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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam scoffs. He knows Quinn is a package deal with Eric. And Eric is going to be at their wedding but he cannot see Quinn there….in the same room breathing the same air as Ridge. He calls Bill to warn him the families are getting together and Ridge will be there. Sally is aghast that Shirley wants to plant Coco at FC to steal their designs. Shirley says they need her. They need a spy, a mole otherwise they will end up in the rat hole themselves. Shirley springs it on Coco….the most prestigious place in town as an intern. She says she would give her right arm to be working over there. But she wanted to help them in the family business. Shirley quips that she will be helping them more than she knows. And Sally has a connection over at FC so she is sure she can get in. Pam calls the meeting and Thomas says yes the wedding is more important than business right now. Brooke, Ridge and Eric are all for it being held in Australia….including Quinn. RJ, with the help and assistance of Thomas conducts interviews for interns. Thomas says they are still looking for that one that really stands out. Shirley manages to convince Coco that she would be much more suited over at FC….finally Sally relents. She calls Thomas and says she knows Spectra might be a dirty word but her sister is here and she could use a job. Thomas tells her to send her sister over right away.

Bill breaks into the family meeting and says he is the father of the groom so that makes him and Ridge…….Coco shows up and Thomas tells Pam that he and RJ will handle this one by themselves. They are impressed. She tells them she did want to work with her sister but her business may not be around that much longer. She wants the opportunity to help them so just give her the chance and she will work hard. Shirley tries to convince Sally that this is business, borrow from Peter to pay Paul. She tells Sally they are in serious debt and now they have a way out and it all depends on her little sister. Shirley rants that this is like a recipe for Mulligan stew and Sally needs to get with the program. Bill tells Liam this is his day; there is no sharing with Brooke and Ridge. He also tells the group that he has forgotten how many times that Ridge has let Brooke down and he knows it will happen again. Eric leaves and then Bill says he would like to talk to Brooke. He wishes she did not have to put herself thru this again with Ridge. She says those days are over. Ridge is her destiny and Bill needs to accept that. She trusts Ridge and he has not let her down since they have gotten back together. They will spend the rest of their lives together. Ridge and Quinn throw knowing looks at each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena wanted Jennifer to convince Eric to come home.  Nicole and Deimos argued over him costing her daughter.  JJ wanted Gabi to tell him what happened when she was locked in the meat locker.  He wanted to know who was responsible for it.  Jennifer opened up to Marlena about when she was hooked on drugs.  Gabi said the guy that kidnapped her and Chad was the only one they saw.  While they argued, Rafe interrupted them.  Deimos reminded Nicole that he was why she knew about Holly, but that only made her upset.  She wanted him to let her go, but he said he wouldnít. She said he didnít have a choice and told him that she quit.

Rafe didnít want Gabi to protect Deimos.  Rafe told her what was going on with Drew or the Orwell.  She wanted to know if they were going to put Eduardo away.  Rafe wanted her help to get Deimos.  Dario showed up and said not to talk.  Deimos went to see Chloe.  He told her that Nicole broke up with him.  He wanted Chloe to give Holly back to Nicole, but she refused. Brady told Nicole that Chloe was moving to New York.  Jennifer went to see Eric.  JJ and Gabi got in an argument over Chad.  Rafe and Dario argued over Gabi being kidnapped.  Eric wanted Jennifer to leave.  He asked if Marlena sent her.  She realized that he saved her.  Brady tried to talk Nicole out of going to New York.  Deimos called Brady so they could talk.  Brady agreed to meet him.  Rafe went to see Marlena so he could thank Eric for helping Hope.  Marlena told Rafe how she got Jennifer to talk him into going home.  Eric wanted Jennifer to tell Marlena that he was okay.  She told him she cared about him, but he said he didnít care about anyone else.  She kissed him.  Nicole went to see Chloe to tell her she was done with Deimos.  Nicole told Chloe that she was going to New York.  Nicole said she would be a good mother.  Nicole tried to appeal to Chloe, but Chloe said it wasnít possible.  Jennifer told Eric she was coming back before she left.  Brady met Deimos. Deimos said he wanted his help to get Nicole back.  Brady said it was his own fault that he lost Nicole.  Deimos asked if Brady loved Nicole.  Chloe got a restraining order against Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis tells Jason that Sam didn’t spend the night with her. Jason reads a text that Sam sent claiming she did. Alexis doesn’t think that happened at all and she hasn’t been dealing with her drinking because she has been thirty days sober. Jason tries calling Sam and her phone is in Alexis’s purse. Alexis thinks the only time her purse was unattended is when she got a call and her sponsor was watching it. Jason asks if her sponsor is the woman in the picture he has and Alexis wants to know why he has a picture of her. Jason tells her that it is Julian’s sister that he shot for dead years earlier who probably killed Morgan and kidnapped Sam. Olivia holds Julian hostage in her bedroom. She tells him that she will let him live if things go in their favor at the board meeting. He gets a text saying that she has won the hospital. Julian wants to be let go to find Sam. Sam is lying below the bridge and goes into labor. Jason pulls up and calls for Sam but she cannot yell.

Carly decides that she is moving back in with Sonny. Sonny attempts to tell her yet again about Nelle but doesn’t. Bobbie wants to meet with Carly and Carly goes to do so. Bobbie explains that Felicia found evidence that Nelle is sleeping with Sonny. Carly doesn’t believe her and is going to prove her wrong. She goes to Nelle’s apartment and breaks in to find a file that has been deleted on Sonny. She finds the voice recorder and plays it. It has Sonny saying that they had sex. Nelle frantically searches Carly’s office in hopes to find the file after having a change of heart. After searching for a long time, she ends up finding it. She is glad that things can remain the same way that they have been. Sonny goes to meet with Griffin at the hospital where he asks if he will officiate a vow renewal ceremony. Griffin asks if this was his idea and why he hasn’t told Carly about Nelle. He thinks that he better do, it before Nelle tells someone or someone else finds out and tells Carly. Sonny decides he better do so. At the board meeting Laura is missing and Doctor Obrecht shows up and is the alternate and is still angry that she was fired from her job. She votes to sell. Finn goes on a meeting where he is offered a ridicules amount of money. He turns it down but is given a business card if he changes his mind.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael and Phyllis both suspect that that Jack and Gloria's relationship is more then professional but Jack denies everything to them and tells them he just gave Gloria a job because she needed one. Nikki is shocked when she sees Jack and Gloria go into a hotel room at the Athletic club together. Nikki advises Victoria to support Reed in his dream to be a musician because it is a good diversion for him and keeps him from looking at pornography websites. Nikki thinks that Victoria's punishment for Reed was too severe and reminds Victoria that she posed for a men's magazine when she was a teenager to assert her independence. Victoria tells Reed that she will pay for piano and guitar lessons for him if he plays her a song on his guitar when he does she is impressed by his talent. Lauren is determined to pay the ransom to save Scott from his kidnappers despite Paul's advise to not pay the ransom because it could put Scott and other journalists in danger. Ravi and Phyllis work around the clock to fix the bugs in the Fenmore's app and get the app ready for its launch.

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