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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that Ridge will disillusion her again as always and once again she will be his. Eventually she tells him why she really went to Italy. It was to see Hope, but she also wanted to get away and clear her head and decide what she really wanted in life. In the past she has always followed her heart and she wants to make sure this commitment is something she wants for the rest of her life. Holding her hand he tells her that he would like to spare her all that disappointment. Thomas doesn’t seem too enthused when Steffy tells him she wants him to be in the wedding party – yeah whatever. She realizes it is still the co-CEO thing that he does not like being passed over and now he is holding it against her. She feels that he thinks she is not qualified all by herself, she needs her dad looking out and working with her. Thomas says he is not trying to over blow his importance, but the company was founded on designers and he thinks they need to stick with that and not all the social media. Liam tells Ivy this will be the wedding of the century, no……the millennium. Ivy says she knows she is biased but she would like to offer Australia as his wedding site. He’s intrigued. But he nixes the idea of Brooke and Ridge marrying there too as Bill will be there and that would be a gut punch to him.

Steffy tells Thomas he needs to take a breath and not say something he will regret later. He is an important part of this company, a great designer and she is counting on him. He offers he just might need to find another job, start a house of his own. He even throws in that he met Sally Spectra earlier today and she is back in town and ready to start up Spectra again. Pam rushes in and interrupts and shows them a quick glance of a press conference Sally is holding right now – big news as she only had one reporter show up. But she is brash and sassy and tells them that singlehandedly she stopped the wrecking ball and will be bringing another panache fashion house to town to compete with that other one. She attempts to display the large logo outside the building only to be foiled while Steffy laughs and Thomas seems amused…..maybe a little sympathetic. Steffy says looks like the apple did not fall far from that tree. She and Thomas continue their argument. He thinks it is unfair that she was offered the job that he worked his whole life for and it just lands in her lap. He leaves abruptly before she can say more. Brooke tells Bill that she understands why he feels the way he does. He says he still blames Ridge but he holds himself responsible too and he never should have left her at the altar. That was a mistake, the worst one of his life. His ego and pride ended up in overdrive and he lost her, but he is not going to lose her for the rest of his life. That is not his ego talking, but his heart. So just say yes. Come back to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone got ready to set up Stefano at the ball.  Hattie tried to stop Raines from seeing Hope in her room.  Hope walked out of Hattieís room. Raines asked Hattie what she knew about Hope.  He thought she was stalling him.  He also realized that Hope was in the room.  Nicole told Brady what Deimos did to Andre and Dario.  Brady was upset that Deimos retaliated against Andre and Dario.  Deimos overheard Nicole and Brady talking about him and Holly.  Brady let Nicole know that he is on her side.  He said he wanted to help her get Holly back.

Deimos confronted Nicole about not returning his calls.  He told her he was trying to protect the people he loved.  He told her that he loved her and was fighting for her.  He told her he would give her the life she wanted.  She didnít want him committing another crime or she was done with him.  A cop showed up to Ericís house looking for Hope.  Hope hid in an alley.  Raines was right behind her.  Agent Reznik told Steve that Stefanoís car was spotted outside.  Eric noticed Hopeís picture when the cop was searching the house.  Raines put his gun to Hope when she came out of hiding.  Brady ran into Nicole again and talked about Deimos.  Brady noticed that Nicole had things for the baby.  He told her she had to stay away from Holly.  They ended up in an argument until he comforted her.  Hope told Raines that Stefano was alive, but he wasnít interested in hearing what she had to say.  When he told her to put her hands in the air, she refused to do it.  Marlena told everyone that she saw Stefano.  She wanted to go after him even though they told her not to do it.  She went after him anyway.  Brady warned Nicole not to go after Holly.  Deimos wanted to find out if the judge on Nicoleís case could be bought.  Everyone told Marlena not to follow Stefano.  Marlena told them that no one was there.  Someone touched her shoulder.  Hope tried to appeal to Raines, but he didnít fall for it.  She told him that he would have to shoot her.  He fired his gun.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Julian and Olivia continue their conversation on why it is important that Julian get her the hospital. She doesn’t give a firm reason but wants it as soon as possible. Julian promises that he will come through for her. Later, Julian runs into Alexis at the Metro Court and Alexis is on her way to an AA meeting with her sponsor Liv. Alexis states that things are going alright and that she is much better now than before. Julian just wants her to be alright. Julian is told later that he will not be able to buy the hospital so easily. He calls Olivia and lies and says that everything is on track. At the hospital, Hayden and Michael continue to discuss options to save the hospital. Amy over hears and tells everyone they are losing their jobs. Elizabeth confronts Hayden about this and wants to know if they need to worry. Hayden explains she is doing everything she can and would rather no one lose their job but cuts do have to be made. She later struggles to figure out any other option.

Maxie confronts Nina about Lulu. Nina explains that Lulu shouldn’t have done things the way she did and that Valentin tried to share custody of their daughter. Maxie threatens to quit but Nina is able to keep her around if they promise not to discuss the situation. Later, Nina gets a call that Charlotte’s nanny is having a family emergency so Nina brings Charlotte into the office. Maxie then gets a call from an advertiser who is threatening to back out. Nina has to go and take care of it. Maxie promises to take care of Charlotte. At the Metro Court, Lulu and Dante meet with Alexis for advice on what to do about Charlotte. Alexis explains to them that they need to keep their distance until the trial but that things should be fine. When Alexis and Dante leave, Maxie calls Lulu telling her to get over as soon as possible. At Sonny’s house, Carly and he talk and are about to have sex when Jason walks in. He explains that they didn’t find anything yet. When Carly leaves, Jason further explains that they have clues but still nothing. Sonny isn’t so sure about this. When Jason leaves, he calls up Brick to bring over the tapes so he can hear for himself.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Hilary is completely beside herself with anger over what Gloria is trying to do to Jack. Hilary wants to get revenge on her, but Jack stops her by telling her that he will handle it. Jack tells Hilary that Gloria only wants a paying job. Hilary refuses to hire Gloria at GC Buzz. At the Coffeehouse, Chloe wants to help Gloria to find a job but she is insulted by Chloe's mention of a menial job. At the Athletic Club dining room, Lily and Devon interview a possible candidate for Lily's position, but Lily is against hiring her. Devon pulls Lily aside to talk to her about the woman's qualifications. Jack tries to get Hilary to hire Gloria at GC Buzz, but Hilary refuses. Jack tells her that he will find a solution to this. At the Underground, Victoria and Nick voice their grievances about how their children change when they grow up. Victoria mentions about him and Chelsea, but Nick insists that there is nothing going on between them. Victoria wonders why Nick doesn't want to discuss Chelsea. Nick still insists that he and Chelsea are just friends. Chelsea apologizes to Sharon for her recent remarks about Dylan. Sharon lashes out and tells her that Dylan will never come back. Chelsea is concerned over Sharon's sudden outburst. Sharon insists to Chelsea that Dylan needs time to heal, but he will never be back. Gloria is insulted by Chloe's suggestion for a job. Neil talks to Devon and Lily about her leaving the Athletic Club and them interviewing applicants for the position. Lily begins to have doubts about leaving because the modeling job may not work out. Jack joins them and finds out that Lily is leaving her position.

Sharon apologizes to Chelsea for her sudden outburst. She decides to go home but meets Chloe at the elevator. Chelsea tells Chloe that she had been judgmental when she was talking to Sharon about Dylan. Victoria offers for Nick to go with her to the dress fitting for Lily as she is the new spokesperson for Brash and Sassy. Nick declines the invitation. Devon finishes talking to the woman and she leaves. Devon tells Jack and Neil that she is not right for the job. Gloria texts Jack to see if he has gotten her a job and threatens to go back to GC Buzz if he doesn't deliver on his promise. Jack joins Gloria and they discuss the job at the Athletic Club, which Gloria declines. Gloria demands that Jack find something else. Jack accuses her of extortion. Chelsea tells Victoria and Chloe that Lily is the next top model. Lily selects an outfit to try on. Victoria watches Chelsea and tells Chloe that she admires Chelsea so much. Nick and Sharon meet at Victor's when she comes to see Faith. They exchange pleasantries that they hadn't managed to do in awhile. Faith comes running in and tells Sharon that she wants to come home. Sharon tells her that this not the right time, but she can come home soon. Chelsea and Nick meet at the Coffeehouse and exchange pleasantries but make no plans for later. Jack tries to get Gloria to take the job at the Athletic Club but again she refuses. Jack finally gives in and gives her a job as his secretary. Devon and Neil look over the resumes of potential candidates for Lily's job when Hilary joins them and gives him back his check. Devon gives it back to her, but she tears it up right in front of him.

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