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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole relives earlier when she was surprised to see the horse-drawn carriage pull up outside with Zende and him then get on his knees and propose to her again. She relays all of this to Vivienne and Maya and they all hug. Vivienne says she deserves all of this as she believes she can trust him now. Zende in turn tells Eric and Rick. Eric is happy to welcome her into the Forrester clan. Zende stuns them when he says the wedding is tomorrow. Vivienne says Julius is at a golf tournament but there is no way he will miss this wedding for his baby girl. And with both of the Avant girls around and guiding him that Zende could age like fine wine. Sally tells Saul that time is their worst enemy, nipping at their heels. Suddenly she goes into a catatonic state thinking about the kiss Thomas planted on her so suddenly. Then she replies that the food fight advanced them in the public. Nicole tells Maya that she is more than her sister, but her best friend and she wants her to stand up for her as her matron of honor. Maya will be delighted. Doesn't take long that Sasha comes in and says she has heard the news that Nicole is engaged.

Zende tells them he is going to do most of this on his own but he thanks Rick for offering to help. He wants Rick to be his best man. Rick says he will be honored. Zende tells Eric that he has always had his back although he has not always been there for him. But he really would like to have the wedding there at the Forrester mansion. Eric says nothing could make him happier. Then Zende drags out a huge portrait of Nicole and says it is just for the one day but he'd like to hang that up over the mantle. He says he does not want to overstep and Eric can say no; they can hang it over their own fireplace when they get their place. Eric says he will talk to Quinn but he is sure it will be fine for one day. Sally searches the internet and sees there is going to be a Forrester wedding; just the thing for them to crash. Tomorrow Sally Spectra strikes again, keep the flame stoked she tells Saul. RJ asks Thomas how do you know when the girl right in front of you is the one. Thomas says he is still trying to figure that out. Separately both he and Sally think about each other and the kiss. Sasha wants to talk to Nicole alone. She apologizes again for her part in the past with Zende and she would like to come to the wedding, of course. They can start being friends and sisters again one baby step at a time. She wants to be a real sister and share this most important day in her life. A little less than enthusiastic Nicole says okay she can come. Sasha hugs her and says in this case the best man won.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope asked Eric why he had Jennifer's picture.  Steve and Shane talked about how they made it look like Shane was Stefano.  Jennifer tried to stop Drew from turning himself in.  She told him to come up with the virus that could stop the Orwell.  JJ, Lani, and Roman talked about the Orwell and how it started the war with the DiMera/Kiriakis/Hernandez families.  Eric didn't want to talk about Jennifer.  Abe asked Valerie if she was seeing someone else.  She said she wasn't.  He wanted to know who she was talking to on the phone.  Eric told Hope that he and Jennifer were together.  He told Hope that Jennifer deserved better.  Valerie told Abe that she was talking to her son.  Dario wanted to know if Myron would be able to get the Orwell up and running.  Myron said he would try.  Dario said his family would appreciate it.  Hope told Eric how Jennifer was doing.

Jennifer told JJ that Gabi and Chad were missing and that Deimos was involved.  JJ told Jennifer that she wasn't involved.  Eric was relieved that Jennifer was okay.  Valerie said she should go back to Washington since her feelings have grown.  Drew wanted to turn himself in again when JJ couldn't get in the mansion.  She called Adrienne and asked her to come to the Salem Inn.  Valerie got upset when Abe suggested that her son move to Salem.  Jennifer told Adrienne that Drew was the key.  While Shane and Steve were looking at a tablet, they realized that Stefano was still alive. Hope and Eric investigated Hattie's case.  Jennifer told Adrienne what was going on with the Orwell.  Anne ended up showing up at the Inn.  JJ told Lani that Chad and Gabi were missing.  Lani wanted to go to the Kiriakis mansion.  Hope wanted to hack into Hattie's bank account to check if André stole her money.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Felicia shows up at the Metro Court to get more information out of Nelle. She finds out that Nelle is actually from Florida originally. Felicia points out that Bobbie is as well. Nelle guesses that is one thing they have in common. Felicia gets a phone call and Michael walks over. He tells her the story of how Bobbie and Felicia became more than sisters. Nelle figures this out and starts messing with Felicia when she comes back. Sonny and Carly have sex with each other after Sonny is made free. Later, Sonny asks if she knows who he went after. Carly knows it was Ava. She starts to get angry herself and attempts to go after Ava. Sonny stops her though. Carly decides to go wash her face. Sonny finds the bra that Nelle had left to frame Sonny under the bed. He looks confused.

Anna starts to have a migraine as she runs into Olivia. Her sight goes bad and Olivia kicks her pills around so she cannot use them. Then Carl, an agent that Anna trained with, shows up and gives her the pills. They discuss Valentin. Apparently, Anna was involved in a plan to have him killed before he ran away. At the PCPD, Jordan questions Julian who insists that he has no idea what she is talking about but she shows him the tape and photo that prove otherwise. He still plays ignorant. Elsewhere, Dante questions Ava and she tells him she is innocent but Ava has an hour that she is not accounted for and it matches with when the tape was made. Later, they have Buzz do a test to see if he recognizes Ava's voice. Buzz isn't sure but asks to hear her voice one more time.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill gives Cane until the end of the day to raise the money to buy Brash and Sassy, but he is unable to raise it, so Victoria becomes the owner of the company. Victoria promises Jill that Cane can keep his job but she makes it clear to Cane that she expects him to be a team player. Jack wonders if Phyllis has Valentine's Day plans, since he noticed that someone sent her flowers. When Phyllis tells Jack she is trying online dating, he remarks that she probably wants to find someone who is different from the usual liars that she has dated lately. Phyllis tells Jack that she knew her relationship with Billy was doomed from the start, because he can only love Victoria. Ashley demands that Jack stop letting his personal life affect the company and straighten out the mess he has made lately or she will go to the board and take control of Jabot again. Phyllis and Ravi decide to go out to eat before they come back to the office to work on the Fenmore's app. Ashley looks jealous when she sees Phyllis and Ravi get in the elevator leaving together. Jill arrives at Jack's office and tells him that she has an offer for him that he can't refuse.

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