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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Ivy that Brooke was on her way out. Ivy says but this is very important so they return to Ridge’s office. Thomas is working on his designs and Steffy praises him. She says she knows he is not happy with the situation but she wishes he could get on board. Sally tells Saul and Darlita that the almost another food fight was so worth it. Shirley is home still trying to get the cake out of her uniform. Sometimes you have to forgo your dignity to get your point across. Saul tells her this office is still a disaster area. There is not enough lighting and they have no sequins or enough supplies. Darlita tells them she sent out 120 invitations and only four are going to show up. Sally says this is not good. They need press and they need it now. Jarrett stops in on Bill and wonders why he wants him to attend the Spectra fashion show. Jarrett says they have always been at the lower level so why should he put in an appearance. Bill says he wants that space and Jarrett can help him get it. He does not want the business but he wants that building. That means Sally has to fail and he knows she will not do that immediately, but the pen is mightier than the sword. Pam comes in and shows Thomas and Steffy the video Shirley took at the wedding. Ivy tells Ridge and Brooke that she thought she could give them advice if they are thinking of getting married in Australia. As she leaves Ridge catches her and he asks what is she really doing here. She turns it on him and asks what is he doing – with Quinn? He says if she really cares about her uncle Eric then she will leave this alone. He is marrying Brooke, that is the bottom line. Thomas tells Steffy that she really does not need his designs, he is only the grunt around here.

Bill asks Jarrett to show him the invitation; he wants him to go to this glorious revival. Then Bill responds for Jarrett by text. It’s done. Sally says this is awkward; a show with no press. Darlita answers her Smartphone and all are joyful that Jarrett will attend. Ridge tells Ivy that he is committed to Brooke; everybody knows how he feels about Quinn and this is not an affair. They were stupid but this is not something to tell Eric. She says okay but just let him know that she is going to be watching him and Quinn. Thomas says Steffy would feel the same if she was passed over by a little sister. She says she is sorry, but that is reality and she just wishes they could get along better. Saul says if Jarrett Maxwell is coming then that means something. It could put Spectra on the map. Bill tells Jarrett do not hold back. He wants the worst review he has ever given. He doesn’t want to wait for them to fail on their own; do it now. Bill rants that he has looked at every location he can find and Spectra is sitting right on top of it. He doesn’t care what Jarrett feels about Spectra fashions; he wants his worst review and they will be wiped off the map.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby told Dario that she found a list of Titan properties.  She wanted him to find Chad and Gabi.  Andre and Eduardo went to see Deimos.  Andre said they would let Sonny go if he let Chad and Gabi go.  Deimos refused to make a deal or peace with them until he got the key.  Dario got a tip from a friend about a warehouse that Chad and Gabi could be held.  Abby wanted to go with him.  When Sonny got out of the ropes, he tried to attack Andre’s goon.  The guy ended up beating him up.  Eduardo had one of his people bring Jennifer to the Kiriakis mansion.  Deimos wanted to know where the key was.  Drew showed up at the mansion and said he was the key.  Andre said Drew created the Orwell.  Drew wanted to know where the drive was.  Deimos was upset.  Roman showed up at the mansion to find out what was going on.  Roman wanted to find out where Chad and Gabi were.  Dario confronted Deimos’ goon about Gabi and Chad.  The goon told him where they were.  Adrienne and Justin were worried about Sonny.  She wanted to find Sonny.  JJ showed up at the hotel where Sonny was.  Paul untied Sonny.  Abby found Chad and Gabi unconscious.

Deimos, Andre, and Eduardo were at the police station.  They talked about the Orwell.  They decided to keep their stories straight.  While JJ talked to Andre’s goon, the guy noticed that something wasn’t right.  He went in the room and saw that Sonny was gone.  Dario showed up while Abby was giving Chad CPR.  Sonny attacked Andre’s goon when he put his gun on JJ. Abby and Dario got Chad to the hospital.  The doctor told them that Chad and Gabi would be okay.  Abby went to see Chad.  She told him that she was upset that she almost lost him.  Drew took Jennifer to the meat locker that Chad and Gabi were in.  He still had the Orwell, but burned it in an explosion.  Sonny told Paul that he was getting revenge on Deimos.  Eduardo, Andre, and Deimos told Roman that they didn’t know anything.  When Roman said it wasn’t over and left, Deimos and Andre said it wasn’t over yet too.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny worries about what will happen with Carly and Jason tries to help him get through it. Jason tells him that things will eventually blow over even if Carly does get mad. Sonny thanks him. Robin shows up and Jason leaves to go find Sam. Sonny and Robin discuss Anna being sick. Robin remembers Olivia Jerome and how nuts she was in relation to Ava being arrested. At the hospital, Robin’s car stop’s working and Olivia (Jerome) shows up and asks if she needs help. Olivia gets her in her car where Sam recognizes a tassel she has that says reincarnation.

Julian meets with Olivia at the Floating Rib. They discuss Leo’s future and Olivia isn’t buying that everything is ok. Julian claims it is though and would be happy with Ned helping raise Leo. He leaves and Ned shows up. Ned claims that he isn’t sure he wants to marry Olivia anymore. Olivia is confused. Ned explains that he is nervous and while he wants to marry her he isn’t sure he can. He wants her to wait on the proposal but he will ask her again. Elsewhere, Curtis and Jordan discuss their relationship issues. Jordan blames Curtis for all her issues and Curtis thinks that she blames him for everything had in her life. Julian meets Lucas at the hospital and hands him a letter. It explains a lot of things he wanted to tell him about. Jason shows up. Julian confronts Jason and tells him that at this point he is just as much to blame as he is if anything happens to anyone. Jason doesn’t understand. Julian hopes that he never has to.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Jabot, Phyllis lets Ravi know what a good time she had last night but wonders where he had gotten off to. Ravi tells her that he had come back to work. Phyllis tells him that he works too much and he needs to take a break. At GC Buzz, Mariah tells everyone that they have a Code D. Devon is surprised that he is considered a Code D. Mariah mentions to him about the Brash and Sassy interview that will soon air. Jack calls Jill and leaves her a message. Hilary joins him. Jack inquires about Devon. They discuss the divorce and what she will be getting out of it. Jack asks her what does she want out of this if it isn't Devon's money. Cane and Lily have breakfast at the Coffeehouse but Cane cannot get his mind off of Victoria buying Brash and Sassy. They discuss Colin wanting to get back in Jill's good graces. Esther and Billy pack up Colin's things and bring them downstairs. Billy tells her that he had the locks changed on the doors. She is glad as she takes the key. There is a knock on the door and Esther grabs up one of the golf clubs to hit Colin on the head but it isn't Colin it's Jack. Esther makes her excuses and leaves. Jack tells Billy that he wants to see Jill but Billy tells him that Jill had a heart attack. Jack lets him know that he had seen Jill the day of her heart attack. Colin lurks around the hospital in order to sneak in to see Jill. He watches as a nurse is with her. Jack tells Hilary that he will believe anything that she tells him. He reminds her of the things that had happened in the past. Phyllis reminds Ravi that he works too hard and needs some time off. Ashley interrupts them and asks for a disc that Ravi had been working on for her. Ravi tells her that he will get right on it. Ashley accuses Phyllis of only working her to be close to Jack. Cane and Lily discuss Brash and Sassy and how that Victoria is now in charge. Jack lets Billy know that Jill had wanted to buy his shares of Fenmore's. Billy tells him that the deal is off. Colin sneaks in to see Jill and try to make things right with her. Esther walks in and sees Colin with Jill. Esther forces him to leave but he will be forcibly removed. Phyllis reminds Ashley that Ravi is a man not a child. Ashley barges into Jack's office. Mariah tells Devon that she wants him to be happy when Hilary interrupts them.

Devon and Hilary talk pleasantly about their upcoming divorce. Devon tells Hilary that he doesn't want to leave her penniless. Hilary tells him that she doesn't want his money. Lily arrives for her interview for Brash and Sassy. Esther tells Billy that Colin was in to see Jill. Esther also tells him that Jill is awake. Colin visits Jack to see if he can buy the shares of Fenmore's. Jack asks Colin a lot of questions about if he has Jill's power of attorney but when he sees that Colin doesn't have it he doesn't want to talk to Colin anymore. Ashley visits Ravi in his office and he gives her the disc that she asked him for. Ashley discusses Phyllis with Ravi. Lily urges Devon to go through with divorcing Hilary. Hilary congratulates Lily on being the ambassador for Brash and Sassy. Devon tells them to cool it for now and take this up later. Devon tells Lily to enjoy this day. Jordan arrives at Brash and Sassy to take some inside pictures of Lily. Hilary watches Jordan and Lily together. Billy lets Jill know that he had brought all of Colin's things downstairs and he had the locks changed on the doors. Jill becomes angry and tells him that he had no right to do that and demands to see Colin.

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