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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn comes downstairs and finds Ivy waiting. She thought she would be gone to the office by now. Ivy says she is waiting for Uncle Eric. Quinn tells her she really doesn’t have to hurt Eric by hurting Quinn as well for something she thought she saw. Ivy laughs, she saw what she saw. It was more than just her and Ridge talking. Quinn sets her down and says if she promises to hear her out she will tell her exactly what is going on. Uncomfortably she tells Ivy that she never had an adolescence and until Eric she never stopped having these other thoughts. Maybe it is a chicken game as to who will turn away first. All she knows is Ridge threatened to go to Eric. Brooke is feeling some better and pops into Ridge’s office, even peeling off a robe and showing sexy lingerie underneath. She mentions Australia and he asks if she is sure she still wants to marry him. Brooke wonders why Ridge has any doubts about them. They said they would marry when he got Quinn out of their lives but that is not going to happen now, so is there something else.

Bill is with both his sons at SP and asks how the wedding was and if Quinn or Ridge made a scene. It’s strange that the Lord of the Tape Measure suddenly is friends with his arch enemy. Brooke tells Ridge that she does not expect him to account for his every moment, and with Quinn even, so maybe they should just accept this and let it go. He says there are some people in this life what want to tear happiness down and Quinn is one of them. So is he. Quinn explains more that Eric is older; Ridge is more her age, like men she has known in her past. She knows there are no do over’s in life but maybe that is what she is experiencing right now. And she is worried about Eric’s health. Ivy jumps up and says she is not going to sit around listening to any more of this. Bill tells his boys that business is not always about business. It is about family and their future, so this meeting is over although they think they accomplished nothing. Brooke tells Ridge that Eric married Quinn and they cannot change that so they have a wedding to arrange and she cannot wait. As she leaves she runs into Ivy. Quinn quickly calls Ridge and says Ivy is on her way and she is ready to tell Eric. He spies Brooke and Ivy in the hallway and wants to speak with Brooke to get her away from Ivy. Ivy says she has something important to talk about and maybe he’d like to hear it too….or maybe he already knows what it is about.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne told Deimos that she wanted her son back.  JJ wanted Abby to tell him what was going on with Chad and Gabi.  The judge was ready to make her decision, but Nicole kept interrupting.  The judge awarded Chloe custody of Holly.  Nicole couldnít believe Chloe got custody of Holly.  Abby told JJ that Andre hasnít said anything about what was going on with Chad.  JJ said Abby could help find them.  Gabi told Chad she was glad she was dying with him.  Adrienne threatened Deimos if she didnít get her son.  He said he couldnít help her with Sonny.  Justin told Nicole they would get Holly back.  Belle told Chloe that she felt sorry for Nicole.  Chloe told Belle that she was going to New York.  Shawn was surprised that Chloe won.  Nicole went to see Deimos to confront him about losing Holly.  Adrienne told Nicole that Deimos had Chad and Gabi kidnapped.  Nicole told Deimos that she was finished with him.  Brady went after Nicole.

Andre told Abby that he had a plan to get Chad and Gabi back.  When Andre left, she looked at his phone and screenshot his calls.  Eduardo called him to talk about the trade for Chad and Gabi.  Chad and Gabi kissed each other.  Paul told JJ about Sonny.  Abby showed up and wanted to figure out a way to get their loved ones back.  Justin wanted to know what was going on with Deimos so he could fix it.  Brady comforted Nicole about losing Holly.  Abby told JJ and Paul that Andre said he was going to level the playing field to get Chad and Gabi back.  Abby told them about the calls on Andreís phone.  JJ was going to check out the calls.  Deimos told Justin that he kidnapped Chad and Gabi.  Justin was furious with him.  Brady told Nicole that she would get Holly back.  She told him that she was going to fight Chloe.  Chad and Gabi took off their clothes to stay warm.  Deimos said he was keeping Chad and Gabi until he got the key.  Justin said he better pray heís right.  Eduardo called Deimos so they could meet each other.  Gabi and Chad they loved each other.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle puts her plan into action and sends Carly a letter with the voice recording of Sonny. Carly asks her to set up a cabin for her and Sonny to go to the next day. Nelle agrees and Michael later wants to be the one to take her up there. When they arrive, it is storming and it turns out they cannot leave because of the roads being shut down. At the Metro Court Sonny and Jason discuss how they have to be careful with Ava. Sonny later admits that Nelle is trying to manipulate things with Carly. Sonny thinks the only way he can have the upper hand is if he tells her himself. Sonny goes to do so but Carly would rather he wait until tomorrow. Sonny reluctantly agrees. Julian is at Olivia’s apartment and tries to drug her with champagne that he laced. Olivia figures it out and threatens to get back at him after he leaves. Sam is at Alexis’s house where Alexis explains the safety deposit box. Sam wants to try to figure out how to get into it. When she leaves, Olivia calls up pretending to be a receptionist telling her Doctor Lee wants to speak with her

Ned declares that he wants to sell his shares in his record label. Tracy is shocked by this but grateful. Ned wants Lila’s engagement ring to propose to Tracy. Tracy says no at first but later gives it to him. Ned asks why she didn’t want to give it up at first. Tracy admits she was scared that Ned would move out. Ned promises that he will not leave anytime soon. Later, when he tries to propose Olivia says she cannot and storms out. At the hospital, Finn is feeling a lot better and Hayden is glad. She wants him to meet with a company that will give him money for his cure. It could go towards the hospital. Finn will think about it. He calls Sonny up to discuss the possibility of getting pills from him but ends up deciding against it when Sonny can’t do anything immediately. He then gets the results for Anna and it is what they figured. Robin shows up in Anna’s hospital room where they receive the news together. Griffin is sorry. It turns out that Anna has a rare blood cancer that will not kill her but she will have to live with it the rest of her life. Robin promises to stay with Anna and help her out with it. She thinks that this is where she has to be for now. The two hug. Anna loves Robin very much.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill's heart attack makes Billy and Victoria realize how fragile life is. Victoria tells Reed he should do whatever he has to to be happy because life is too short, so Reed sneaks out of the house to play at open mic night at the underground. Abby asks Nick if he thinks Victoria is still hoping to run Newman Enterprises when Victor retires. Nick advises her to concentrate on earning Victor's trust and learn all she can from him and not worry about Victoria. Sharon wonders if she should sell or keep Crimson Lights and Nick tells her that it might be a good idea for her to own her own business; something that is her own and whose problems she can fix. Paul tells Michael and Lauren that Scott is missing, and he might be held against his will, but he is alive. Lauren gets a call from Scott who manages to say the word Mom twice before the call is cut off.

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