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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Katie share lunch at Katie’s. On the subject of Quinn, Brooke asks if Quinn would be right that Katie is interested in Eric. Katie says they have known Eric a very long time and he is stable so of course she adores him, always has, but that is it. Steffy comes back to the office with cake crumbs all in her hair and over her dress. Sally is delighted to hear the whole thing is on video for the world --- Steffy’s world to see. Now they will all know that Spectra is back. Steffy asks if all of this was payback, a plant for taking the job Thomas thought should be his. He says he only met Sally once. They are aghast when Zende shows them the food fight is already online for all to see. Looks like it is game on for Steffy and Sally. Saul says she is a genius and she will never have to advertise. Darlita shows up and wants to apply for the receptionist job. At the same time the press shows up to ask Sally a few questions. Against the idea of Darlita being there, Sally does tell her to let the press in. Quinn tells Eric that sometimes she looks at him and thinks this is not real. Something might drive him away and that might be her if she does something wrong. He says things happen that they cannot predict or keep away from. She says she keeps hearing this voice inside her that says he could do so much better than her. She does not know what she would do to keep that from happening.

Quinn steps out for some air and Brooke comes over. Yet Quinn is just outside the door ajar and overhears. Brooke admits that he is not to tell anyone but she thinks Katie has developed a crush on him. He says he has known Katie forever and loves praise but he cannot even imagine Katie having intentions toward a married man or use that word crush. Brooke asks about Quinn and says if it ever comes down to Quinn or loneliness, then think again. Eric tells her that she must be suffering from jet lag so maybe she should go home. As she leaves she runs into Quinn just boldly standing there who looks at her with a vengeance and says tell her sister that she will be watching her. Pam joins the crowd in Steffy’s office and shows them that Sally is being interviewed on The Eye On Fashion. Sally ends with a warning - get ready Los Angeles and Steffy Forrester, Spectra is back and better than ever.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady showed up while Chloe was talking to Anne about Holly.  Nicole showed up at the Kiriakis mansion.  Rafe told Shawn that they found Stefano and he was arrested.  Deimos gave Nicole a sketch of Holly’s room.  She said she might not be living with him.  He said he would prove that he is a better person.  Marlena wanted to talk to Stefano to get closure.  Anna wanted to go first.  Brady told Chloe that she was going to be heartbroken when she loses Holly.  He tried to get her to realize that she needed to let it go.  Nicole told Deimos how she felt when she lost Sidney.  Deimos wanted to help raise Holly with Nicole.  Nicole was upset with him for what he did to Dario.  Anna confronted Stefano about Tony.  Brady and Chloe argued over Nicole.  Deimos told Nicole that he would change as soon as he tied up some loose ends, but she didn’t believe it.  Steve assured Kayla that Stefano wasn’t going to rise.  Marlena went to see Stefano to get her closure.

Chloe met with Belle and Shawn to talk about Holly.  Shawn wanted to know if Chloe is doing the right thing.  Deimos called the judge for Nicole and Chloe’s case.  He had a proposition for the judge.  Nicole told Deimos that she was afraid of how bad Chloe is going to make her look in court.  Deimos told her it was going to work out.  Rafe went to see Stefano to tell him how happy everyone was that he was going down.  Brady told Nicole that Chloe was planning on keeping Holly.  He told her that she would get Holly back.  Shawn told Chloe that it was wrong to take Holly from Nicole, but he was going to support her.  Deimos was upset when he saw Brady and Nicole hugging each other.  When Steve, Paul, and a cop went to see Stefano, he wasn’t in his cell.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jordan tries to convince Curtis that they should be friends instead of being with him romantically. Curtis isn’t having it though and storms out of her office. André was standing outside her door and wants to know what was going on. Jordan admits to having kissed Curtis but she thinks it confirmed she loved him. André doesn’t want to the other man and breaks up with her. At the Floating Rib, Hayden is dealing the stress of the hospital when Curtis shows up. He laments about his issues with Jordan but doesn’t name her. Hayden thinks that Jordan should be lucky.

Alexis admits to Kristina and Molly that she is an alcoholic with the help of Sam. Molly is able to handle it but Kristina completely loses it on her and refuses to forgive her for drinking. She storms off with Molly and Sam following her soon after to go after her. Alexis is left alone until Olivia shows up to help her out. At Sonny’s house, Dante wants to know where Sonny is. Jason won’t tell him though because he wants to handle him by himself and leaves. Carly admits that while she understands where Sonny is coming from she won’t stay with him if he kills anyone. Jason finds Sonny and Ava and tries his hardest to stop him from killing her. Ava insists that she is innocent because Morgan meant so much to her.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victor and Nikki vowed to help Faith cope with Dylan's departure. Faith told her grandparents that she loved living with them, but she missed her parents. Victor praised Abby for her work at Newman. He admitted that he'd been mistaken to encourage his children to be as ruthless as he'd been. Victor realized that his kids didn't need to be tough, because unlike him, they had a family to fall back on. Abby told Victor she was grateful for his unconditional love. Sharon hoped to send Dylan a package of his belongings to bring him comfort. She was upset when Paul told her that she couldn't. Paul gave Sharon the deed to Crimson Lights, which Dylan had signed over to her. Sharon tearfully ordered Paul to get Dylan's things out of her house. Paul packed up Dylan's stuff and was pained when he found a picture of himself with Dylan. Chelsea got nervous when Nick noticed similar traits in Connor and Christian. After Chelsea admitted she was having a hard time moving on from Adam, Nick told her that he'd taken up cooking as a distraction. Chelsea canceled her dinner plans with Nick after Faith pressured her to do so. Faith urged Nick to have dinner with Sharon instead, to cheer her up. Nick refused and told Faith that she had to respect Sharon's decision to be alone.

Nikki approached Sharon at Crimson Lights to ask how she was doing. Sharon didn't believe Nikki's concern was sincere. Sharon confided that she asked Paul to clear out Dylan's things because having them around was too painful. Nikki disapproved of Sharon's choice, accusing her of not thinking of how Faith would react to it. They bickered, then Sharon poured milk on Nikki's head. Victoria and Billy reminisced about happy moments they'd shared over the years. Victoria pulled away from Billy's attempt to kiss her. After a sullen Reed arrived, Victoria told Billy that she grounded Reed because he stole her credit card and bought a subscription to an adult website. Victoria and Billy got upset with Reed after he called J.T. and told him that Victoria was treating him unfairly. Billy assured Victoria that Reed would eventually come to appreciate her.

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