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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sally and Shirley hug; it’s the big day and they can’t wait. It’s sink or swim based on one man’s review, says Shirley. Sally adds they can surely impress him and then they are back in business. There is too much stored in the show room so they will have to have the showing right here in Sally’s office, simple and direct. Even the Forrester’s will take notice, especially Queen Steffy. Bill thinks Jarrett is complaining when he mentions he is the only one reviewing Spectra’s showing. He always wanted an exclusive. Jarrett says yes, if it were Forrester. Bill says Spectra needs to be buried. They are squatters wasting their time in that building and he cannot wait to tear it down. First they must tear them down; so squash the Spectra dreams. Steffy can tell Thomas is still miffed at her. She says being CEO is important to her but his being her brother is more important. She changes the subject quickly and says it is another day for his favorite redhead, and she is sure it will be another hot mess. Thomas tries to defend Sally but Steffy says she cannot re-create the great memories that her aunt did years ago. Thomas says he has seen them and they aren’t bad. And if they are great it might be good for a healthy competition. Steffy laments they have plenty of competition from real fashion houses and not thieves which is all they will ever be. She is just taking over where her aunt left off.

Bill emphasizes again that he wants that land and wants his new building, the ragtags will have to go. Bill says Jarrett is just standing around, go and do his job. Katie tells Bill that this new version of Spectra just might succeed. He says it could, but he is willing to bet it won’t. Just when they all think he is going to be a no-show Jarrett steps into Spectra. Darlita does not recognize him and offers him a pig in a blanket which he declines. Sally comes in and introduces herself and puts her arm through his and introduces him to Saul and Shirley. She asks Darlita to turn on the music while she presents the maiden voyage of the new Spectra Fashions. All eyes are on Jarrett as he views the gorgeous gowns. Then Sally taunts him to feast his eyes on this – the showstopper. He claps while trying hard not to show his enthusiasm. He assures her that her sense of style is unique in a good way. They encourage him to give a good review. He says they might be giving him too much credit for his review. He thanks them for inviting him. Back at Bill’s, it is awkward, he even wants a drink. Bill says he is glad he survived it. Jarrett mutters that it really wasn’t all that terrible. And about the review, he can definitely write some negative things but surprisingly her designs were not that painful; they were interesting. Bill says no, that is not fair. He better not forget who he works for. He’s not having any of this; Jarrett knows what his assignment is – write a scathing career-ending review. Over at Spectra they are all jumping around celebrating and wishing they had some champagne with all of this. Thomas calls and Sally says it was quite an experience and Jarrett Maxwell was there. Thomas says he is quite influential. Bill tells Jarrett that he wants the review on his desk the first thing in the morning – they are putting Spectra out of business.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena showed up at Ericís house.  Hope was upset that she shot Stefano.  She was scared that it was her last day out of prison.  Andre told Chad that Abby found him and Gabi.  Eric told Marlena that he kept Hope safe.  Marlena wanted him to come home, but he said he wouldnít.  Hope appreciated Rafeís support.  He told her that everything was going to be okay.  Chad told Andre what happened in the meat locker.  Chad told Andre that the war was done.  Andre told Chad that they found Stefano in Prague and that he ran away.  Chad asked if Hope was free.  Chad thought she suffered enough.  Marlena tried to talk Eric into going back to Salem, but he didnít want to.  Hope and Rafe met with Andre to discuss her case.  Marlena said she would help Eric, but he wanted her to leave.  She said she wasnít leaving.  Justin and Hope left for her case.  Andre talked to Rafe about Hope going to prison.  Chad thought about kissing Gabi.  Gabi was in his room while he was thinking about her.

Justin and Hope went to see Judge Fitzpatrick.  DA Trask said Hope still committed a crime even if Stefano was alive.  Justin and Trask argued over the case.  Chad asked Gabi if she remembered anything.  She told him what she remembered.  He told her what he remembered.  He said he remembered that she said he loved her.  She said that she remembered he told her he loved her.  They said they remembered kissing each other.  Rafe saw them together and wanted to talk to her.  Rafe confronted Gabi about kissing Chad.  He asked if she had feelings for him and she confessed that she did.  He reminded her about the war between the families.  He wanted to do something before someone got killed.  Justin told the judge that Trask met with Andre.  Trask said that Andre wanted to put this mess behind him.  She said there would be no more charges against her.  Marlena told Eric that God forgave him, but he didnít want her throwing God in his face.  She said she would love him until he loved himself.  Gabi told Chad that what they had was over because he was married to her best friend.  She left his room.  Andre came in and asked Chad if anything happened between him and Gabi.  Chad was upset with himself for the way he treated Abby when she came back.  He said he had to tell her what happened with Gabi.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly tries to get ahold of Nelle when Sonny walks in. She has to go and Jason shows up. Sonny tells Jason about how Robin mentioned another sister that Julian had named Olivia. Jason remembers her being dead but wouldn’t be shocked if she was faking it. She could be responsible for this. Sonny isn’t so sure. At Carly’s office, Bobbie explains to Carly that the roads are horrible in the mountains. Carly guesses that Nelle is trapped then and the trip is canceled. When Carly leaves Bobbie calls Felicia and finds out that she found something horrible out about her. Carly returns to Sonny’s where he explains to her that they do not need a cabin. They can leave the world in this house together. At the Cabin, Michael tries to tell Nelle that she is worth more than she thinks. Nelle doesn’t think that is true. Michael promises her that whatever is going on he will stick by her. Nelle hopes that is true. They hug.

Hayden has come up with a decent enough proposal to give to the board. She, Tracy, and Monica all celebrate together. Hayden realizes that Finn just landed and tries to get a hold of her. She isn’t able to though and is worried. Elsewhere, Julian goes to visit Ava in jail. He tells her that he will get her out soon and Alexis will be the one to do it. Ava wants to know what is really going on. Julian is about to tell her when he gets a threatening text message. He decides that he cannot and promises that everything will be alright. In Olivia’s car Sam figures out who she is. She tries to get away but on a bridge Olivia won’t let her. She knows that Sam knows and that isn’t ok. She pulls a gun on her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy tries to persuade Jill not to see Colin until she is home from the hospital, because he will only cause her stress, but she tells Billy that she has to see her husband. Neil and Cane advise Colin that if he truly loves Jill, he doesn't have to show it by always trying to get more money. Jill remembers that Katherine had a valuable collection of clocks that she can sell to get money. The memories of Katherine and her illness make her realize that she needs to take care of herself. Colin arrives at the hospital and Jill tells him that they must talk about their future. Victoria and Lily go on GC Buzz to promote the new men's line for Brash and Sassy. Hilary sees the tension between Cane and Victoria before they begin taping the show, and she decides to let Cane and Jordan model and promote the new men's line with Lily. She barely talks to Victoria at all during the taping. Billy is upset and tells Victoria that she shouldn't have let Cane do that because then he will not respect her as his boss. Victoria tells Cane she thinks it was a good show, and the show is making more people want to buy products from the men's line. Cane and Lily make love when they get home, because they are happy that things went so well with the show. Cane isn't happy that Victoria hired Jordan as Brash and Sassy's exclusive photographer. Hilary flirts with Jordan to make Devon jealous, and it works, because later Devon tells Hilary that he can't live without her and they kiss.

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