Wednesday 2/15/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/15/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carter officiates at the wedding of Nicole and Zende at Ericís house. He speaks of their families as being the foundation they can build on. May they have a long and loving life. Wyatt checks in with Bill now that he is working at Spencerís. Itís not as much fun as working with Steffy at FC but he is grateful to be here. Bill says yes he is sure that loser Forrester thinks that next wedding will be his to Brooke. Wyatt says he is sorry to have brought it up.  He does not want to bust Billís chops but Brooke is going to marry Ridge. Bill says no, if it has not happened yet, it wonít. Bill says Brooke knows what she has with him and her future is with him. Wyatt laments that he will always love Steffy but he has let her go and he is not going to focus on that. Pam notices the two caterers are not serving but are watching the ceremony.

Carter says this is where their separate lives merge; Zende and Nicole are ready to combine their lives and make a life for the future. The parents of Zende stand and give their blessings as does Maya and Rick; then Eric, Ridge and Steffy. She tells them to hold on tight and never let go. Julius says he has a good feeling about this marriage as she is so accepted. She is marrying a good man and he is lucky; their hearts are full and it is a good time to be grateful to each other, every single day. Bill tells Wyatt that Ridge is dragging his feet. He is not sure why but Brooke is doing what she thinks is right for her family, but this is just a detour. Ridge will screw something up if he hasnít already and Brooke will be his again. Nicole and Zende exchange vows and give their rings to each other and Carter pronounces them husband and wife. Now Zende may kiss the bride. All in the house applaud.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone found out that Hope's conviction was overturned.  Hope investigated Hattie's company so she could help Hattie.  Hope found out she didn't kill Stefano.  Eric was uncomfortable with the news.  He told Hope he wasn't ready to see his family when she told him to go home.  He was upset when she tried to convince him to go home.  They continued to argue about it until she left.  She went to the police station and reunited with her children.

Kayla and Marlena were happy that Stephanie was back.  Steve and Shane talked about how they set up Stefano.  Austin was suspicious of Kate spending time with Andre.  Hope wanted to turn herself in, but Raines said she was being charged with escaping from prison.  Hope told Raines how she escaped.  When Raines left, Hope and Rafe celebrated.  Andre interrupted their celebration.  Andre reminded her that they had a deal and that now that she was out, the deal was off.  Andre wanted to tell how she, Rafe, and Roman framed him for murder.  Hope told him about how he set up Hattie.  She bargained with him to keep him from selling them out.  If he didn't tell the police about how he was framed, she wouldn't let the police know what he did to Hattie.  He agreed to the deal.  While Steve and Kayla got ready for the wedding, Hope and Rafe showed up for the wedding.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

It's Valentine's Day and Lulu, Dante, Maxie, and Nathan are all going on a date together. Each couple has instructed each other not to mention anything negative. However, Dante is called off early on in the date and Lulu says she is sorry for what happened with Nina and hopes everything is alright. Maxie lies at first. Later, Dante takes Lulu off and tells her that they have a court date set for next week. Maxie decides to tell Lulu the truth but doesn't want her to worry about it. Elsewhere, Nina is trying to have a romantic night with Valentin but he is nowhere to be found. At the bar Andre and Anna discuss Valentin and he suggests having therapy to go into Anna's mind. Anna will think about it. She later leaves and goes to spy on Valentin at his house where he catches her. She faints quickly after this. He freaks out and rushes her out of there.

Ava meets with Scott who is under the impression she is being charged for the pills and not the bombing. When he realizes, it is the bombing he decides to believe her. Ava suggests that she admit to the pills and then she can get off easier. Scott doesn't think that is a good idea. While this is going on, Kiki and Dillon are about to go on their first date. An anti-Valentine's party until Kiki is called by Scott to come to the station. She shows up and tells Ava that if she was involved in anything she will never forgive her. Kiki and Dillon go back to her apartment where Kiki decides that she wants Dillon to stick around. Back in the interrogation room Ava suggests that she stick around in jail for a while. If she gets out, Sonny will try to kill her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley finds the box of chocolate truffles and the card that Ravi was going to give her. Later, they share the truffles while Ashley shares memories of her dad with Ravi and tells him that she loves and misses her dad very much and she wants to honor the legacy he started with Jabot. Ravi tells Ashley that he will work as hard as he can to help her keep her father's legacy alive. Ravi holds Ashley as she cries because she misses her dad. He tells her that she isn't as cynical as she claims to be. Jill is angry that Colin stole her money, and he admits. He intended to return it with a large profit, but the investment didn't work out and he lost everything. Jill takes off Colin's robe off and throws him out of the house naked. Nick is impressed by Chelsea's bartending skills and also by how she handles a drunk guy who made a pass at her. Nick apologizes to Chelsea for ruining their plans, but she says she had fun and they share a kiss goodnight. Billy asks Nick to stop Victoria from becoming like Victor, because he is the only person who can stop her from becoming cold and mean. Jack congratulates Victoria for being the sole owner of Brash and Sassy and advises her to fire Billy, because he will only cause her problems. Jack later goes to meet someone who has been texting him wondering why he is taking so long. Esther calls Billy and says that he must come to the house, because Jill is in a bad way. Billy arrives to see Jill doubled over in pain and takes her to the hospital.

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