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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sally tells her crew that she hopes they are ready. Today Spectra could be on the maps. Jarrett Maxwell did not laugh in their faces and he seemed to like the line, so just sit back and wait for his review. Jarrett marches into Bill’s office who is waiting for that review. Jarrett says Sally is definitely not couture but she does have a style all her own and there will be a market for her playful whimsy. Bill scoffs and says there is no such thing and he wants Spectra to be gone by the end of the day. Jarrett says he needs to be true to himself. Bill grouses again that he can be true to himself or Bill can replace him with someone who will do his bidding. He wants that merry band of gypsies out of that building today. Thomas drops in on Sally with a large bouquet of flowers and apologizes for missing her preview. It’s only a matter of time now until the whole world knows her good work and she will be in business. Bill calls in a banker who is dismayed when he finds out this is about Sally Spectra who he is not exactly enamored of. His name is Shift and she thinks it is cute to call him Shifty. Bill says no mind, he wants Sally boxed in, no cash flow which he is sure she will be asking for. That will not happen; he wants Shift to understand that. Thomas tells Sally that any minute she will be getting that rave review and he is glad he is here to share it with her. She makes him laugh and he would not want to be any other place. Saul says this does not feel good; it is taking too long.

Bill tells Jarrett to lighten up or he will have to get some tissues. He pleased his boss and kept his job so he should be glad about that. And he will get over this when he gets his bonus paycheck this week. Jarrett pleads again that it is not too late to change his mind. It is not true and it is not fair. Bill says he built this empire on what had to be done. He pushes a button and says Spectra Fashions is about to implode. Thomas laments to Sally that this is not about him today but her, but he feels he was shut out by his own family. He should have at least been offered the job of CEO. Shirley rushes in and says the review is on the website so they all sit and watch. It goes from bad to worse; she played a joke on the whole fashion industry as she has no talent. He advises her to go back where she came from. The wrecking ball on the building would have been far kinder. While all are down, Sally tells them no tears. They gave it their best shot. They are up to their necks in debt so there is not another out. She knows she let them down. It was a wonderful dream, the best one she has ever had. But that is all it was. Spectra Fashions is dead she cries.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara and Claire argued over Claire not wanting to go to Davidís funeral.  Julie said she didnít deserve to go to Davidís funeral.  Maggie and Doug tried to convince her to go the funeral.  Kate was upset with Eduardo for working with Andre to kidnap Sonny.  Chad told Abby that he kissed Gabi.  Ciara and Claire convinced Julie to go to Davidís funeral.  When Valerie was telling Davidís casket that she should have told Eli the truth, Abe was behind her.  Eduardo wanted to know if something was going on between Dario and Abby.  Dario denied that there was something going on.  Abby told Chad that she thought he did more with Gabi, but he said nothing happened.  She was okay with what happened.

Julie was glad that Valerie was at the church.  Abby went to the memorial that Chad made for her.  She thought he did the memorial so he could move on with his life.  She was upset that she let him think she was dead.  She destroyed the statue and started crying.  Dario was there to comfort her.  Julie talked to Davidís casket.  Ciara and Claire made up at the funeral.  Dario told Abby that she was upset about Chad and Gabi.  Dario told Abby that he called out Gabiís name in his sleep.  She said she heard Gabi call out Chadís name. Abby blamed herself for Chad moving on.  She wondered if she should let him go. He tried to talk her into fighting for Chad.  Eli showed up at the funeral to bury his father.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Hayden worries about Finn. Griffin explains that he thinks that there might be something wrong with him. Hayden wants to know what and Griffin admits that he might be addicted to drugs and going through withdraw. Hayden shows up at his hotel room and tries to get him to answer. He doesn’t. She leaves. Insider, he is passed out on the ground with a needle right next to him. Anna tries to leave the hospital but Robin will not let her. Griffin and Anna admit to her that she is going to have to give up her job more than likely. Later, a police officer shows up to arrest her for breaking and entering. At the Metro Court Nina is jealous of Anna and is the one who called in the report. Valentin claimed that he was over Anna though.

Jason attempts to find out more information on Olivia Jerome. He talks to Robin about what she remembers from childhood. Robin only knows that Olivia had a huge crush on Duke and was obsessed. She wasn’t sure if they were ever actually together. She also killed Anna’s baby with Duke but it was supposedly an accident. On the bridge, Olivia, doesn’t want to hurt Sam or the baby but she doesn’t think it is fair that Sam has a good life while she didn’t get anything she wanted. Sam tries to escape her but Olivia accidentally pushes her from the bridge. Julian calls and wants proof that Sam is ok. Olivia claims she is out cold. At the Metro Court Jason and Curtis meet to discuss the possibility of Olivia being alive. Curtis isn’t sure how to tell Jordan about this theory. Jason tells him that they are going to dig up Olivia’s grave to see if she is actually dead.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

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