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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke wants to know what Quinn is hiding and what is going on between her and Ridge. Rick grouses at Bill that he cannot just come walking into their kitchen any time he wants to. His mom is marrying Ridge so no need for Bill to come around. Bill says Ridge will let her down. He sits and has a sandwich. Rick tells him okay but they are not family. Bill says Rick cannot be happy that Ridge once again is going to be part of his family. Ridge will never stay with her so Bill is as good as it will get. Ridge tells Brooke that this was supposed to be a surprise……she is going to have a wedding dress and that needs jewelry, so enter Quinn in what Brooke overheard. Thomas runs into Sally again at the restaurant and finds out she is Sally …….Spectra. She says as fabulous as he is it is probably best that she stay away from him, the Forrester’s and Spectra’s are not known as best buds. They are like oil and water……and never the twain shall meet. She sizes him up as someone that women fall over his feet and he’s never had to work a day in his life. She tells him he is not her type so don’t get his hopes up. But she does tell him they will be rivals, she is taking on Spectra Fashion House again and says she will be the designer.

Quinn tells Ridge that was too close so they need to stop feeling guilty about everything. She says she loves Eric so what is wrong with them. He says nothing has changed. She is still with Eric and he is going to marry Brooke so she needs to pull herself together. It was one kiss, a moment out of time and it will not happen again. She laments that maybe she needs to find why she is thinking of it at all. She is just happy to be part of this amazing happy family…….Eric and she are so happy and she does not want to screw that up. Rick reminds Bill that he tried to marry Brooke twice and it came down to Ridge, that should tell Bill something. Bill says he has patience. Brooke comes home and finds them and wonders how he knew she was home. When it comes to her, he has radar. They discuss Ridge being CEO now over at Forrester. Seems what Ridge told her before she left is not going to happen. Quinn will not be out of his life, she will be more in it. Thomas looks at Sally’s designs and he says they are different. She thinks he thinks they stink like they could never compare to his. She says a new day is coming and the sun is shining, he will have a re-match. He wishes her luck. Bill tells Brooke that she is worth it. Ridge will take her for granted and be gone and Bill won’t even be mad. She will come back to him and say what took her so long. Quinn tells Ridge that she has made so many mistakes, she is her own worst enemy. She is so terrified that she will let Eric down and she seems to want to destroy it before that happens. He tells her she needs to let this prophecy go, it’s silly. She says he has been very understanding, concerned and even gentle. His encouragement and friendship means a lot to her….if that is what it is. Maybe he just feels sorry for her. He takes her hands, tells her to take a breath and that everything will be okay. He hugs her and she responds.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope found out that Hattie was attacked in prison.  She wanted to go back to help her, but Eric told her that she wasn’t going back.  Rafe, Steve, Kayla, and Marlena talked about setting up Stefano.  They were concerned about Stefano setting up a trap.  They were surprised that Sonny was in Prague.  Paul told them that Sonny had to go in order for them to go to the ball.  Hope continued to fight with Eric about saving Hattie.  She figured out a way to get her out for good.  Theo comforted Ciara about Hope.  Ciara told Theo that she regretted how she acted towards him.  Everyone is Prague talked about the plan to set up Stefano at the ball.  Hope told Eric she wanted to prove that Andre set up Hattie, but Eric told her she couldn’t d it.  When he left to get her something to eat, she left the house.

Ciara thanked Theo for being there for her.  Kayla was suspicious that Stefano might be setting a trap for Marlena, but Marlena knew what she had to do.  Marlena had a flashback of Stefano.  Kayla tried to talk Marlena out of the plan, but Marlena wanted to do it.  Hope dressed up as a doctor to see Hattie.  Hattie let her know that Coco and Sheila attacked her.  Hope said she was turning herself in to the police.  Hattie told Hope not to turn herself in.  Hope said she could prove Hattie is innocent.  Ciara talked to Julie about Hope.  The conversation turned to Ciara’s social life.  Julie gave Ciara advice on what to do about the guy she likes.  Julie told Ciara to tell the boy she likes how she feels about him.  Hope told Hattie that she knew her ex.  She showed Hattie a picture of Andre and she recognized him.  When Ciara went home, she wanted to tell Theo something.  He wanted her to pick out a gift for Claire.  She never told him what she wanted to tell him.  Hattie was upset that she fell for a DiMera.  Raines went to see Hattie while Hope was in her room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

At General Hospital Carly and Bobbie run into Finn who had just taken more pills. Carly hasn’t seen him in a while and is glad to see him again. Finn thinks it is nice to see her as well. Hayden and Michael walk out from the board room and Carly starts trash talking Hayden to Finn until the two get close. Carly realizes very quickly and Hayden and Finn are together. Finn guesses that the cat is out of the bag. Finn leaves. Michel explains to Carly that he is on the board now. Carly guesses she can accept Hayden being around if she can save the hospital but warns her she better not do, anything that will hurt her family or the hospital. Later on, Hayden admits to Michael that the only way to keep the hospital around is to get rid of some of the staff including the nurses. While this is, all going on Finn takes yet another pill and Brad finds him. He starts to threaten Finn when Lucas shows up behind him. Finn leaves to take another pill. Lucas hopes that Brad hasn’t reverted back to the way he used to be when they first met. Brad promises that he hasn’t and he is just trying to get respect from the doctors.

Felicia shows up at Nelle’s apartment to help her start remodeling her bedroom. Nelle is not really into it but goes along. Felicia asks for a glass of water and Felicia starts to snoop around while Nelle is out of the room. Felicia finds an expensive bra. When Nelle comes back into the room she gets a phone call from Carly. Carly wants her to come over to Sonny’s to help with Morgan’s foundation. Felicia leaves. Later, back at General Hospital Bobbie and Felicia meet in the elevator. Felicia explains that Nelle is clearly not being totally honest about the man in her life as she has an expensive bra on her when she cannot even afford to remodel her own bedroom. Elsewhere, at Sonny’s house Sam is reluctant to go to the safe house. She wants to stay with Jason. Jason tells her it is best. Jason gets a call from Curtis who is spying on Julian at the place Olivia is hiding out at. Jason goes to meet with her. Sonny tells Sam that he thinks of her and Jason as family wants them to be safe. Jason shows up outside the building in Curtis’s car. Inside, Olivia demands that Julian buy her General Hospital. She claims it is for nostalgia reasons. Julian doesn’t buy it because she hated the town the first time she was around. Olivia shows him that she has also been keeping an eye on Lucas and Brad. Julian decides he will do what he can so long as she stops going after his family. Back outside, Curtis is finally able to hear something and over hears Julian call the woman his sister. Jason is able to get a picture of the top of her blonde head. Back at Sonny’s house Carly has shown up and soon after Nelle does as well. Nelle goes upstairs. Sonny tells Carly he would rather they handle this alone or with Diane’s help. Carly would prefer they have Nelle help so Diane can keep her time devoted to prepping his case. Sonny reluctantly agrees. In his bedroom Nelle pulls out the expensive bra.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria finds out that Reed has been charging a membership to a porn website to her credit card and gets very upset.   Victoria decides to punish Reed by taking away his electronics and guitar for a month. Reed later calls Billy to ask for help with Victoria, but he tells him to work things out himself, because he can't get involved. Reed confronts his mother and tells her that she's cold and mean just like Victor and never wants to speak to her again. Gloria gets Jack to watch GC Buzz with her to see her accuse him of sexual harassment. Hilary stops the show before Gloria names Jack as the harasser. Hilary promises Devon that she will find out the truth, because she doesn't believe that Jack would ever harass anyone. Hilary later gets Jack's side of the story and is disappointed that he has decided to pay Gloria in order to make the allegations go away. Billy decides to help Phyllis find a date after her first online date goes horribly wrong.

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