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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sally tells Saul that they have a show coming up and she has given him plenty of designs so she needs to see some results. Rick and RJ tell Zende that although he has told her before he needs to keep telling Nicole that he loves her and will be true to her. They can have a future together. Maya and Nicole discuss the situation. Maya says people make mistakes but they want to do better and as time passes we need to forgive as it is important for us as well. Nicole calls Zende but he tells Rick this cannot be by text; he needs to see her in person. Anything he does from now on will have to do with Nicole. Nicole admits to Maya that the person she turns to the most is Zende. And he keeps proposing and says he will until she accepts. They open a fortune cookie and clearly it is for Nicole and from Zende. She says every day is something new. Thomas goes to see Sally but encounters Carlita first instead. Sally asks to what does she owe this pleasure. Perhaps he says to make it up somehow to Steffy. All he can add is that Sally’s designs are…….well nice.

Steffy grouses to Liam that Sally is out to get her. Liam adds and the older Sally is probably out there on the beach somewhere laughing at their expense. But they do agree that Australia would be perfect site for their wedding. Sally keeps on at Thomas of why he is there and he leans over and plants a big kiss on her; completely puts her back on her heels. Nicole is all dressed for a photo shoot and Maya takes her outside where an antique white carriage rolls up complete with a white horse and Zende in the back seat in top hat and coat. He laments to a stunned Nicole that what better way to ride off into the sunset together. He will not give up until she realizes that. He wants to grow old with her and have a family. She says there are certain hurts that can never happen again. He gets down on his knees and says if she feels the same way he does they can start their life together. Suddenly she says yes she will marry him. He slips the ring on and kisses her…..Rick, Maya and RJ applaud from a distance.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone in Prague found out that Stefano escaped from prison.  Eduardo and Andre were determined to get revenge on Deimos.  Gabi told Chad that she resented him for going back to Abby.  Kate told Andre and Eduardo that they shouldn’t go after Deimos.  She wanted to get Sonny to reach out to Deimos.  Rafe was upset that Stefano was gone.  Steve said they had proof that Stefano was alive so Hope was able to be free.  Rafe wanted Stefano to pay for what he did to everyone.  Steve and Rafe wanted to check evidence.  Kayla told Marlena that Stefano was gone.  Abby told Dario about Gabi being kidnapped and he wanted to go find her.  Gabi opened up to Chad about how she thinks about him and how he makes her feel.

Kate thought Sonny would be the best one to talk to Deimos.  Steve told Marlena and Kate that the evidence against Stefano was good.  Kate called Sonny and told them what Deimos did.  She wanted him to reason with Deimos.  Dario told Abby that he knew someone who could tell them where Gabi and Chad were.  Gabi told Chad she loved him, but he didn’t want her to say it when he couldn’t say it back.  Sonny agreed to help.  He told Kate about Stefano being alive.  Sonny said Deimos was going to pay for what he did.  Steve told everyone that Stefano took a plane and left.  Kate told Andre that Stefano was alive, but gone.  Andre told Eduardo that they could use Sonny as a bargaining chip.  Chad told Gabi that he loved her.  Andre told Eduardo not to hurt Sonny when Eduardo agreed to use Sonny as a bargaining chip.  Everyone tried to reassure Rafe that Stefano wouldn’t be gone long.  They all decided to go home.  Steve wanted to stay behind to keep Stefano from getting away.  Chad told Gabi that he loved her and Abby.  Gabi was glad that she was with him if she was going to die.  Steve went in a room and told someone their plan worked.  The person turned out to be Shane dressed as Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Hayden is working towards getting the courage to fire the nurses. Tracy tells her she needs to get a hold of herself and get on with the deed. Finn later shows up and tells her that she just has to go through with it and she will be fine. Later, she asks Amy to meet her in her office to discuss something. At The Floating Rib, the nurses have all met to discuss the impending layoff’s and want to strike. Elizabeth is against it but after she goes to try to talk to Hayden about it decides to side the other’s. The nurses are going on strike. Elsewhere, Andre breaks up with Jordan. He just cannot be with someone who is clearly in love with someone else. He will never be able to truly trust her. Later, he finds Anna at the hospital who wants to talk to him about Valentin. Andre gives her some advice but needs to handle something on his own. Anna promises to be there for him if he needs help.

Olivia meets Sam and they talk and get to know each other. Alexis is clearly nervous about this. When Olivia leaves Alexis tells Sam, she knows that she doesn’t like Olivia. Sam doesn’t and would prefer she was the one who was there for her when it came to her drinking. Alexis doesn’t want to burden her. Elsewhere, Carly attempts to keep Dante from going after Sonny. Dante eventually gets a call and has to leave. At Ava’s gallery Jason is able to convince Sonny to not shoot Ava. Dante shows up and Sonny is gone. Dante arrests Ava after listening to the recording. Sonny shows up back at his house where Jordan is. He is cleared of his crime of killing Morgan. Carly confronts him for where he was and she decides she will forgive him this time. Olivia shows up at the hospital looking for directions to the OB. Anna is standing right behind her while this is going on.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea is at her loft office, trying on a wedding dress from her collection when Nick bursts in and apologizes for Faith's remarks when trying to get him and Sharon back together. At Crimson Lights, Sharon is down on her hands and knees cleaning up the milk mess when Lily walks in and want to know what happened. Sharon tells her that she poured a jug of milk all over Nikki's head. Lily knows the feeling about mothers-in-law and gets napkins to help her get it up. Sharon tells her that she will soon be owning this place since Dylan is suing her for divorce. Victoria joins Victor in his office to let him know that she is buying Brash and Sassy. Victor is surprised that she has taken his advice. Nick informs Chelsea that he and Sharon are never getting back together. Chelsea reminds him what Nikki said about Victor but now they're together. The zipper on Chelsea's dress becomes stuck and Nick helps her with it. As she turns around, their eyes meet, but they don't kiss. They discuss how Faith wants Nick and Sharon back together. In talking to Lily, Sharon takes the blame for Dylan leaving. Billy and Cane discuss the photoshoot for their new product line, but they know that they need to run it by Victoria first. When they cannot get hold of her, they decide to run with their idea. Victor offers Victoria some encouragement on how to deal with her new business venture. Victor hugs Victoria just as Abby bursts in to let Victor know how well her recent business meeting went. Victoria lets her know that she is buying Brash and Sassy. Abby congratulates her but tells her that she might as well just leave as she will set her sights on being CEO of Newman. Both Victor and Victoria are surprised by her remarks. Victoria offers Abby helpful advice on how to deal with difficult clients. Victor tells both his daughters what will happen at Newman. Jordan, the new photographer, joins Cane and Lily in the lab at Brash and Sassy.

Chelsea tells Nick that maybe one day Sharon will meet someone else. Nick asks Chelsea out on a date, but she reminds him that this is Valentine's Day, so they decide to go on another day. Chelsea gets a call from a bride to be. Victor gives both his girls advice on business. Victoria finds out that Abby had a meeting with Higgins and snagged a better deal than he would have gotten. Abby leaves. Victoria asks Victor if he is grooming Abby to take over for him. Lily is surprised when she comes into the lab and sees Jordan. They do some catching up since their last meeting. Lily and Jordan discuss her modeling career. Sharon sits in the car and looks at the pics of Dylan and Christian. She begins to cry as she remembers the cruel things that Nick, Chelsea, and Victoria said to her. Jordan begins to take pics of Lily in the lab in a number of different poses. Victoria comes in and wants to know who authorized this. Billy tells her that they tried to get in touch with her but failed. Victoria reminds him that she is the boss and everything has to go through her. Sharon rushes into Victor's to see Faith, but he tells here that she is gone with Nikki to get her hair fixed after what Sharon did to her. Sharon apologizes to him. Sharon asks Victor to take her to Dylan. Victor asks what kind of life would that be for her to always be on the run. Sharon tells him that she would take Faith with her. Victor reminds her that would also be a terrible life for Faith. Victor urges her to stay in town around her family. Cane watches as Jordan helps Lily undo some clasps on her outfit.

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