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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Steffy that he can’t keep doing this every day being near her. He thinks his time at F.C. is over. He’s turning in his resignation. Sally grouses at people over the phone while Saul tells her that he cannot work with only one old sewing machine. Bill is unhappy with CJ when he finds out the wrecking ball is out and Sally Spectra is in. He looks at the video and sees the spectacle she has herself in. CJ tells him that it will fold in six months and then Bill can do anything he wants to do with it. Bill says he better as he would not want to disappoint him once but twice would be unheard of. Sally tells Saul that they are going to be the toast of the fashion world and she is expecting him to pull that off. So she does not care if the gowns fall apart on the assembly line held together by dental floss but get them there…..just for a short while then they will take in the orders and get equipment and be in business. Steffy doesn’t like the way Thomas is feeling; she still wants him as her supportive brother. Wyatt surprises Bill by putting in an appearance at SP. He tells him right off that it is too difficult to be around Steffy so he’s leaving. He says he had a great thing over at FC. Eric and his mother trusted him to do his job. He will even support Steffy and Liam and go to their wedding but staying there will be too much. Bill says he is proud of him and he thinks he made the right call, do not be so hard on himself. Bill tells him that his marriage did not work out but he and Steffy struck gold, but he was the one who made her a star.

Sally tells Shirley that she is as good as Steffy so she can go viral too. Shirley laments that Steffy has a million hits and they cannot compete with that. Sally picks up the phone and calls FC pretending to want to speak with Steffy. Pam lets it slip that Steffy is on her way to ll Giardino, so Sally calls and makes a reservation for three. Steffy and Thomas have lunch at the restaurant and she says they are a team and she cannot let him leave. So if there is something she can do to make him feel better. Not long afterward, Sally, Shirley and Saul sit down and gawk at the prices. Sally shows them Thomas and Steffy and muses that they got the best seat in the house and they can take a page out of that and soon they will be there too just like Aunt Sally. Steffy is named after her grandmother and Sally after her Aunt Sally, just think together again. She tells Shirley to take out her phone and take a picture. She goes over to Thomas’s table and starts with some snarky remarks about the Queen Bee CEO. Then she makes a big deal about all the desserts they have offered Steffy and she says she cannot resist sweets and starts nibbling on one, only then to pick it up and shove the entire thing in her mouth. She hands a piece over to Steffy which falls in her lap – and oops then Sally makes it worse by getting a bottle of water and tries to wash the gunk off. First thing the entire bottle is spilled on Steffy. The words begin and shoving and a full fledged food fight is on. Shirley is taking pictures and no one can pull the food throwers apart. Sally has to be carted off. Thomas is still staring at Steffy and laughing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad tried to make Gabi feel better about getting rescued.  She blamed herself for why they were locked in the meat locker.  Hope managed to get away from Raines.  She went back to Ericís house.  Austin ended up being the one who touched Marlena at the ball.  Drew figured out the virus to destroy the Orwell.  Eric told Hope that she couldnít go back to Salem.  Andre and Abby blamed themselves for what happened to Chad.  Rafe found out that Raines had Hope.  Abby went to find Chad.  Chad said he was going after Deimos. 

Andre and Eduardo met to come up with a plan to find Chad and Gabi.  Eduardo told Andre that he had a plan.  Rafe called Raines to defend Hope, but it didnít do any good.  Rafe was going to go back home if they didnít find Stefano.  Eric told Hope that the police trashed his house trying to look for her.  She wanted to leave, but he told her she couldnít.  A man showed up at the ball who fit Stefanoís description.  The person grabbed Marlenaís arm and the lights went off.  When the lights were back on, they found Marlena.  When the guy left, Rafe and Steve went look for the guy.  Andre and Eduardo were determined to get the key.  Abby told Jennifer that Chad and Gabi were kidnapped.  Someone brought Gabi and Chad some food.  When the guy tried to make a pass at Gabi, Chad tried to stop him.  The guy beat up Chad and took the food back.  Abby told Jennifer what was going on with the war with the DiMera/Hernandez/Kiriakis families.  Steve and Rafe pulled their guns out on Stefano.  Rafe told everyone that they got Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu shows up at Crimson and wants to know what Maxie wanted. Maxie tells her that Charlotte is in the next room. Lulu knows she shouldn’t be around Charlotte right now. Maxie convinces her that she needs to get to know her daughter. Nina comes back early from her meeting and hears Charlotte screaming. She runs in and finds Lulu, she tells Lulu to leave. Nina fires Maxie. Elsewhere, Laura wakes up from a dream where she had shot Valentin before he had time to shoot Nikolas. She doesn’t think of it is as a nightmare. Later, Lulu and Laura meet up at the Metro Court. Lulu is scared that this was her last shot with Charlotte. Laura promises that things will be alright. On the other end of the room Anna is trying to get information on Valentin with Robert on the phone. She then runs into Griffin who thinks she is working herself up too much. He gives her an idea though to seek information from a classmate of Valentin’s.

Sam and Jason go into a doctor’s appointment where the baby’s heart is not beating normally. They are told that they will take another look at the tests though. Outside the doctor’s office, Sam wants to know about who killed Morgan. Jason doesn’t know for sure but it sounds like Ava. Sam doesn’t think that makes any sense. Jason agrees and doesn’t want to tell Sonny because of this reason. While this is going on, Curtis is at Ava’s gallery trying to get information. To not blow his cover he pretends to buy a painting but has nowhere near enough money. He knows though that Ava definitely wasn’t there with Julian. Jordan and Dante discuss going back to Baltimore to find Buzz. Buzz however shows up and is ready to give his statement. He shows Jordan a letter her received that convinced him to come back. It was from Curtis and it was saying that Jordan is the best cop he knows and he can trust her. Jordan calls Curtis in to talk. Meanwhile, Sonny is at his house with Brick looking for evidence that Jason might have been hiding. He overhears something that sounds like it is Ava that Julian is dealing with. Sonny needs a favor from Brick. Dante shows up at Sonny’s house to tell him the good news about Buzz but finds his ankle monitor on the table. Sonny shows up at Ava’s gallery to talk with her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley is angry that Jack hired Gloria as his receptionist. She knows that Gloria is blackmailing Jack with something and she is determined to find out what it is so that she can get Gloria out of Jabot.  Ashley decides to take a more active role in Jabot to protect her father's legacy, because she thinks Jack has been making reckless decisions ever since he found out about Phyllis's affair with Billy.  Victoria tells Billy and Cane that she intends to buy Brash and Sassy on her own.  Billy is thrilled about the idea, but Cane feels angry and left out.  Cane wants to raise enough money to buy the company himself but he is unable to.  He isn't giving up because he can't work with Victoria as his boss, because he has been doing most of the work to keep the company going while Billy and Victoria have had arguments and family dramas which have taken their focus away from work.  Devon is surprised when Hilary once again refuses to take his money or sign papers giving up rights to his money in the future.  Devon is determined to find out what Hilary really wants from him.

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