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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All look a little rotten; Pam says they look like they ate bad gravy or something. Quinn overhears them griping and informs them that Ridge and Steffy have been picked to lead the company. Steffy and Liam tell Bill about their plans and that Ridge has been added to CEO. He finds that hard to believe since Ridge and Quinn hate each other. Steffy says not after their trip to S.F. Brooke tells Ridge he was going to get rid of Quinn and now they are all chummy and working together. What happened while she was gone? Shirley brings in a few new applicants for Sally to interview. Then there is Saul Feinberg, his grandfather used to work there. He is stunned at the resemblance between her and original Sally. He gets the job and immediately asks where the cutting room is. Thomas says he does not intend to spend the rest of his life under his dad’s shadow. Pam tells Quinn that she does understand how she is trying to bring the family back together. So if she and Ridge can kiss and make up then she should not worry about Rick and Thomas; they will come around. Bill wants both of us sons to adjust and get along, so let’s party. He wants them both at Spencer’s.

Ridge tells Brooke that nothing specific happened to him and Quinn, they are just doing what is best for the company. She warns him not to turn his back on her. He says no problem. Sally tells Shirley that the 80’s are coming back strong and what was old is new again. They will be the new fashion house, so she wants Shirley to get her horses in gear and they will come out on top. Brooke asks Ridge not to be late tonight. He can’t wait to tell RJ and to celebrate. Quinn overhears this joy and him kissing Brooke. Thomas, Rick and Maya think something must be going on. It is creepy that Quinn and Ridge are suddenly friends. Quinn waits until Brooke is gone and goes in and tells Ridge that she saw them kissing. She wants to be sure that he does not tell Brooke. Guess what, Brooke is on other side of the door and asks what they are talking about, what is going on between the two of them. She wants to know now! Thomas bumps into Sally again at the outdoor restaurant and she asks if he is stalking her. He learns her name and she asks if he has a problem with that. Bill tells Liam and Steffy that Ridge finds Brooke, then loses Brooke, then she will come back to him…..may not be tomorrow but eventually.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole and Chloe argued Chloe breastfeeding Holly.  Andre lied to JJ about what happened to him.  JJ said Dario was attacked too.  JJ said he knew there was something going on with the families.  Deimos put a gun on Chad and Gabi so he could get the Orwell.  Deimos wanted the key, but they both said they didnít have it.  Deimos wanted to take them hostage since they wouldnít work with him.  Chad wanted Deimos to take him instead of Gabi, but Deimos wanted both of them.  Gabi left her necklace on the floor before they left.  Nicole told Chloe that she was right about Deimos.  Nicole said she was having second thoughts about Deimos, but Chloe didnít believe her.  Nicole asked if she could hold Holly.  Drew was afraid he would never see his wife again if he didnít stop Deimos.  JJ told Abby he could help if she told him what was going on.  Abby told him what was going on with the Orwell.  Deimos locked Chad and Gabi in a storage room.  Deimos took their phones from them.  He took a picture of them so it look as if they were alive.

Chad told Gabi about the shipment at the dock.  She told him that she and Abby had a plan to break in the Kiriakis mansion.  She told him how she and Abby found out about what was going on.  Deimos went to see Andre at the hospital.  While Eduardo was there, Deimos wanted the key.  When Eduardo said he didnít know what he was talking about, Deimos showed him a picture of Chad and Gabi.  When Nicole asked to hold Holly again, Chloe told a cop that she was harassing her.  Nicole told the cop that the baby was hers, but he made her leave.  Jennifer told Drew that Deimos wouldnít hurt Camilla, but he didnít believe her.  JJ went to the Kiriakis mansion to question Henderson.  Chad told Gabi that Dario was attacked.  Nicole met with Justin so he could help her get Holly.  JJ noticed Gabiís necklace on the floor.  Eduardo tried to attack Deimos.  Andre tried to attack him too.  Justin told Nicole that she was playing in Chloeís hands.  He wanted her to play it cool with Chloe.  Jennifer got a message from Camilla and the Spectator.  Jennifer told Drew to destroy the Orwell.  Deimos told Eduardo and Andre they had 48 hours to give him the key or they would never see Gabi or Chad again.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Elizabeth and Franco are sitting in his bedroom after getting home from the hospital. Elizabeth tries to make sense of their relation. Franco and her end up admitting their feelings to each other. It leads to them making love together. Elsewhere, Michael and Bobbie are attempting to help Josslyn with her family tree project. Josslyn insists on using photos of young Michael and attempting to get him and Nelle together. Michael and Bobbie explain to her that Nelle has a boyfriend. In the Metro Court, Nelle meets Felicia. She claims that she is so happy with the work Nelle did on Maxie’s wedding. She informs her how evil Bobbie Spencer is and Nelle totally is intrigued. Later, Felicia meets with Bobbie outside and explains that Nelle totally bought her performance. Felicia suggests that Nelle could be lying about everything. Back at the bar of the Metro Court, Josslyn and Michael read the card left for Nelle that came with flowers. It is addressed to an S. It is revealed in a flashback that Nelle had the flowers delivered for herself.

Sonny, Jason, and Curtis meet with Brick. He shows them different spy technology to help them with their plot in finding out who Julian is working with. Curtis and Brick clash on things as Curtis keeps trying to find out where Brick found certain technology. Later, Sonny thanks him for donating to his fund he created for Morgan. At Alexis’s house Alexis wants to know why Julian is still there. Julian is more worried with the fact that his sister Olivia is there. Alexis however, invited her stating that she is her AA sponsor. This angers Julian, but Alexis insists that she keep Olivia in her life as she trusts her. Julian leaves and Curtis is following him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At GC Buzz, Devon tells Hilary that he is impressed with her for apologizing to Mariah on the air. Hilary is happy with this news. At Brash and Sassy, Jill has a meeting with Cane, Victoria, and Billy to let them know that she is selling Brash and Sassy, and she wants to sell it to them. In his office at Jabot, Gloria demands that Jack hold up his side of the bargain and give her a job. Jack says he doesn't do the hiring; that is Lauren's department. In the corridor, Phyllis and Ashley argue over Ravi who overhears them. Ashley enters and wants to know what Jack and Gloria were discussing. At the Underground, Nick finds out from Noah that Dylan left Sharon after all they had been through together. At Sharon's, she fills Mariah in on Dylan leaving her. Mariah wants to hunt him down and tell him exactly what she thinks of him, but Sharon advises her against it. Sharon worries how she will tell Faith. Jack lies to Ashley about the real reason why Gloria was in his office. Jill tells Victoria, Cane, and Billy that she is going to buy back what Jack stole from her. Hilary tells Devon that she did what she did to show him that she had changed, but Devon says he had heard that story before from her. Sharon visits Nikki and Victor to see if they told Faith yet about Dylan. Nikki tells her that they were just going to. Sharon tells them that it should come from her. Hilary points out her own faults to Devon which was the reason she lost him. Ashley reminds Jack how dangerous Gloria can be. Ashley tells Jack that Phyllis wants Ravi to work for them. Jack reminds her that they are all one big company now and Ravi works for them all. When Ashley and Ravi meet in the corridor, he lets her know that he heard her and Phyllis arguing over him. Ashley wants to go somewhere and talk. Cane lets Billy know that he is going to buy him out at Brash and Sassy.

Sharon begins to explain to Faith how and why Dylan left but, taking all the blame. After Sharon leaves to give Faith more space, Victor tells Nikki that they have to get Faith to forgive Sharon. Phyllis and Victoria discuss Phyllis' working at Fenmore's. Victoria gets a text from Reed. After they hang up, Phyllis mentions to Victoria some things that Billy told her about Reed. Victoria becomes angry and tells Phyllis to mind her own business. Ashley tells Ravi that she doesn't want to share him with Phyllis and Lauren. Gloria goes to GC Buzz to give her statement about what Jack did to her and accuses Jack of "sexual harassment." Colin is on the phone when Jill comes home and he tells someone that they will get their money. Colin notices that something is amiss with Jill and asks her why she is so tense. At Brash and Sassy, Victoria reprimands Billy for talking to Phyllis about her and Reed's problems. Mariah conducts an on-air interview with Gloria who uses the name Clarisse to tell what Jack did to her. Nick visits Sharon to lend her some moral support over Dylan leaving her. Hilary serves Devon with divorce papers. Gloria is at the bar at the Athletic Club when Jack comes in and joins her. Gloria tells him that he needs to watch GC Buzz tonight. Jack wonders what she is up to.

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