did to Sonny. When Deimos left, Dario told Chad that he didnít want him hurting Gabi. When Dario said he didnít want to hurt Gabi or Abby, Chad wondered when he was concerned about his wife.

Brady told Nicole that Eric was staying away.  Brady wanted her to promise that she would try to forgive Eric.  Jennifer went to see Eric.  She gave him something to convince him to come home.  Anne met Lucas at TBD.  She thanked him for helping her get a job.  She gave him oatmeal cookies.  Jennifer offered Eric a job at the Horton Center.  Dario told Gabi that he loved Abby.  Abby was able to help Chad make the DiMeras look better.  He offered her a job.  Eric didnít want to go back to Salem and face Nicole.  Jennifer wanted him to accept the job offer.  He said he would think about it.  Anne kissed Lucas.  He wanted to know what she was doing.  Someone chloroformed Chloe and took the baby.  Lucas told Anne that he was in love with Adrienne.  Nicole ended up being the one who took the baby.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Elizabeth gets a phone call from Monica telling her that the financial problems have been solved. They need her back at work. Elizabeth tells Franco this and goes with her to find out if his job is safe. Monica explains to him that at this time the art program is not coming back. They don’t have the money for it or any of the other extra programs. She points him to the help wanted ads. Franco wants to be a janitor and work with Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Nelle tells Michael that she has to leave town. Michael doesn’t want her too. Nelle thinks that she is a terrible person and lies that a friend is sick back home. Michael decides that he wants to go with her back to Atlanta. Nelle thinks that is fine. She tells herself that if she gets a few hours to explain to Michael what is going on she can fix everything with him. At Nelle’s apartment Carly wants to know how long she has been left in the dark about Sonny sleeping with Nelle. Sonny admits it happened on Thanksgiving and he thought that he had lost her forever to Jax. He was passed out and Nelle set them up. Carly eventually decides to believe that she set them up but it doesn’t change the fact that he slept with her. Carly decides she wants nothing to do with him and is about to leave when Nelle and Michael walk in.

Alexis goes to the police station where Curtis had shown up only a few minutes earlier. Alexis and Curtis explain to Jordan that Olivia Jerome is alive and has kidnapped Sam. She also is responsible for the death of Morgan and has been posing as an AA sponsor to Alexis. Jordan decides that she believes them and wants Alexis to call up Olivia so they can track her location. Elsewhere, Olivia is angry that Julian’s deal fell through and she isn’t going to get the hospital. She admits that it has nothing to do with the actual building but what is beneath the building. Alexis starts to call before she can tell him what is beneath the building. Olivia thinks that Alexis knows what is going on and decides that they need to get moving. Later, Jordan shows up and the place is empty. While this is going on Jason refuses to leave Sam’s side and ends up carrying her and Scout up the hill by himself. Sam passes out though again and the ambulance shows up. At the hospital, Sam wants Jason to go with Scout but Jason wants to go with Sam. The doctor’s need him to stay back though.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Victoria get a call from Johnny's school because Johnny pushed a little girl named Clara to the floor and made her cry . Billy and Victoria talk to Johnny and he tells them that Clara kissed him on the cheek and he didn't like it. Billy and Victoria watch Johnny apologize to Clara and he and Clara become friends again. Lauren gets proof that Scott is alive and Victor's contacts discover that Scott is being held captive in Syria so Victor sends Kevin along with men from his security team to pay the ransom and rescue Scott. Victoria sends Cane to Japan to oversee the launch of the men's lime there Cane asks Lily to go with him but she says she has too much work to do. Cane and Lily have a romantic night before he leaves for his business trip. Colin finds a letter from Katherine and a very expensive diamond and emerald ring in the music box that Katherine left for Jill when she died. Jill and Esther are shocked when a letter from Katherine arrives in the mail. Colin has the ring appraised and gets ready to sell the ring.

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