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The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/17/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy tells Ridge that she missed the wedding but she is glad she is back. Quinn walks up as Ivy takes a phone call from her dad. Quinn tells him that he should be home taking care of Brooke. Brooke turns around from the fridge and there stands Bill again. She is sorry she missed the wedding from feeling bad with her cold and does not have much of an appetite. He asks why isn't Ridge home. She replies he got permission to stay later to help clean up after the caterers and get the house back in order. She asks him to stop ragging on Ridge, but Bill says he hates to stand by and watch her make another big mistake. Quinn asks again why Ridge is still there when he has a sick finance to take care of. He says he is helping. She states that she knows he was looking at her during the wedding and do not do that again. He pretends not to know what she is talking about and the kiss will never happen again if that is what she means.

Nicole tells Zende that she does not need a 5 star hotel suite, his bedroom is perfect. He says maybe Tahiti will be better or any of those Caribbean Islands they could go to. Brooke asks Bill if the words – moving on – mean anything to him. He admits his ego got in the way the last time but Ridge certainly will leave her again and she needs to face that. There will be another woman. Brooke says Ridge is her destiny and she is his and there is no other woman for him. Ridge tells Quinn that she is the one who makes goo-goo eyes at him. She does not believe his excuse of staying behind for the caterers; he stayed because of her. So what's he gonna do, put her over his knee and spank her. He quips if that is on the table. Nicole and Zende bask in the joy of making love as husband and wife for the first time. Brooke has to push Bill away from putting his hands all over her. She says she has complete faith in Ridge. Bill says the only destiny he knows is the two of them. Quinn wonders if Liam and Steffy are going to make it down the aisle before Ridge and his precious Logan. She admits there is part of her that is attracted to the dark and dangerous side but she tries not to go that way but sometimes she cannot help it. She knows that Ridge likes the touch of the forbidden fruit. He says right now he is just looking for his keys. She runs after him, obviously disappointed that nothing happened. She hands Ridge the keys and they touch hands as he takes them. She walks closer, parts her lips and they kiss. When Ridge leaves and she turns around, Ivy slaps her hard across the face with a “How dare you!”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie found out that David is dead.  Valerie was upset about David dying.  Brady was concerned about Nicole's custody hearing, but Deimos was convinced she was going to win.  Brady wondered why Deimos was so sure about the case.  Chloe was nervous that she would lose Holly.  Justin told Deimos that he couldn't be at the custody hearing.  The hearing was going to be held in the judge's chambers.  When Nicole left, Justin confronted Deimos about the war, but Deimos said he didn't see Sonny.  Adrienne found Paul in the alley.  He told her that two guys took Sonny.  Everyone tried to comfort Julie about David.  Nicole and Chloe saw each other at the judge's chambers.  Nicole tried to convince Chloe to drop the case.  Nicole said she would let Chloe see Holly.  There was a new judge presiding over the custody hearing.  Adrienne told Paul that she knew about the war.  She called Justin.  The custody hearing started.  Belle said the private investigator found out Deimos bribed the judge.  Brady wanted to talk to Deimos about the Orwell, but Deimos didn't want to talk about it.  Brady wanted to know what was going on with the case.  Adrienne and Paul wanted to go see Deimos.  The judge wasn't going to hold Deimos' actions against Nicole.

Belle pled Chloe's case.  Belle told the judge of all the things Nicole did in the past.  Justin kept interrupting Belle and was yelled at by the judge.  Belle brought up how Nicole tried to kill an assassin.  Brady threatened Deimos if he caused Nicole to lose her baby.  Deimos told him that he bribed a judge.  Brady was upset that he bribed the judge.  Justin pled Nicole's case.  Nicole wanted to say something before the judge made her decision.  Valerie told Marlena that David was dead.  Marlena asked about David's son.  Adrienne and Paul confronted Deimos about Chad, Gabi, and Sonny.  Nicole told the judge how much she would protect Holly.  The judge left to deliberate the case.  Paul and Adrienne told Deimos that Sonny was kidnapped.  They confronted Deimos about the Orwell.  Brady asked Deimos if he had Chad and Gabi kidnapped.  Abe showed up before Valerie could tell Marlena her secret.  Adrienne went off on Deimos because of Sonny.  The judge was ready to make her decision.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Julian wants to make sure that Olivia is on the same page when it comes to their deal being complete when he gets her the hospital. Olivia will agree to this but he has to get her the hospital first. Later, he visits Alexis and explains that there is a safety deposit box explaining what is going on if anything happens to him. He will not tell her what is going on. Meanwhile, Franco is afraid to tell Elizabeth that he lost his job. Elizabeth promises that she doesn't care and they will get through it together. Sam and Jason show up to a birthing class only to find it was canceled due to Epiphany not being there. Jason is later summoned away.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Ned and Olivia are celebrating Valentine's Day. Tracy bursts in explaining they are having a family meeting. Ned insists that Olivia stay. When the entire family shows up Tracy explains that she plans to buy the hospital through ELQ. There are however to many issues that would rise from this. Instead, Olivia suggests that they buy it with their own money. The family agrees. At GH, Anna has to undergo a bone marrow biopsy. Griffin struggles with believing that Finn is actually all right. Finn ends up stealing pills off the med cart to quench his addiction. Griffin and Finn decide not to tell Anna that she may have cancer. Griffin calls Robin to come support her mom.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Billy stands vigil with Jill while she awaits another test. Nick and Chelsea visit Faith at Victor and Nikki's home. Nick asks where she's been. Faith tells him that she was visiting the stables. At the Coffeehouse, Lily and Cane have coffee and he starts to make a call, but Lily stops him and tells him that he is letting this consume him concerning Victoria buying Brash and Sassy. At the hospital, Colin asks a nurse about Jill, she tells him that she cannot give out any information. Jill tells Billy that she has agreed to this test, so she could get it over with and go home. Noah is busy at the Underground when Abby comes in and invites him to dinner at Victor's. Noah doesn't really want to go, but Abby talks him into it by making a deal with him. Noah asks Abby about her position at Newman. Nick shows Victor and Nikki some pics of Christian. Chelsea tries to talk to Faith about the horses and school, but she brushes her off. Faith is feeling down and out and Nikki inquires what's wrong. Faith tells her that she would like to invite Sharon. Nikki agrees, but when Faith calls her, Sharon tells her that she has plans with Mariah. Victoria calls Billy to ask why he hasn't arrived to pick up the children. Billy lets her know that Jill suffered a heart attack. Victoria offers him sympathy and hangs up. As they are taking Jill for her test, Colin tries to apologize to her, but Billy steps in and tells him that Jill is through with him. Colin just looks at Jill. Abby and Noah arrive at Victor's for dinner. Faith lets Nikki know that Sharon was busy, but Nikki tells her that Sharon can come some other time. Faith tells Nikki that Nick is spending an awful lot of time with Chelsea.  Nikki watches Nick and Chelsea together. Billy fills Colin in on Jill's condition.

Victoria and Reed also join the family gathering at Victor's. Victoria asks Abby about work but then tells her that she won't be after her job at Newman. Abby is insulted by her remark and Victoria apologizes but warns her that it will be just a matter of time before Victor takes over. As Cane, Lily, and Billy argue over Jill, Lily intervenes and tells them that she and Cane will go home and Billy can let them know about Jill. Victor proposes a toast to Victoria for her owning Brash and Sassy which unnerves Abby. Victor then proposes a toast to Abby for her work at Newman. Billy sets the guidelines for when Jill comes home or he will call Michael to intervene in this situation. Noah offers his support to Abby. Victor asks Chelsea if she and Nick are dating, but she stalls in giving him an answer. Victor urges her to move on from Adam. Victoria lets Nikki know that Jill is sick and makes her exit from the dinner. Victoria tells Reed that Nikki will drive him home. Nikki asks Reed to play a song on the piano and joins him. Faith tells Victor that she, Sharon, and Nick will never be a family again. The nurse gives Billy the news about Jill and her surgery and sets the guidelines and meal plan for when she goes home. Billy sits by Jill's bed and talks to her when Victoria walks in and overhears him saying that he will be a good son after this.

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