Thursday 2/16/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 2/16/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The wedding ceremony is over and all are standing around celebrating the bride and groom and drinking toasts of good cheer with the bubbly. Thomas spots Sally and walks up to her as she is staring at him. He lets her know that he knows just who she is and this is exactly how his father met Brooke when she was catering. The rest is history. Ridge and Quinn exchange looks several times. The floor is cleared as Zende wants to dance and then Pam catches the bouquet. She and Shirley have a little one on one in the kitchen as to who has the best cake. Thomas drags Sally by the hand and says she has to get out of here before Steffy sees her. But when he kisses her she is not sure she wants to go. She tells Shirley they have been spotted and were asked to leave. How rude, says Shirley.

Suddenly Steffy appears and calls out Sally and wants to know what she is doing here. Sally says they brought the cake. Steffy replies the cake is finished and so are they. She knows they crashed the wedding so she could create another scene. Before you can say food fight, Steffy grabs Sally by the neck and pushes her head deep into the chocolate cake. Oops, Shirley catches it on her phone. Quinn wastes no time in getting a couple of men to put her portrait back up on the wall. She compliments Eric on the beautiful wedding he just hosted and she feels that way every single day since they married here right in this room. Nicole cannot believe Zende went to so much trouble to set up their wedding boudoir. She feels so blessed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny told Justin that Deimos put hit out on André and Dario.  Everyone was happy that Hope showed up at Steve and Kayla's wedding.  Sonny told Justin that Deimos kidnapped Chad and Gabi until he got the key to the Orwell.  Anna confronted André about Tony's death.  Abe married Steve and Kayla.

Everyone celebrated Steve and Kayla getting married.  Julie told Doug that she was going to call David.  Theo gave Claire her present in front of Ciara.  Claire kissed Theo in front of her.  Justin tried to stop Sonny from going after Deimos, but Sonny didn't want to listen.  Sonny wanted the rest of the day to handle Deimos.  Hope wanted to talk to Roman.  She told him that Eric took care of her.  She said he didn't want to come back to Salem.  Someone told André that Sonny was home.  Sonny got attacked by two guys in an alley.  Paul got attacked when he tried to save him. The two guys took Sonny with them.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Elizabeth meets with Felix and Epiphany at her house for a meeting of the nurses. Franco is there and everyone is uncomfortable. Felix suggests that Franco can spy for them. Franco willingly goes along with this. When he leaves, Epiphany wants to know what exactly is going on with them. Elizabeth confirms they are together and that Franco really does make her happy. Epiphany is ok with Elizabeth actually getting to be happy. At the Floating Rib, Laura tries to convince Tracy that there must be another way to keep the hospital open. Tracy claims that she cannot think of anything. Laura reminds her that the hospital has been a main stay with so many people. Tracy decides that she will work into other options. Franco shows up at GH and asks Hayden what he can do to help. Hayden explains that not only are the nurses getting laid-off but he too is going to have to be let go.

Nathan attempts to get Nina to listen to reason when it comes to Maxie. Maxie shows up and tries to tell Nina off for taking her husband away. Nathan explains that he is here on her behalf. Maxie isn't sure that she needs his help. Nathan takes Maxie outside where he tells Maxie that he wants them both to be happy and they both need to stay out of the court case. Nina has to leave when she gets a text from Valentin saying he is at the hospital. Elsewhere, Anna is put into a hospital room after Valentin brings her in. Griffin doesn't trust him and Finn is shaking for drugs. Griffin attempts to find out what is wrong with Finn but he keeps lying. Finn ends up getting Anna's blood work back and the results are not good.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Jill woke up in the ICU with Billy and Esther by her side. She learned that she'd had a heart attack and that she'd received two stents. The doctor was hopeful that Jill would make a full recovery. Jill insisted that the incident was caused by the stress of losing her money and that she was fine now. The doctor told Jill that she'd have to avoid stress to stay healthy. Jill made Billy promise not to tell anyone about this. Colin called Jill's cell and left a message begging her to let him know she was okay. Colin told Cane that he was the reason Jill was in the hospital. Cane blasted Colin for gambling Jill's life savings away. Colin asked Cane to lend him the money to pay Jill back. Cane didn't have the money, and he told his father that repaying the money wouldn't repair the broken trust. Jill was incensed when Colin showed up at the hospital. Billy kicked Colin out of her room. Jill told Cane that she still loved Colin, and she knew he wouldn't change, but she never thought he'd do this to her. Billy blamed Colin for Jill's heart attack. Billy told Jill that she had to stop neglecting her health. Nick was thrilled by how well the Underground was doing, in Noah's hands. Noah told Nick that he was skipping the Newman family dinner. Noah was supportive when Nick revealed that he'd gone out on a date with Chelsea. Nick remembered moments he'd shared with Sage. Chelsea dropped by with donuts. Chelsea and Noah had a drink-mixing contest. Chelsea accepted Nick's invitation to join him at the family dinner.

Lily told Victoria that Cane's bitterness over Victoria buying Brash and Sassy had derailed their anniversary celebration. Victoria assured Lily that she had no problem with her. Lily wondered if there was still a place for Cane in the company. Victoria said she let Cane know how talented he was, but she wouldn't spend any more time massaging his bruised ego. Victoria told Nikki and Victor that she'd clashed with Billy and Cane after buying Brash and Sassy. Victor advised Victoria to fire Billy, but she refused. Victor told Victoria that he was proud that she reclaimed her company. Nikki privately advised Victoria not to let work consume her the way it had Victor. Lily confided in Jordan that if Cane quit, she'd have to quit too, in solidarity with him. Jordan told her that no one should have to give up on their dreams due to someone else's insecurities. Cane apologized to Lily for the way he acted last night, and Lily said she was sorry she wasn't more sensitive. Lily mentioned her talk with Jordan and asked Cane what he thought. Lily was relieved when Cane told her that supported her keeping her job.

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