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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole is surrounded by Vivienne and Maya and her own hairstylist and makeup artists. Vivienne says she is stunning. The kitchen is a buzz with Pam and Charlie decorating the cake. Kristen and Tony arrive and are greeted by Eric. He tells them nothing is going to ruin this day for Nicole. Sally hugs Shirley for bringing in some cake; just what she needs to crash the wedding. Julius arrives and thanks Eric as this is the greatest thing he could have ever done by doing this for his baby daughter. Vivienne gives Nicole a boxed antique handkerchief that her mother gave her. Julius shocks Nicole but he says nothing would have stopped him from coming for this very important day. He is so proud of her. Ridge praises Quinn for being the gracious host. Sasha comes in and Zende tells her to relax. She says she wanted to show her love and support for both of them. Sally and Shirley manage to sneak in the open door as part of the catering team, complete with cakes.

Eric catches Quinn looking a little too long at Nicole's portrait. He says she may have him wrapped around her little finger but he thinks he can still detect a little jealousy. Ridge sees them hugging and even Thomas tells him to stop staring. Sally brings the food in and she keeps looking at Thomas and remembers their kiss. Pam is just a little suspicious of Sally and Shirley as she was not informed they would be joining the team. Sasha tells Nicole she is gorgeous and then wants a little alone time with her to wish her the best. She tells her she is truly grateful that Nicole allowed her to be here. Steffy and Liam arrive. Zende and Carter tell Maya they are ready and good to go. Nicole tells Maya that she needs just a moment. She feels so blessed. Maya says now they need to get that dress on. Zende tells Rick that he cannot wait. Liam tells Steffy that it won't be long before they will see her walking down that aisle. The wedding march begins and Nicole descends the stairs. Her father awaits her with the bouquet and leads her to the altar. She sees the portrait and says Oh My God. Carter officiates and states it is so fitting on Valentine's Day.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos wanted to know why JJ and the police were in the Kiriakis mansion.  JJ told him that Chad and Gabi were missing and that witnesses saw them there.  Chad told Gabi that someone turned on the freezer.  Jennifer, Adrienne, and Anne wanted to come up with a plan to get Drew to figure out the virus.  Gabi was determined to get out of the room so she could see Arianna.  JJ told Maggie that Chad and Gabi were missing and Deimos was acting suspicious.  She wanted to know if Deimos was suspicious.  Jennifer suggested that she, Adrienne, and Anne break in the mansion and get Drew on the Kiriakis computer.  Anne had a plan on how they could get in the mansion.  Maggie asked Deimos if he had something to do with Chad and Gabi's disappearance.  When Deimos denied it, she didn't believe him.

Deimos reminded Maggie that they were in a war with the DiMera/Hernandez families.  She was upset and wanted him to free Chad and Gabi.  Gabi told Chad she was going to fight for her life.  Anne had a police uniform so she could break in the Kiriakis mansion.  Adrienne and Jennifer were upset that Anne had a gun.  Anne left to go to the mansion.  Jennifer left to meet Abby.  Lani wanted to know why JJ didn't question Deimos about the war.  He said he didn't want Deimos to know that he knows about it.  Maggie told Deimos to free Gabi and Chad.  Victor came in and found out what Deimos did.  Victor was upset that Deimos held Chad and Gabi in a meat locker.  Victor said he would work on Maggie.  He also told Deimos to resolve the situation.  Jennifer met with Abby and told her everything would be okay.  Anne snuck in the Kiriakis mansion and got the laptop.  Chad suggested that he and Gabi get closer in order to stay warm.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Olivia tells Julian that he needs to go along with blaming Ava. She paid off a homeless person to claim that it was Ava's voice he had heard. Julian asks why she cannot just come back to the family. Olivia would have loved that but she screwed up Julian's life far too much. Olivia tells Julian to leave before Julian finds out what she plans to do to him next. At the PCPD, Ava is still getting questioned. She claims she doesn't know who Buzz is. They find a lease that puts her as the occupant of the herb shop. They also find DNA on a glass that was there. Ava is booked.

Sonny finds the bra that Nelle left and after talking to Carly about Morgan he goes to find Nelle. She is at the Metro Court he tells her that if she doesn't stop he is going to go after her. It won't end with her going back to Atlanta either. Sonny leaves. Nelle tells herself that she is going to tell Carly everything. At General Hospital, the nurses have all decided to take sick days which leaves them completely understaffed. Hayden is running around freaking out. Amy later shows up and asks to get her job back if she sticks around. Hayden promises she can. Finn is desperate to get a pill that he dropped on the ground. Griffin follows him around for a bit worrying about him but Finn keeps making up new excuses. Elsewhere, Carly shows up and tells Michael that Ava is responsible for Morgan's death and Sonny is off the hook. At Elizabeth's house Franco and Elizabeth discuss his insecurities while Elizabeth continues to get phone calls to come into work. Elizabeth ignores them. Franco and Elizabeth end up kissing passionately.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

As Victoria and Cane have a heated argument over her being the boss, Billy tries to calm them both down. Victoria demands that Billy stay out of this. In his office at Jabot, Jill confronts Jack about buying back his share of Fenmore's. Jack refuses by letting her know that Fenmore's is now under the Jabot umbrella. Jill makes him an offer. Jack tells her that her money is not good here. Ashley walks in and takes the check from Jill's hand. Nick is serving drinks at the Underground and is also on the phone. Chelsea walks in to join him. Nick lets her know that his bartender has a date. Phyllis and Ravi walk in to spend Valentine's Day there. They sit down in a corner booth. Phyllis sees Ravi watching Nick and explains that he is her ex. Nick and Chelsea walk over to join them. Phyllis makes the necessary introductions. Cane continues to lash out at Victoria for her buying the company when Lily comes in to join them. Lily reminds him about their anniversary and they are going out to eat. Cane and Lily leave. Victoria lets Billy know that he should never have interfered. Jill tells Ashley that she was not even consulted about the sale of Fenmore's to Jack. Jill makes a final offer to Jack for his share of Fenmore's, but he refuses and makes an offer of his own. He tells her to take it or leave it. Jill refuses it. Jack assures Ashley that Jill will be back with the money. Cane and Lily go to dinner at the Athletic Club and he surprises her with a wooden case which holds diamond earrings. Lily loves the earrings. Cane is quite upset over the way he had been done by Victoria and this is all the can talk about. Victoria asks Billy if he thinks that he has an advantage, since they have a history together. Victoria and Billy reminisce about the past and what they had been through together.

Jill meets with David to help her to get the money to buy Fenmore's. Billy asks Victoria out to dinner for Valentine's Day, but she refuses. Phyllis and Ravi discuss love and how it works. Nick tells Chelsea that his bartender bailed on him. Chelsea puts on an apron and helps Nick out. Cane is still upset over Victoria and how he is being done that he cannot enjoy their date. Lily asks him if he wants to end their date. When Cane doesn't answer, Lily orders him to just go. Jack tells Ashley that they are a pair. Neither one of them have a date tonight. Ashley lets Jack know that Phyllis went on a date with Ravi. Jack is surprised. Ashley tells Jack that Ravi is not the right person for Phyllis. Everyone at the bar enjoys watching Chelsea make drinks. Victoria and Billy discuss all the things he has done to her. Billy asks to drive Victoria home but she refuses. Jill receives news that she is broke and her accounts are depleted. Colin yells for Jill but she suddenly hangs up the phone, because she knows who has no money.

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