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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke comes home and hugs Ridge and first thing she wants to know is how he is and is Quinn out of their lives. He tells her about him being named co-CEO. All’s well that ends well. All are waiting outside in the hallway and Thomas says he has a feeling he knows what it is all about. Pam tells them to back up; she cannot let them in until Eric says so. CJ tells Sally that she has six months to show a profit or dig her own grave, then it is the wrecking ball. He had an offer and the only reason he is doing this is because she is family. She says Spectra’s are not quitters. She will put it all on social media and get the designers and help they need. They need Saul. Shirley says she will go look for some of Sally’s old contacts. Sally Jr. says all they need is passion and some imagination. She asks CJ to take a picture at her desk. The group welcomes Eric back to the office and he congratulates Steffy for a good job. Curiously Sally’s name comes up with big hair and big personality, the rival fashion house. Sally would stop at nothing to make a knockoff. But Spectra folded years ago and now they are tearing down the building. They haven’t had those conflicts in a long, long time. But now he wants to make a few changes. He has talked to Steffy and she has agreed to accept his son and her father, Ridge, as co-CEO. All are shocked with Quinn and Ridge locking eyes.

Rick is the first to speak up and says this is crazy. Eric says no and this is the way it is going to be. Rick says he should have been picked but Eric says no, it was Quinn’s suggestion that it be Ridge and he is on board. He tells Nicole, Zende and Maya that they are all important parts of this team and he feels honored to have them……and for Brooke too. He cannot wait to see what happens in the future. Ridge hugs his dad. Sally tells CJ that she has idolized her aunt since she was little. That was the reason that she got into fashion. Now she wants to hear all about her from CJ. All he says is music to her ears. A grand dame, a living legend. She will not let her down. Pam asks why is everyone so gloomy; this should be good news. Now Ridge is back where he belongs. Thomas says when is it going to be his turn. Eric tells Quinn that she surprises him every day. She could never let him down. Ridge practically ravages Brooke in his office but Brooke tries to cool him down. He says okay he is now co-CEO so guess he needs to start acting like it. She thinks there is more to it than Quinn just changing and being on his side now. Did something happen while she was away. He says no.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Olivia and Ned are kissing in the living room of the Quartermaine mansion. Dillon walks in and startles them. Olivia decides she needs to get to work. Ned suggests that Leo can stay with them at night in the nursery. That way they can spend more time together. Olivia isn’t so sure about that and leaves. Dillon comes back in suggests to him that Olivia might be expecting marriage. Ned decides that he needs to prove to Olivia that he is committed. Elsewhere, Carly wants to know why Sam and Jason are at Sonny’s house so early in the morning. Jason and Sonny explain to her that Julian might be up to something and they need to watch out with him. They know that he is responsible for Morgan’s death along with some mysterious lady. Later on, Carly warns Olivia about Julian. Olivia takes the suggestion to heart and explains that things are going wrong in her personal life. She doesn’t understand why Ned wants her to stay over all the time. Carly suggests that he might be ready for marriage.

Jordan and André talk at the station about their relationship. Jordan is about to break up with him when he basically tells her that he just loves spending time with her. Jordan decides to tell him she is sorry for not having a lot of time for him lately. Curtis shows up and André leaves. Curtis wants to know if he is a step closer to having his job back. Jordan cannot get him his job back. Curtis doesn’t understand because he helped her. Jordan doesn’t want to work with him. Elsewhere, Julian is moving out of Alexis’s house. She is fine with this and wants him out. She goes to visit someone and then to see Sam. His sister Olivia shows up at the house and wants a status report. Julian promises that Jason is done with Sonny. Alexis later shows up afterwards and sees Olivia. At Sonny’s, Jason wants to know what Sonny plans to do when he finds out who killed Morgan. Sonny guesses that they can figure that out when they find her. Curtis calls and tells Jason that he is back in. At the hospital, Alexis, had also visited Franco and thanked her. Elizabeth makes arrangements for Franco to come home with her. She wants them to have a second chance. Franco agrees. Sam tells Franco later on that she doesn’t forgive him regardless of what she did for Alexis.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Jill was furious when she read in the paper that Lauren and Jack had gone forward with the merger. Jill vowed to fight to get her shares back. Colin advised Jill to let it go and focus on spending more quality time with him. Victoria thanked Billy for helping her get her relationship with Reed back on track. Victoria seemed captivated when Billy took his shirt off to test their body spray. Jack, Ashley, Phyllis, Lauren and Ravi had their first meeting about the Jabot-Fenmore's merger. Ashley disapproved when Jack pulled Ravi off of her project and told him to work with Phyllis. Lauren was happy with the way Jack handled the meeting, but Phyllis wasn't sure she trusted him. Phyllis urged Lauren to go talk to Jill. Ravi was concerned about meeting the deadlines for both Phyllis and Ashley's projects. Lauren told him to make Phyllis the priority. Gloria confronted Jack about upholding his promise to hire her at Fenmore's if she helped him buy the company. Jack told her that there was nothing he could do. Gloria told him she wouldn't be ignored.

Ashley told Phyllis that she would not allow her to take advantage of Ravi. Ravi overheard Ashley call him her right hand man. Colin told Lauren that he was working to get Jill to accept the merger. Mariah and Hilary learned that fans loved their first show together. Hilary explained her reasons for apologizing to Mariah. Mariah believed that Hilary was sincere about wanting to change, and Mariah realized that she'd been just like Hilary once. Devon told Neil that he was surprised by Hilary's apology. Devon confessed that he thought about Hilary all the time, but he was trying to convince himself that it would be a bad idea to take her back. Devon told Hilary that he was impressed by her on air apology to Mariah. Jill hired a lawyer to help her get her shares of Jabot back. Jill told Cane, Victoria and Billy that she was selling Brash and Sassy, and she offered them the chance to buy it.

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