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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn opens the door to find Ridge. He said he did not see his father’s car so thought it would be okay if he came by. He asks about Ivy and says they are lucky as they needed a wake-up call. What they have between them has to stop. She doesn’t even know why it is so hard since they hate each other, and yet he is here. Brooke tells RJ that Steffy was talking about her wedding in Australia and even suggested she and Ridge make it a double wedding. Thomas tells Sally that he knows how she feels as he gets criticized for his designs every day. Sally knows they are out of business and the others feel she is firing them. Shirley says she is not just an employee; she is part owner and she is not giving up this quickly. She opines that her sister always made it work by making fashions ripped from others cheaper and quicker. They need someone on the inside at Forrester. One of them suggests Thomas but Sally pooh-poohs that as why would he turn on his family like that. Steffy gloats to Thomas over Sally’s bad review from Jarrett. Ridge tells Quinn that he doesn’t want to set fire to her every time he sees her. He thinks they just need to accept there is some sort of sexual appreciation between them. She says a phone call could have sufficed and yet he is here. He wonders why she kissed him the other day if this is so casual. She compares it to tennis. He gets it – tennis takes two and she serves and he can return or not. She gives him this mumbo jumbo that she thinks he ought to go back to hating her but in that instant she kissed him to thank him for not hating her and even then he could have hurt her but didn’t.

RJ asks if Brooke thinks Ridge will be a good husband. She says she is much more sure of him than she has ever been. In the midst of their misery a ray of sunshine walks in the door at Spectra – Sally’s sister, Coco. She refuses to believe this is the end for them. She came all the way out here to help. Shirley and Saul look at each other in silent agreement. Shirley tells Sally on the side that they have their hope back. They don’t need a designer, just designs and they can plant Coco at Forrester’s. Sally won’t go for it. RJ springs the question on Ridge and he replies that he has no objection to getting married down under if Brooke wants to. RJ says he has never seen them happier and he actually believes they are gonna make it this time. Group hug as Quinn walks up and spies them from the door.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie met Eli at the funeral. Abby wanted to know if she and Chad could put what he did with Gabi behind them. He said he could put his feelings behind him and hoped she could too. She said she could. Brady tried to talk Chloe into giving up Holly. He told her that Nicole dumped Deimos so there was no reason to keep Nicole from Holly. Julie told everyone at the funeral about her relationship with David. Abe met Eli at the funeral. Abby told Chad that they could take a trip together. Brady was upset with Chloe when she judged the kind of mother Nicole could be. Chloe didnít want Brady judging her. He wanted to be there for Chloe because she was alone. Theo went to see Chad. Chad wanted Theo to be careful because he didnít know what Eduardo and Deimos would do. Theo asked Chad if you could love two women the same. Claire told Abby that she was afraid that another woman was after Theo. Abby told her not to let the other woman win. Chloe reminded Brady that he was always defending Nicole even when they were married. Chloe thought that he was falling for Nicole.

Valerie wanted to know why Eli thought David was his father.  He told her that Terrence wasnít his father.  He said he did an ancestry test and found out that Terrence wasnít his father.  He blamed her for why he would never know his father.  He wanted to know why she didnít tell him.  Brady told Chloe that he didnít have feelings for Nicole.  Chloe told him that she was going to New York.  He offered to take care of her.  She thought it would be easier for Nicole.  Valerie told Eli about her relationship with David.  Elli was upset that she didnít tell him about his father.  Chloe let Maggie see Holly.  Chloe told her that she was moving to New York.  Eli thought Valerie lied to him all his life.  She wanted to know why he didnít say anything sooner.  He said he learned how to lie.  She apologized to him.  She asked if heís going to tell the Hortons.  He wouldnít tell her.  Eli went back to the church.  Lani overheard him talking to David.  Brady called Nicole to talk to her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Hayden confronts Finn about his drug abuse. She wants him to get help but Finn thinks he can get off of it in three days, top. Hayden feels if it was that easy he would have done it already. She tells him that if he has no desire to get help then she is done with him. She would however, like to be notified if he survives. In the board room at GH, Tracy keeps calling and texting Laura to remind her to make it. Laura will make it she claims. Lucy storms into the board room telling Tracy that this is the end of GH and she cannot believe it after all she has done with the nurses Ball’s and the charities she has helped with over the years. Tracy explains her plan. Lucy feels that it will never happen because no one even likes Tracy. She storms out. At the Metro Court Alexis asks Laura for forgiveness as part of her twelve-step program. Laura gives it to her. Rudge drugs Laura after Alexis leaves and she passes out in her car. Rudge finds her.

Alexis meets with Olivia at the Metro Court and they discuss how Alexis has been sober for a month. Olivia is proud of her. Alexis mentions the key Julian gave her. Olivia doesn’t want her going without her if she does go to see what the letter says. Robin and Anna discuss their lives more and Robin reveals she is pregnant with another child. Anna is so happy. At the Metro Court, Valentin finds out that Nina pressed charges against Anna and Valentin makes her take them away. Nina isn’t happy. Valentin goes back to the hospital where he warns Anna that she isn’t done just yet. Jason and Curtis show up at Olivia’s gravesite. They find out that no one is buried in her grave. Curtis is absolutely mortified that they did that. Later, Jason runs into Alexis and he finds out that Sam wasn’t with her the night before. Sam is stuck in the ditch under the bridge and keeps attempting to get up. She ends up passing out though, thinking that Jason will find her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack visits Jill at home and brings her a gift. Jill is surprised when she sees that it is a Jack in the Box. Jack lets her know that he knows that Colin had stolen all of her money which makes Jill angry. Lauren tells Phyllis how upset she is over Scott being missing or even being kidnapped. Gloria answers the phone for Jack when Michael comes to visit. Michael wants to see Jack but Gloria lets him know that Jack hasn't come in yet. Noah visits Sharon at the Coffeehouse and tells her about his talk with Nikki and about her telling him that Dylan had to leave town. Sharon is speechless as to what to tell Noah. Noah also tells Sharon that he and Marissa had broken up because she had been talking to the parents of her child. Phyllis orders Lauren to take the day off and she will handle anything that comes up. Lauren even invites her to a working lunch at the club but Lauren refuses by telling her that someone may call about Scott. Phyllis tells her to at least take a shower and she will snatch her out of the shower should someone call for her. Michael begins to question Gloria as to how and why she is working here. Gloria tells him that she does anything that Jack wants her to do but will not tell him what she is holding over Jack. Gloria wants to help Michael with his problems with Michael tells her that Lauren hasn't quite forgiven her. Gloria insists that she is still family and he is shutting her out. Jill becomes angry again over Colin stealing all her money and the mess she had made of her life. Jill holds Jack to his offer for Fenmore's. Noah helps Sharon clear the tables and then they sit down to talk. Sharon begins to open up to him and tells him the real reason why Dylan had left was to protect her and her family. Jack manages to get Jill to lie back down and rest. He kisses her head before he leaves. Gloria lies to Michael as to how and why she is really working here. A delivery man brings Lauren and Phyllis a chef's salad for lunch while they get down to business.

Jack arrives back at the office and finds Michael waiting for him. Jack ushers him into his office but refuses to let Gloria take dictation of the meeting. Michael thanks Jack for not letting Gloria get involved in their meeting. Jack tells Michael that Jill had a heart attack but she was home resting. Noah kisses Sharon good bye just before he leaves her. Lauren tells Phyllis to go the office and get to work on their suggestions about the website. Lauren receives a call from the kidnapper, who wants a million dollars for Scott's safe return or Scott will be killed.

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